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Fredrok is now an Elite Citizen! (Update on his contest inside as well)

Dan 1,879, 13:36 Published in Australia Avstralija s strani Dartreal

Hi everyone,


I'm happy to announce that Fredrok has been made an Elite Citizen by Admin! At first it looked like Admin were not going to do this for reasons that I found very poor. I replied to their emails several times explaining they had given an elite citizen badge to people who passed away but they refused to listen.

I was told by Valnad that he spoke to eRepublik's admin team as well and managed to convince them to convince them to give Fredrok the Elite Citizen badge. Thanks for Valnad for making Admin change their decision, and thank you to everyone who has showed their overwhelming support!

The contest for Fredrok's comic is still running so feel free to enter it. We've had 40 submissions so far and there is plenty of time to go so keep them coming!

Your submission does not need to be a long essay as long as it is creative and original - that is the key. Winners will be made superheroes, runners up will be turned into super-villains.

Click here to enter the contest! Scroll down to read further details on it! (It's more-or-less a re-post of the original comic contest announcement)

Please look after yourselves and take care.


Several days ago I wrote an article in regards to the passing away of my good eRepublik friend Fredrok. Fredrok was always a big fan of my comic and for those who remember he was featured in a few episodes of the Dear Father saga. (Like this one for example!) Since then Fredrok referred to himself as the Overlord of eEurope.

Fredrok told me on many occasions that my comics were the reason that he kept playing the game. They were fun, enjoyable but most of all he was included in them. It was the fact that normal eRepublik people were thrown into a comic world that made the comics more fun for Fredrok - and fun for many of those who were featured in my comics.

I have stopped making comics due to commitments that crept up over the many months before Fredrok's passing. We would still talk to one another about things but the one thing he kept asking was "When will you do the comics again?" I told him that I wouldn't have any time but he was understanding and thanked me for the ones I made previously.

In honour of the memory of Fredrok I have decided to make a new comic series from scratch that will feature new characters that will be - you.

Comic storyline:
The comic will be based in a country called "Fredrokdinavia" in a city called "Fredhalla". The comic will follow the lives of four superheroes defending people of Fredhalla from the forces of evil! The group are known as "The Fredrok Four" and are symbols of justice and truth! And that is where you come in...

Contest details:
For the next days (starting today Day 1,876 until Day 1,888) I'll be running a contest for you to submit yourself as a superhero. To enter the contest click below!


I am looking for originally and creativity so remember that when you're entering the contest.

The prize:
Four people will be selected to be part of The Fredrok Four. Each hero will have a backstage comic made for them as an introduction before the fun begins!

It's good to be bad...
There will be runner up prizes. If your hero doesn't make the cut it could be turned into a super-villain. It's always fun to be the bad guy, well not when you're getting your butt kicked by the hero...

All winners will be informed in advance. If you have any questions please feel free to message me. This contest is open to anyone and everyone.

Thank you all for your support with Fredrok's passing. All of your kind words will not be forgotten.

Please look after yourselves and take care.



Oscdar Dan 1,879, 14:04

Great work Valnad! Rest in peace Fredrok my friend

Caelo Dan 1,879, 14:38

It is pissing me the f*ck off that it were depending on one voice out of many to give a great heart a fucking icon on the profile...No wonder this shit is turning into shit.

Men hursomhelst...bra gjort Valnad.

Vila i frid Fredrok.

TheBurningMan Dan 1,879, 15:27

I may have never known him, but it is sad to lose a friend.
May he rest piece

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Dan 1,879, 16:16


kuckuck Dan 1,879, 16:38

Well done

lancer450 Dan 1,879, 16:44


ivan.sk Dan 1,879, 17:12


Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Dan 1,879, 18:18


Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Dan 1,879, 18:34


James Ramz
James Ramz Dan 1,879, 18:58

i have always think... good people deserve good things... RIP... fredrok

Binda33 Dan 1,879, 19:02


III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Dan 1,879, 20:04

v o/

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,879, 22:53


Jon873 Dan 1,880, 23:24


Hopefully we get some new and great characters for Fredrokville....uh...I mean Fredhalla

RHIANN0N Dan 1,880, 00:57

voted !

Georgian Queen
Georgian Queen Dan 1,880, 00:59



Rape on Backyard
Rape on Backyard Dan 1,880, 04:24


Valnad o7

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,880, 05:19

Well done. Voted o7

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,880, 05:20

Someone should create a wiki page for him.

Icetek Dan 1,880, 08:36

Someone should create a wiki page for him.

Icetek Dan 1,880, 08:38

Even tho its a game, a photo of him in rl would be more moving. I hope its not a bad thing, i just think its appropriate to make people understand how precious life is. ugh out of words.

Cmurgh Dan 1,880, 11:12

Voted, will try to participate soon hopefully 🙂

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Dan 1,880, 13:42

Someone should create a wiki page for him.

krigarmarkus Dan 1,880, 14:33

Rest In Peace, forever

TemujinBC Dan 1,880, 17:58


Kxrt Dan 1,880, 18:14


Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Dan 1,880, 20:02

I've created a basic wiki for him. If someone who knew him well can message me with more info I'll add it in or if you are a wiki editor feel free to edit it.


Izzeee Dan 1,881, 02:03

Bra gjort Valnad!

Rest in peace brother.

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