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LoJ: The last time

Dan 1,826, 16:59 Published in Israel Turčija s strani Angie Varona


The last time

Im writing this article because this is the last time im going to answer all this shit, im really tired of talking about the same. Every two months the poop refloat again and i'm tired of clean it with a toothpick.

1)First of all, read and vote this article please. Its very important to understand all im going to say here, because much of what I say is in response to this article.

2)Yes, by all the gods yes, i stole the eUruguay Bank two years ago, i answer this everytime somebody ask me, a lot of my eIsrael friends know that because im always talking about my past on the IRC. Yes i do it with 9 friends of my brotherhood called eParvadomus. One of those friends is Chukamika (now Izabel Goulart), and the rest 8 are now dead, except 2 guys called leo de Salto, who starts playing again some months ago and Milton Mortensen, a today 2 clicks player (who holds the empty eParvadomus Militia in Uruguay).

We stole the natioanl bank, the eRepublik Organization, not the gold and the currency of the state itself in the eUruguay eRepublik page.

Why I clarify this? Because when we stole the eUruguay bank, i was the Minister of Economy for the third consecutive time (in a total of 5 times being the Minister of Economics with with unimpeachable managements), Chukamika was the eUruguay President (for the 2nd time, the first one was a year ago, with a perfect mandate), because he won the CP elections with the support of a another party, with the 61% of the votes (check it here). Some other guys of the eParvadomus Brotherhood where part of the cabinet, but in Uruguay is very common to give to the other parties presidents the mandate of the ministries, so just a few of us where part of that government.

In the middle days of that government the oficial party and the oposition discuss and insult a lot on the eUruguay oficial forum. Days of pointless discussions and mutual attacks lead to us... mainly i, the Minister of Economy, and chukamika, the President to get tired of all that shit, off all those pointless atacks against our hard work (and you know what it feels like other throw down all the work you do with effort, especially mine, as Minister of Economy, because u know you're under the microscope and the forms and all the papers must be always accurate and perfect, and so i had them), and we decided to do what we do, stole everything, and ran away from Uruguay (yelling "fuck everybodyyyy!")

Really we do not feel any guilt, this is a game and we were playing in a different way, at last, after so long ...

We decided it togheter (We are RL friends), just him and me, the onlyones with the power to do it, because we were the only who had the passwords, as the former president handed us correctly via PM, as it was done at that time (he was for another political party, not a part of the eParvadomus brotherhood, check it here)

Another important thing, is that Chukamika won the elections with a very powerfull party of eUruguay, and both, like me, like other Parvadomus members where presidentes of that party ver often, examples: A, B, C, D)

Its very important to highlight that in all those cases we where THE ONLY and OFFICIAL candidates of the party.

Some time after we stole the treasure, the admins took away all the stolen money and left us in negative numbers. Honestly it was a blow to me, and i started making multiple accounts and take the money from them, which made the admins bann me justly.

I did not play for almost a year, and then, in July 2012 i began a new life in eIsrael, this time buying gold with credit card. I made my friend Chukamika returns to play too, because his account was inactive since i recieve the bann (he is nothing without me hahaha).
BUT! i started my new eLife with THE SAME name i had in the past, and not at all trying to hide who i was (i could easily have chosen another name and would never have known who i was, and today i would not be writing this article...)

3) We are not a PTOVERs... why?

A.) I and my eUruguayans friends of eParvadomus we were playing in our country, in a party created by ourselves (the first eUruguayan party of the eRepublik history, u can check it here, and another important thing, it was our party from the begining, just check some months before and u will see that the presidents are all eParvadomus members, and so it was for many months).


B.) As u can see here and here, my friend Chukamika (Izabel) was president of Uruguay with one year difference between the two mandates, always in the same party, winning for a high margin, and supported by others parties.


We were popular politicians and in all the elections (CP, KNESSET AND PP) we won always legally. Our party was strong and large, and won in the elections very often.

C.) We came to power in a completely legal term, that is shown by the fact that we was always official candidates and were always running alone in our parties.

Another important thing is that the past president, wasnt our friend (in fact it was a true enemy), but he gave us all the passwords of the organizations.


D.) In the last 6 months i ran for my eIsrael Party (now eParvadomus, yesterday FVP) 3 times... i lose the 66% of those times with just 4 or 6 votes. I ran for Knesset 3 times and i won the first one with 4 votes, the second one and the third one where different because a true ISRAELI player, not a real friend or a Uruguayan player choose me on the first places of the Knesset lists.

I won the FVP party elections agains a banned player, with just 6 votes of a total 22 members. The next day i won the PP elections 7 memebers left my party.


E.) I accepted by myself Chukamika's citizenship without the government aproval, (i didnt accept any other CZ in my other 2 knesset periods without the government aproval) because they thought he was a PTOVER. I want to play the game in Israel and i invited him because is a good country, i know that his intentios in israel are good, i tried to explain this to the important guys for like 2 months, but they didnt listened, so i just made a bad movement of wich i already talk with some people and i accepted him.


Im not trying to hide anything, i recognize what i did and have no regrets because i had sufficient reason to do it. I changed my name for a Media Mogul strategy, but everybody in Israel knows that im haile, the guy who stole the eUruguay bank with some friends, im the guy who did something stupid on a impulse, and admins were responsible for my punishment.

I really dont care a shit if some fools continue calling me PTOVER after this article, it took me more than 1.5 hours to get all the link, all the info, and to find ways to write it, and im sure that again, some people , again, is going to pass my work for her ass and say bullshit, but really i dont care.

