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Dan 1,914, 10:22 Published in Belgium Belgija s strani Kylero

Want to have a discussion on maturity?

Kylero to SwaqqCoryn | 14 days ago


I'd like to offer you the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs if I am elected CP. Does that sound like something you would be interested in? Also, is Babyboom's endorsement of Tony Clifford final? I would like to ask for your party's endorsement. I'd also like to apologize for the misunderstandings you and I have had. Its just that I am e[xpected to protect the nation, and if something ever were to happen, I would be blamed, so I sometimes take it too seriously...

Best, Kylero

SwaqqCoryn to Kylero | 14 days ago

On me dit à l'oreillette qu'il semblerait bien qu'en fait j'en ai absolument rien à foutre de toi.

Un arnaqueur de bas à étage ne s'invente pas président, amuse toi bien avec le traducteur.


Kylero to SwaqqCoryn | 14 days ago

I get the message. Well, thanks for being mature about it...



Kylero Dan 1,914, 10:24

would have added a screenshot but im on my phone...

BaraBum Dan 1,914, 10:54

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BaraBum Dan 1,914, 10:55

You are always mixing with wrong people. This BabyBoom party is just case for you; It's pity you have given resignation from your function.

SwaqqCoryn Dan 1,914, 11:15


When you scam and insult a player, what do you expect by asking his help ? Just wondering.

Rijselz Dan 1,914, 11:16

Tsunami d'informations, merci beaucoup 😉.

Kylero Dan 1,914, 11:25

I extended an olive branch to you weeks ago, and you were too much of a child to accept it. @ Rijselz, this is fact.

Zordacz Dan 1,914, 11:25

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mEd de Leeuw Dan 1,914, 14:16

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mEd de Leeuw
mEd de Leeuw Dan 1,914, 14:16

Oops, yo, voted ofc

Gatsby18 Dan 1,914, 14:25


boer jan
boer jan Dan 1,914, 15:48

please try to sort this out in privat, if that wont work then follow the right channel in eBe (SC) but do not start a slander action.
understand well, things may be said, but in the right context, not like it is going now

Kylero Dan 1,914, 15:58

this is not slander. slander is calling me a scammer. i just wrote this to show all the people that Swaqq pm'ed that i have tried to make peace with him. i even apologized but he cant let it go. to everyone that dont already know, Swaqq sent a pm to everyone in RB telling them not to vote for me because hes still butthurt.

boer jan
boer jan Dan 1,914, 16:02

then he made a mistake by not send it to me, cause I voted for you.

SwaqqCoryn Dan 1,914, 16:17

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SwaqqCoryn Dan 1,914, 16:20

You crossed the line many times, so yes, I don't think giving you any kind of power should be a great idea.
Next time, don't come on IRC to threaten us, insult us etc,..

We have screen of that as well.
IF you want respect, you shoudnt act as a kid...

Yes, you tried to scam me. And maybe other players too, you call that a tactics, but if you check the definition, blackmail somone to give you 5 gold is a scam. Duuh.

Kylero Dan 1,914, 16:51

Oh noes! As for the scamming part, did i take the 5time gold from you? No. Do you have proof that ive done it before or after? No. That is libel

boer jan
boer jan Dan 1,914, 16:45

SwaqqCoryn think that you saw on the forum that a lot of us have condemned the 5 gold history, I was one of them, think Kylero has understood that.
If you do not want him to have some fonction, OK that is your right, but interfearing in an other party is not really the right way is not it, some may call it tactics other manipulation, I think it is wrong, if he is a danger for our party (think you over estimates the position of PP) than you should be happy, it is better for yours.
As you see I try not to condemn you or Kylero, (as player I have my idea but as member of the SC I must stay neutral)

SwaqqCoryn Dan 1,914, 16:56

The 5 gold isnt the only issue. Did you saw the private message on the forum ? He said he "scammed my girlfriends on the face, bitch...
This shouldnt be allowed in a game.

He came on our IRC, insult us, ask us to take over eBelgium..
So im sorry Boer jan, I wont let a person like that become a PP or a CP on eBelgium.

Have fun everyone

Kylero Dan 1,914, 17:16

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Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Dan 1,915, 02:52

Comment deleted

BelgiumGeneral Dan 1,915, 03:10

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BelgiumGeneral Dan 1,915, 03:11

Yeah a deleted comment!! 😛

Why don't you both continue with playing the game instead of referring to the past

Tensa Zangetsu san Dan 1,915, 03:37

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shadowukcs Dan 1,915, 04:16

What is shit like this doing in the media? For Donald duck's sake, sort it out in private, will ya.

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