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Gold is the Only Thing that is Holding the Raft

Dan 1,911, 16:10 Published in USA ZDA s strani Jmaj

In our country, the economy sucks and knowing how eUSA operates, we probably will reject leftist ideas such as communes although I think they will be more beneficial. So, we will start having to use gold more often. We will have to get more achievements and the gold out of our own pockets. This is because the highest paying job has even decreased by $.14 since this morning. The economy is going into a free fall. As much as I believe in communes, the nation won't, so gold may be the only choice.



jkeller4000 Dan 1,912, 03:27

ha, there is nothing wrong, it is what i like to call balancing the equation!
in chemistry they are big on equilibrium equations.

prices must be such that business owners make the profit they want.

argentian wage is 7 america is xcomplaining when it is below 14 we do not live in a worker drivin economy! so the price workers make makes no difference!

Syz2 Dan 1,912, 10:04

This is because nations can't generate USD from taxing the buying bot. We can't print all the USD we want, but we can constantly generate gold through medals, referrals, etc. Therefore, USD deflates relative to gold.

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