I accept being told i'm a thief, I am, rob a bank, right? Yes, , but in the most legal term that u can rob a bank in eRepublik. I did not PTO anything or anybody, im not a tover, and of course, im not trying to PTO israel, and hopefully i know a lot of my eIsrael friends know that, but to be sure i write this letter.

PD: Ohh, and by the way, all those guys that have those old multi-accounts in my party (since before I was born) please remove them, just as you have done in the last days (from 22 to 13 members). We will reach soon the 6th place, so dont worry about us, im sure that only me, DK, Izabel and 2 or 3 more are going to remain.

Finally... why is this guy always behind the articles that calls me a PTOVER, coincidence?

Is funny because he is really young, and he doesnt even know my past player. Ohh! of course! He was banned a lot of times!

Good Bye
Thanks for reading.

Angie Varona


Ienne Dan 1,827, 01:24


Chukamika Dan 1,827, 04:04

I think its very clear now.

John TG
John TG Dan 1,827, 04:25

I have to admit that i remember when you first came in Israel with your first nickname (Haile Selasie I) you joined in Sayeret Matkal,when i asked you why you had a ban , you responded to me with honesty and you told me immediatelly the truth.
But you know..sometimes our past is following us..I respect your gameplay and i trully beleive and understand when everybody after your hard work as MoF is attacking you.I had felt this too in my elife in the past..

John TG
John TG Dan 1,827, 04:27

Everybody deserves a second chance...but honestly (as honest is your article too) if someday i become President i wouldnt share the treasury passwords with you.

Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Dan 1,827, 05:01

You know I trusted you and thought very highly of you... I wanted you to be the FVP's PP, because I saw how active and enthusiastic you were. But accepting another Uruguayan without MoIM authorization, and changing the party's name to "eParvadomus" a day after you win there, made me reconsider things... So what I really want you to clarify is, what are your intentions with this party?

Eysh Dan 1,827, 05:33

Haile (AV),
I have respect for you and your history in Israel, you did prove before more than once that you are a good citizen but AG is right, these 2 actions are not loyal or honorable.
The article has some good words in it but its actions that count - so we all look for your future actions and the article written to alert the Israeli citizens by Mr Paranoid is OK, just prove it was a false alarm god knows it is something we know about.

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Dan 1,827, 08:23

@Jhon - I know (and i already talk this with giladrubin once in the IRC) that i will never have any important position in israel, like MoF or CP, and i think is ok, because as you say, our past follow us, and i think that is a punishment of what i did, and its okay, i'm not complaining about that, i did this article just to clarify that I am no PTOVER, and as u say, nobody ever would give me any passwords.

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Dan 1,827, 08:27

@Augustus - Honestly I was surprised your comment in the article that accuses me of PTOver, but i understand your motives. I won the FVP party because i was the only candidate (the another guy was banned), and im sure that the only way to win that ihad, if any other had postulated, im sure today i would be just a FVP member.

The next day i win the party, 5 members left it, but still under the FVP name, same logo, all exactly alike. The only REAL members where: Myself, Chukamika, DK...

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Dan 1,827, 08:31

eynetane, and (this ones i dont even know if are real players), JunaB and Steeven. So, as u can see, the FVP was really empty of REAL people, except my RL friends, so we decided to call the Party again like eParvadomus.

Something changed? No, nothing, just a name, and a logo... i propose Eynetane like CP because i knewed he is a real israeli, a very old player and to avoid this to happen, to avoid the "Ptover danger" thing... i think it was useless.

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Dan 1,827, 08:33

I even had a small talk with Tsahik in IRC, i ask him to help me to a choose a new Party Name, something like Israel Military Party, The expanzionist Party, and some other cool ideas, but he gave me useful advice that those names would not work. I even created a IRC channel with Tsahik help, with the name IMP, of Israel Military Party.

What this means? That we are not planning anything, we just decided to change the name, and the logo, just that, we are not making a big evil plan or somethin

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Dan 1,827, 08:36

@ Eysh - You'll see, the actions like by themselves ... Anyway I'm sure my party will soon begin to lose members, we will fall to the 6th or 7th place, and all will see indeed, as you say, it's just a false alarm.

But that does not mean that every time I achieve something "important" in eRepublik, like winning a seat in Congress, or win a party president place, I get accused of PTOVER automatically ... then the time only say it was a false alarm, but the damage against my its already done.

Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Dan 1,827, 10:23

Well, I thought you'd resurrect the FVP. I guess you can keep your eParvadomus if you want to... So you don't want congress?

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Dan 1,827, 10:48

even if i wanted, this month is not time for proposing me or any of my friends to knesset. That will only bring us problems and doubts from the people. Dont u think?

Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Dan 1,827, 10:57

That's right, and that's why I want you to clarify your intentions - and not just for this month.

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Dan 1,828, 23:49

Well, first of all, with all this PTO thing, im sure that next month somebody its going to PTO the party (How ironic) with the pretext that is a dangerous party, with dangerous people.

Anyway, in the case that the party continues... ¿what are the intentions of a small party?, for the next months, i dont know... accomplish to place two or three congressmen in knesset, bring active israelis to the party, build an active forum to exchange ideas, achieve an active IRC channel for new people.

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Dan 1,828, 23:52

If these goals are not met surely people will leave to a stronger party, and this will no longer exist. And someone new, with new desire to work and new ideas will take the reins on a different course.

I think that's basically what happens with smaller parties. It was what happened to the FVP.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Dan 1,828, 03:28


Leo de Salto II
Leo de Salto II Dan 1,828, 03:31

Leo de Salto is back muajajajaja (?)

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