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I want to go to congress / Je veux aller au congrès

Dan 1,825, 13:55 Published in Canada Kanada s strani SpockPQ

I'm against an increase of the VAT. 10% is enough. I'm a e-fiscal conservative. MU funding should be a military strategy, not a welfare program.
Je suis contre une augmentation de la taxe de vente (VAT). 10%, c'est bien suffisant. Je suis un e-conservateur fiscal. Le financement des MUs devrait rester une stratégie militaire, et non pas être un programme social généralisé.

Which party should I choose?
Quel parti devrais-je choisir?



TemujinBC Dan 1,825, 13:57

Do not vote this man. He refused to Free TemujinBC!


SpockPQ Dan 1,825, 13:59

Criminals in jail, tax in your pockets!


Plugson Dan 1,825, 14:10

Now I feel hungry for Pizza.

Crock Crosby
Crock Crosby Dan 1,825, 14:42

CPFs 7th tenant is "To encourage growth and stability to the eCanadian economy."
the way I interpret this is low as possible tax's. but CPF CP's and congressmen have in the passed implement 20% VAT to fund the Welfare MUs as u have stated.
As a CPF member I will be pushing our upcoming caucus to to keep the VAT below 13%.

Lord Beorn
Lord Beorn Dan 1,825, 15:07

Once again Crosby feel free to come on over to UPC

Crock Crosby
Crock Crosby Dan 1,825, 15:25

@ Lord Beorn
The UPC is very similar to the CPF. With CPF being top party in eCanada it's under pressure to to maintain what has become the "sacred cow" of eCanada, MU funding

Lord Beorn
Lord Beorn Dan 1,825, 17:06

UPC has its differences, which I pointed out

Reagan's picture is beginning to have a negative connotation since this guy showed up http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/6162038

SpockPQ Dan 1,825, 17:17

It could be worse... Bruce Willis!

Muglack Dan 1,826, 23:41

You're an active voice in Congress, and are interested in progressing Canada.

There's a place for you in the MDP if you want it.

I can't promise a top spot, but I can put you somewhere that you'll have more than a fighting chance.

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Dan 1,826, 13:52

CPFs 7th tenant is "To encourage growth and stability to the eCanadian economy."
the way I interpret this is low as possible tax's. but CPF CP's and congressmen have in the passed implement 20% VAT to fund the Welfare MUs as u have stated.

This is a valid, yet one sided view on the tenet... i agree it is hard for citizens to grow with a 20% VAT... but it is near impossible to maintain let alone grow a country with the revenues gained from a 10%VAT ...

It really depends...

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Dan 1,826, 13:54

on what we feel as individuals needs to grow first to show a strong economy... the Country, or her Citizens.

You have a promising career ahead of you, and I wish you the best in your Congressional Bid

Any party would be lucky to have you

SpockPQ Dan 1,826, 17:39

Thank you Sm1tty

Oinyo Dan 1,826, 17:42

Come on over to CW 🙂
We will put you at the top of the list for congress.
We are that friendly Clan that just wants to expose every on of its interested members to the political world and get them directly involved.

You are not just a number here.
You are a part of our family and you will be heard.

Thank you and we will have a party for you if you come over 🙂

VP of Clan Wolf
Oinyo "Kevin"

Oinyo Dan 1,826, 17:46

Oh also Clan Wolf is a pack clan 😃
No one is disrespected or ignored. We are a large family always looking for more family.
We accept people that are extremely active like myself that spend 9+ hours on daily all the way to the people that come on once a week for 4 minutes.

All are welcome and all are respected.
You will find friends and support with us.
The new CW is a home..

El Pato Diablo all the way to Wally were respected members.

Derphoof Dan 1,826, 17:47

I like how everyone is trying to court this guy for their Congressional ticket

Oinyo Dan 1,826, 17:48

I went from no one to VP in months... I am no one special. You will find your place here and it is always moving up.

Come on over. We already have a seat warm for Sm1tty is he ever would like to come over.
Your seat is being prepared right now 😃

Oinyo Dan 1,826, 17:49

ElPatoDiablo. I will fight for every single person that is not in a clan and is looking for a family to voice their opinion and to shine. We will give them that chance. I am still sad that you left us. You need to come home EPD.. we miss you here and your marks are still fresh in the snow..

