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Going Greek!

Dan 1,825, 11:26 Published in USA ZDA s strani BritSeelowe

Who doesn't want to go to Greece? Lovely beaches, fabulous food, cabana boys. Plus, Greece had really been without bloodshed in a while. Nice place for a vacation! Plus, I might run into my congressman crush there. Sweet!

But then, this week, eBulgaria and the eRepublic of Macedonia (FYROM) both attack eGreece at the same time! Right before the holiday travel season to boot! Coincidence? I don't know. I'm not a political genius, I am simply a star-spangled soldier girl, so the girls and I boarded the plane when we saw the Daily Orders to help eGreece.

People can say what they want, but we gals are formidable! Men go to war and shoot each other, but girls look at all of the possibilities! Had the Persian army come up against the women of Sparta, those women would have found a way to cook up elephants, poisoned the Persian troops during the feast of elephant, and used the Persian's flashy clothing to make drapes and decorate. Plus, there was all that gold the Persians had on them! Can you say shopping and make-over? But King Leonidas left the gals at home, and the rest is history.

Fortunately in eRepublik, the benefits of having the girls fight are more recognized. Upon arriving in eGreece, we met the gals in eGreek uniforms. These were an awesome group, and we learned much from them. First, they taught us how to take care of our skin in the eGreece sun. Secondly, they taught us how to better belt our uniforms to enhance our shape while maintaining comfort. Very important!

Proudly, we marched toward the beach with our new sisters in battle. The fighting was intense and lasted most of the night! But come morning, we liberated the beach that eBulgaria was attempting to spoil and claim for themselves. It was then that our eGreek sisters gave us the best advice toward the biggest danger in eGreece: The eGreek kamaki.

These creatures were crawling all over the newly freed beach. Pretty eyes, smooth-talking! Everything our mothers warned us about. Had our Greek comrades not warned us, there might have been a casualty or two. So, Nikolaos, we do not wish to join you to your cousin's taverna even though it has the best retsina and ouso in town. Nor do we wish to go on your uncle's boat. We are wise to the rise in your levis!

Now, if the right Greek boy comes along. Someone like this one that we saw right after the battle was over:

Yes. He may not have the eyes like the other one, but sometimes it is the intentions and attitude. You gals know what I mean.

In the meantime, we are waiting for more orders to help our new friends because:


~BritSee and EZC gals on the eGreece Beach!



Dellodas Dan 1,825, 11:29


Haskos Dan 1,825, 11:45

voted - ψηφισθέν!!!

Trogdorthetroll100 Dan 1,825, 12:33

Not the womennnnn

Kody5. Dan 1,825, 14:50

i always like reading these

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,825, 16:58

Greek men are gorgeous.

Matafuego Dan 1,825, 17:34

Voted. Nice writing.

ARGUS CEYX Dan 1,825, 17:52


Ethan Seelowe
Ethan Seelowe Dan 1,825, 18:26

I almost fell out of my chair at the egreek kamaki part. eGreece salutes our USA friends for their help to finish the double war we did not start but sure as hell going to finish!
eBulgarian attack resisted? check
eFyromian attack resisted? check
eAlbania liberated? check
eMontenegro liberated? check
made out with cute eUSA girls? che... err *whistles*

Earentir Dan 1,825, 21:00

I voted only cause my lovely Ethan told me to, yes he is gay too.

mafuxth Dan 1,825, 21:00

I see Thessaloniki!!


Earentir Dan 1,825, 21:02

To all in TS, VOTE the article NOOBS, we need to make this international.

Charisiadis Hlias
Charisiadis Hlias Dan 1,825, 21:03

Hey i am noob ! voted !

Iaswn Dan 1,825, 21:03

voted cause we are all gay

Dihenekis Dan 1,825, 21:03

WE JUST DID n00b!!!!! Ethan is gay? i thought he was poustara

Earentir Dan 1,825, 21:54

Lamiwth psifises?

lamiwtis Dan 1,825, 21:58

Δέχτηκα απειλές...

Mike Hatzis
Mike Hatzis Dan 1,825, 22:55

Voted and subbed even if I am not gay.... 😛

MAKEDONAS10 Dan 1,826, 23:12


NIGHTMARE WARRIOR Dan 1,826, 23:13


HannyaTR Dan 1,826, 09:02

Hail Silniy Udar.

R3spect0r Dan 1,826, 09:24

voted !!

IMoMIz Dan 1,826, 09:32

Voted girl, that's the spirit!!
e-Greece salutes you!! o7

skoudouflis Dan 1,828, 04:54


Antiarmatistis Dan 1,828, 04:55


VerginaGR Dan 1,828, 04:56


Makedonas 21
Makedonas 21 Dan 1,828, 04:57


Black Sonia
Black Sonia Dan 1,828, 05:22

v &s
ALL HAIL Helleno-American coalition!!

Dreico Dan 1,828, 07:07


N4zGuL Dan 1,828, 07:09

voted but have you asked Minoan MU about Men?

koumoutsa1 Dan 1,828, 07:09


stroumfita4 Dan 1,828, 07:17

thessaloniki!!!!!! Yeaaaah, my precious Thessaloniki!!

v + s

Christos_8 Dan 1,828, 07:19


Van Der Waal
Van Der Waal Dan 1,828, 07:25


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