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Ireland in the Middle

Dan 1,821, 13:00 Published in Ireland Irska s strani timofreeman

There are always worldwide alliances, for protection and trade. Ireland for instance is allied with several strong nations such as Taiwan, USA, Argentina, and Russia. Other nations, like the UK, Poland, Serbia, Mexico, Chile, and Spain (Though this does make them stronger, our alliance has much more determination). If a world war (or even an international conflict) broke out, that brought the alliances to blows, then Ireland would be stuck in the middle and we would be a prime target for invasion from our neighbors. And if we lost the war, odds are, that our allies would sell our territory out first. This is just another reason to strengthen the Irish military's funding and organization. While Irish resolve is strong, it can't beat good funding and much higher numbers. I personally believe, to increase the power of the Irish military, and secure Irish territory, we need more people to support the Saoirse Party, a true Irish party, with pride and realistic ideals. Saoirse currently holds 29% of the Irish Congress and are the 2nd largest party in Ireland. But we can always do better! Support your homeland, be a true Irishman!

-News Director Timofreeman



Sean Power
Sean Power Dan 1,821, 17:16

I see what youre getting at der
Everyone should join the Irish Army and forget politics.
Your reverse pyscology is astounding.
Youve worked your voodoo on me, I for one stand with you.
Abandon Saoirse, Embrace the IA! o7

Damhnaic Dan 1,821, 19:42

This is why we can't have nice things

The Death of Rats
The Death of Rats Dan 1,821, 21:52

Sean +1

The Death of Rats
The Death of Rats Dan 1,821, 21:56

Don't get caught up in red tape if want to help the country.

Death Awaits
Death Awaits Dan 1,821, 22:37

Funding would be nice, yes. The main problem is we need fighters. You can have all the funding in the world but if you don't have enough people fighting for eIreland, that money will end up being wasted.

I as well think we have a problem when it comes to allies, but that's not up to me to determine. There's a lot of issues that needs to be resolved but supporting certain parties/armies isn't that right now.

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Dan 1,822, 07:36

the main problem is funding.
Gotta pay2play

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Dan 1,822, 10:23

Saoirse is only militarist party in eIreland.
Irish Army must remain completely neutral from politics tho


timofreeman Dan 1,822, 13:59

Thank you all for your comments. And @Death Awaits, yes I agree but funding does help a lot. And the more successful eIreland is, the more people will want to live here (and more people=more soldiers)

Death Awaits
Death Awaits Dan 1,822, 19:51

True. You should want people to be here because they want to be though, not because they see it becoming more powerful.

timofreeman Dan 1,823, 11:44

Well true, but people check on about different nations, and the ones with better statistics are ones they'll wanna live in.

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