SpockPQ Dan 1,826, 17:49

Thank you oinyo

I'll consider your kind offer.

Derphoof Dan 1,826, 17:56

Oinyo, I was only there for like a day or two. Did I make that much of an impression? 😛

I've been in CPF for a long while now. Although it is nice to see CW reach out and try to take in some good voices. CW does seem to be quite the accepting group of people, as far as I know.

Oinyo Dan 1,826, 18:00

Things have changed since the creator has left 🙂
We have become very solid and very accepting.
We run things more like a council now where everyone has a voice and every voice is heard.
This is why every time anyone joined the clan to try to do something evil all they see is us all bind together to change the outcome.

Our greatest regret is the loss of Quimbie. He was a great person and a great friend of ours. One day we hope to have him back but we have learned a lot in our young age..

Oinyo Dan 1,826, 18:01

also.. Of course you made an impact. for a few days you were one of us.
We do not forget our members that easily.. even if they were trying to Politically take us over...

Derphoof Dan 1,826, 18:04

I'm sure that CW will grow with time and become a more cohesive unit, as well.

Lord Beorn
Lord Beorn Dan 1,826, 18:30

@ElPatoDiablo, haha ya 3 parties have asked him to come on over to get on the congress list.... I hope Spock makes the right one (wink wink).

@oinyo, I'm hurt that regret loosing Quimbie over me.

Oinyo Dan 1,826, 18:42

Lol Beorn.. The thing is.. we never lost you,
We know you will stop all this silliness soon and come home so we never truly accepted that you left us 😉

Ha ha Spock is a very lucky person to have everyone fighting for him 🙂
I only wish more people would do what Spock is doing. I would post for every single one of them.
In the perfect world.. Everyone would be in CW and we would together as a family move this country into the lead on the planet.

Plugson Dan 1,826, 20:36

"I'm against an increase of the VAT. 10% is enough.
Which party should I choose?"

Spock is running for Congress on a single issue. Sure, that might seem a bit narrow in focus but he does have focus, so that's to be commended.

3 parties offer to let Spock run.
0 parties address the single issue Spock wants to run on.

Crock came the closest, but does his view represent CPF? I don't know.

10% VAT.

Which party supports it.
Basic question. Any takers?

Genyng Kislev
Genyng Kislev Dan 1,826, 20:37

pick the orange arrow! no, the pink one! wait.. what about the red one... nah, you should go with the green one. or maybe the orange one? uhg... pick the rainbow one


that picture creeps me out.

anyway # 2

if we still had the region-based congress voting system i would definitely vote spock

Plugson Dan 1,826, 20:43

Genyng ~ Go Green!

In rainbow politics, every colour is part of the political spectrum. We're all inclusive.

Rolo Tahmasee
Rolo Tahmasee Dan 1,827, 23:18

Why not to an informal survey Plugson?

Do you support a 10% VAT Tax with No MU funding


Do you support a 20% VAT Tax with MU funding

Check the box.....

Muglack Dan 1,827, 23:19

I didn't address his stance on VAT because I think he's wrong, and I don't care.

I'm offereing him a spot that has a high probability of getting him elected. I know that if he gets in he'll be active and vocal.

Other parties offering him a spot at the top of their lists while they hope he does well in his political future do nothing but disrespect their current members. Why should someone that made 1 article get the top spot on their ballots?

Muglack Dan 1,827, 23:21

I think the choice will be pretty black and white for him.

My guess is he'll take the top spot, get his 5 gold for free and then hang around for a month.

I'm hoping he'll take me up on my offer though. Maybe roll the dice on the 5 gold but if he gets elected use the 30 days to try and actually do some good.

Plugson Dan 1,827, 05:04

Muglack, you're right. He'll probably do more than just advocate for keeping 10% VAT. There are many other things to do like vote on funding transfers, NE proposals, peace proposals, and impeachments. But when it comes to 'social' policy, the tax rate and MU funding is mainly all a Congressman now tinkers with. So, to me, 10% VAT and no MU funding is what good Spock will try to do if he is elected through MDP, or any other party.

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