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Free Japan

Dan 1,818, 10:15 Published in Malaysia Velika Britanija s strani Greatmoff

I'm writing this article about our not to distant neighbours Japan.

They are currently fighting a hard battle to try and RW Kanto from Taiwan:

(I'm told Kanto looks something like this).

Japan like Malaysia has had difficult times of late, they have been wiped for over two months with no congress, and no ability for their markets to open up to foreign buyers and sellers.

As we are working on developing our relations with our neighbours, I ask that we support them in battles. We recently fought very hard for our Indonesian brothers in their battles to remove Romania and Croatia from their lands, and in the process we got ourselves back on the map and got ourselves a congress.

I now ask that we support one of our less fortunate neighbours Japan:

I've personally done 2.75 million influence for Japan:

Please join me in fight for Japan to retake their land. move to Luzon (40cc one way) and fight for Japan. Then send me a screen shot of your influence.

If you're having trouble taking a screenshot I recommend this easy to use and install programme lightshot.

Your screen shot of influence will be used in a future article, and I will send you some weapons from my own stock as a reward.

Good luck to Japan in their Resistance war.

-MoFA Malaysia-

P.S. I will be giving out weapons after the battle finishes tomorrow, make sure to send me your screen shots before then.

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Lonqu Dan 1,818, 10:24


Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Dan 1,818, 11:06


MiVEX Dan 1,818, 12:05


Squibeel Dan 1,818, 13:38


Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Dan 1,818, 15:33


mhifzan Dan 1,818, 16:49

6th n v o7

Noveras Dan 1,818, 17:10

so.....do we really want to make enemy out of eTaiwan???

Greatmoff Dan 1,818, 17:14

We need a consistent set of friends. We cannot be with both, and the eMalaysian people voted to stop burying their heads in the sand and to become more active and maybe even join an alliance.

Taiwan didn't care for Malaysia when Croatia wiped us off the map.

Indonesia helped put us on the map, we're friends with Indonesia, and any friend of Indonesia is a friend of ours.

We will help our less fortunate neighbours.

Tan Wee Lip
Tan Wee Lip Dan 1,818, 17:42


Mafiakiller47 Dan 1,818, 19:25


Danny Herlino Sutra
Danny Herlino Sutra Dan 1,818, 20:17

free japan.. show your 'keris'..

prostokreten Dan 1,819, 08:53


affandede Dan 1,819, 13:29

nippon banzaaaiii!

Soy Historia
Soy Historia Dan 1,820, 23:23


Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Dan 1,820, 06:06


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