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Had3z for CP!

Dan 1,871, 23:58 Published in South Africa Južna Afrika s strani Had3z

My VP running with me is no one other then Grimstone!

Well time to announce all my achievements and my campaign!


* 12 time congress member
* eSA CP
* Minister of Defense
* Deputy Minister of Defense
* Deputy Minister of Information
* Deputy Speaker of Congress
* Intern as VP
* 4 times Party President IA
* Party President of RISE
* Assegai
* Red Army
* Marine


* Domestic Affairs
Domestic Affairs is very important in every country. It helps build new players.I intend to let people know a bit more regarding the Proudly South African Idea

We as South Africa is a very small country. We have our MU which we need to grow and support but not just the MU we need to support the civilians also.I am already at current stages taking over leadership of Assegai and I intend to have a look at helping in the leadership of eSAAF also

*Foreign Affairs
I intend to keep looking at MPP's which we need to sign and also to talk to eBr to see where we can improve the treaty. Maybe to gain a region or 2 or to increase the payments that needs to be made. Also I intend to improve our relations with our neighbors even more.

Our economy is in a crisis. I intend to get as much Advisors on this one to see where we can improve everything for the country and the people.

*Security and Immigration
We have a great MoS with great Ideas! I intend to get our Macedonian threat a run for his money to see how we as eSA can stand together in times of PTO

Let us all work together and make eSA the greatest for us all!

Vote smart on the 5th and vote for Had3z and Grimstone !


LiquidIce Dan 1,871, 00:03

Rather late than never I say! Good luck!

Wacky368 Dan 1,871, 00:37

Good luck Had3z!

kuckuck Dan 1,871, 01:26

Good luck!

Nickerball Dan 1,871, 01:54

Ah, now this is what I am talking about. This what we want to see. Thank you Had3z and good luck

Rexdeus Dan 1,871, 05:02

Good luck Had3z

I for one would like to see some wording changes to the treaty, wrt their military commitment to region returns (which i have to concede, has improved)


atrawall Dan 1,871, 07:44

Good job Had3z, look forward to running against you. Best of luck.

Al Kazar
Al Kazar Dan 1,871, 13:31

Good platform - Good luck!

Ejdatful Dan 1,871, 15:55

Good luck.

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