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Hindu Mythology

Dan 1,902, 03:58 Published in India Srbija s strani ayush121212

Hello soldiers of the eworld
I am writing an article after a long time.
And i am writing for the first time on Mythology.
I hope you all like it. Specially Maniu he is awesome in writing Myths.

Firstly what is Mythology?
The term "mythology" refers to the study of myths.
A myth is a sacred narrative usually explaining how the human race came to be in its present form.
Myths typically involve supernatural characters(Shri Vishnu,Shiva,Zeus,Hades) and are endorsed by rulers or priests.
There are many Mythologies but the most famous are Hindu(Indian) and Greece mythology.
So, today i am writing on Indian Mythology.
I know every Indian knows about the Indian mythology but this time i want our other friends who are not Indians knows about our Hindu Mythology.

Hindu(Indian) Mythology
Hindu mythology is a large body of traditional narratives related to Hinduism.
And Sanskrit is the religious literature(language used by the GODS).
The basic origin of the hindu mythology is the "VEDAS".
There are 4 Vedas in the mythology.
1. RigVeda
2. YajurVeda
3. SamaVeda, and
4. AtharvaVeda

Time Cycle of Gods
According to Hindu system,The basic cycle is the kalpa, a “day of Brahma”, or 4,320 million earthly years. So, his one day is equal to 8,640 millions earthly years. And 360 such days and nights constitute a “year of Brahma” and his life is 100 such years long.The largest cycle is therefore 311,040,000 million years long(quite huge 😃).
Each kalpa are divided into fourteen manvantaras, or secondary cycles, each lasting 306,720,000 years, with long intervals between them. In these periods the world is recreated, and a new Manu appears.
Each manvantara contains 71 Mahayugas,Each mahayuga is in turn divided into four yugas or ages, called Krita, Treta, Dvapara and Kali. Their lengths are respectively 4800, 3600, 2400 and 1200 “years of the gods,”
Each yuga represents a progressive decline in piety, morality, strength, stature, longevity and happiness.We are at present in the Kali-yuga, which began, according to tradition, in 3102 BC, believed to be the year of the Mahabharata War.

Hindu Pantheon
It is believed that there are about 350,000,000 god and goddess in hindu mythology. But only three gods are considered above all.
1. Lord Vishnu (The preserver)
2. Lord Shiva (The Destroyer)
3. Lord Brahma (The Creator)

Lord Vishnu
According to the Puranas, he sleeps in the primeval ocean, on the thousand-headed snake Shesha. In his sleep a lotus grows from his navel, and in the lotus is born the Lord Brahma, who created the world. Once the world is created Vishnu awakes, to reign in the highest heaven.
As he is the preserver of life. So his duty is appear on earth whenever the things go wrong. He appears on earth in different avatars(identity).
The Avataras or incarnations of Vishnu are:-
The Fish (Matsya), The Tortoise (Kurma), the Boar (Varaha), the Man-Lion (Narasimha), the Dwarf (Vamana), Parashurama, Rama, Krishna, Buddha.

Lord Shiva
It is believed that Zeus(Greece mythology) and Shiva have the same powers.

In classical Hindu mythology Shiva is the god of destruction.
It is believed that Lord Shiva lives in Mount Kailasa in Himalayas. He wears animal skin and carries trident.A cobra often serves as his garland and the crescent moon as his hair ornament. He has a third eye, kept closed in the middle of his forehead. He may be surrounded by his beautiful wife Parvati, and their two sons, the six-faced Skanda and the elephant-headed Ganesha.
The Avatars or incarnations of Shiva are:-
Virabhadra, Bhairava, ,Sharabha,,Durvasa,Khandoba, Hanuman(most famous).

Lord Brahma
It is believed that Lord Brahma was born on Lotus from the navel of Lord Vishnu. He is the creator of the world.
Lord Brahma is the father of Manu, and from Manu all human beings are descended.Brahmā's wife is Saraswati(goddess of music and knowledge)
Brahmā had nine sons and one daughter born from various parts of his body they are enumrate as:-
1. Agni - Eye Brows (eldest son)
2. Daksha - Right thumb
3. Dharma - Chest
4. Kama - Heart
5. Anger
6. Greed
7. Mayabheda
8. Lust
9. Joy
10. Angaja - Daughter

This is the brief Hindu Mythology. I hope you like it.

