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Insane Deals Charity: What is it, and how can I help?

Dan 1,846, 10:16 Published in United Kingdom Velika Britanija s strani Topdop

As some of you know, my associate, Newellington, founded the Insane Deals Charity on New World Day 1816. The Insane Deals Charity is run by a small group of volunteers who complete the following lists of tasks:

1. Buy food of any quality at as low a price possible.
2. Sell this food at half the price you bought it at.
3. Watch as people begin to do the same thing.

The Insane Deals Charity is meant to be an economy booster. The results aren't always direct. For example, the same people that buy the resold food products then lower the price of their weapon stores (take, for example, the Quality 4 Food Drive, in which the buying person lowered the lower extreme of Quality 7 weapons from 17.5 GBP to 16.75). Most of the time, other citizens lower their prices to compete with this seller, and this boosts the economy.

If you wish to support, please vote and comment on the article, as well as sending a message to Topdop about helping out.



Alphabethis Dan 1,846, 10:26

you're missing the blackmarket guys,... yeah, top guys that buy cheap products here and abroad to make a profit. Good try, indeed.

Topdop Dan 1,846, 13:27

It's okay if they're blackmarket. The result is the same: prices come down for EVERYONE, which is, indeed, an economy booster.

T White II
T White II Dan 1,847, 08:17

Lower Prices-->Less Tax-->Less Government Schemes

Topdop Dan 1,847, 13:34

I couldn't agree more, T White II. Just so you know, I'm running for Party President for the UK Reform party. If you could support me, then that would be appreciated.

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