Best regards




Hinkstep Dan 1,902, 04:07


goku011 Dan 1,902, 04:08


V + S

giladahgua Dan 1,902, 04:22


lHonouR Dan 1,902, 05:02

excellent....voted! o7

Akshay.IN Dan 1,902, 05:11


Patanjali Dan 1,902, 05:28

Well, I'm very happy ayush. Thank you.

GouthamKrishnan Dan 1,902, 06:02

Great article buddy o7 o7

ayush121212 Dan 1,902, 07:09

thank you maniu 😃
i really like your myth writing skills

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Dan 1,902, 08:04


Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Dan 1,902, 13:45

Many heads make much wisdom. Seems to explain this great nation. Great article!

Captain Niks
Captain Niks Dan 1,902, 21:32

1) Its Hindu Mythology and not Indian Mythology ...
2) Buddha is not anyone's Avatar ... So there are only 9 Avatars of Vishnu.
3) Manu is just an identity used to keep Hinduism and thus Brahminism above all ...

I can tell lots of fouls in Hindu Mythology, if u allow me.

ayush121212 Dan 1,903, 05:37

1. Sure mate i have edited the article name to hindu mythology. i had used hindu mythology every where in article except the article name.
2. mate till yesterday i also belive that budda was not anyone avatar but i had studied this on wiki yesterday then i had published that.
3. i din't get you mate.

thanks for correcting me.
best regards

madhav007 Dan 1,903, 11:09

Dear, u have wrote a really good thing but i want to say one thing is that Lord Vishnu has taken birth but Lord Shiva has not. His divine powers has taken birth so the names which u have wrote as his avatar is wrong. Rudra, Virbhadra, & some other were born through his hairs or some other parts. Hanuman was born it is a different story. That is right that Hanuman is Rudra but he is his divine power. If u want to know about Hanuman, please allow me to write on him.
But the efforts to say about Indian Mythology is really good. I like it. Best wishes. Good Luck !!!

Ind1anMartyr Dan 1,903, 11:21

This should be interesting vis a vis ... Buddha/Vishnu - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avatar#Avatars_of_Vishnu
(it has a lot of references)

As from all the interesting comments, its obvious that Hindu mythology is a vast and barely understood ocean of knowledge. The various vedas and puranas are most likely poetic (or romanticised4) versions of most likely true events and technology. Among the vedas are very very interesting and illuminating treatises on Math and science.. including various computer algorithm style calculative shortcuts, together collated as "vedic Mathematics" AND many many descriptions of weapons of mass destruction (agneyastras... ballistic missiles?) soundless flying saucers (vimanas) There are also detailed drawings along with descriptions of the material used to make them...but sadly this is either completely neglected or suffers from a lack of translation and/or interest as well as perhaps intentionally kept inaccessible?


Ind1anMartyr Dan 1,903, 11:23

And as I said above... this curious mingling of scientific method with civil, political teaching and the general fantastic accounts of multi armed Gods and esoteric mounts...all make Hinduism the most complex religion... perhaps it should not be defined as a religion... its a complex way of life.

Captain Niks
Captain Niks Dan 1,903, 11:58

Ayush thanks for your quick corrections and reply... i really appreciate your generosity...

- Buddha himself told that I m a human being... and he was... he died of food poison on the same day when he born.

About wikipedia... Even I can go there and edit it and I can add 11Th avatar there...

Every religion has their own beliefs... i wanted to just clarify things.

Just tell me why Vishnu will take Buddha Avatar? Buddha always said against cast systems.

Captain Niks
Captain Niks Dan 1,903, 12:02

And if Buddhha was vishnu avatar then why do there's no buddha temples built by hindus? Why they does not follow no-cast system that buddha suggested...

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Dan 1,903, 12:37

Rahul looking at your comments i feel it would be right to term that ignorance is bliss!
Just incase you weren't aware Mahabodhi temple's shrine board explicitly requires the chairman of the managing committee to be a Hindu..The mahanta of the temple is a hindu as well..
it's wrong to claim that there aren't any Hindu temples dedicated to buddha..there are several..
Vishnu Purana, Garuda Purana, Bhagavata Purana and several other puranas have shlokas dedicated to buddha..
Anyways the point about 9th incarnation of vishnu is controversial one..
Balarama in many cases is considered to be the 8th incarnation of vishnu as Krishna is considered to be Vishnu himself...Many Sects consider krishna to be the ninth incarnation(8th being balaram) some consider jagannath or shreeji to be the 9th incarnation..and several consider it to be buddha..
yes it is right that buddha denounced vedas and laid a simple four noble paths and 8 noble truths..
but he also spoke about beings existing in a plane higher than human beings who are subject to karma as well.
Now coming back to buddhism..(being a follower of lotus sutra myself)
Pure buddhism denounces caste and various other systems..
but are you aware of various boddhisatvas and their school of thoughts that includes sariputta, nagarjuna, boddhidharma, nichiren?
are you aware about the difference between mahayana, theravada and vajrayana?

it's easy to criticize a religion or philosophy..
but you need to realize that Religion is born out of Devotion, Devotion is born out of faith and faith is born out of hope...Hope forms the vital core of our existence, without it life becomes meaningless..
We are human beings, we are not alike and neither are we perfect...That is where our definition and belief in morality and rationalism comes into play.
being an eternal ardent student of life and various philosophies(what you guys call mythology)..I would love to have a discussion over skype with you to hear what you claim "fouls"

Patanjali Dan 1,903, 13:58

^this happe allways when people forget.

This is why humans wrote books, and then consideren some of them sacred, Sure, this will not please miles 😃, but in the end it was the best way of them (the ancients) to transmit informations to us.

Sad part is that today we have too many informations and are no more able to decide wich one of the version are the right one (apart that we could hardly decide on anything).

More, for thousands of years they teached us (because they could not achieve dharma anymore) that the storyes are not real.
Many of us could not imagine as real that the arows of Arjuna where enchanted (for exmaple), nor could find the sense of Sidharta ilumination (moksa) - and if he was liberated from Karma, why he rebirth after that ?

To weak minds this kind of questions are deadly dangers.

On another order, Rahul, Uv Ajed, at least to make the pleasure of an old man (that is me) please write those storyes you know. Share them with me/ us and I asure you, this will make us all happy.

Dhanyavaad !

off whisky
off whisky Dan 1,903, 14:48

A m a z i n g
Thank you!

Captain Niks
Captain Niks Dan 1,903, 20:59

Uv I already clarified about myself being not against anyone.
and 'Fouls' does not mean 'Faults' ...

As you are agreeing that there is a misunderstanding about 9th Avatar of Vishnu, I can guarantee its not Lord Buddha.

And regarding your views of Bodhgaya Temple... Buddhists Monks are fighting since many years over ownership of that Temple, but there what u say 'Mahant' are not ready to leave. Also that Temple was not constructed by 'Hindus', but during 1st century when Buddhism was there in whole Asia.
Later Britishers tried to restore it and not any Indians. The rule about Hindu appointed to temple is made by Hindus only ... not by Buddhists.

Anyways ... Being a Buddhist, I can assure you my knowledge is calculated !

Millefleurs Dan 1,904, 10:40


ayush121212 Dan 1,904, 12:29

@madhav007 mate i havent written anywhere in the article that that lord shiva was the avatar of lord vishnu.
and yes lord shiva was earlier known as rudra and it is belived that in that avatar lord shiva was wild hunter/dangerous(matlab bhut khatarnak word samjh nhi aa rha tha th wild hunter likh diya 😃)
i dint mention the story of rudra bcz it is a big story.

@Rahul mate i had listened from my elders that budha was not anyones avatar but i had read something else so i dont know what is right. if u have any link that pri e this then plz comment i will go through it and will update the article.

Even my article have mistakes but the best part of the article is everyone is reading and correcting it.
this we want from from our ecitizens to be active in media.

thank u oll

devilstar7 Dan 2,901, 11:09


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