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Feds.. We have, We will

Dan 1,689, 19:43 Published in USA ZDA s strani stewy

My fellow Feds, we have done alot in the time we have been a Top 5 party (quite a bit before my time here). But, I feel we are merely content atm, and we need to change that before it's to late to do anything about it.

Things we should be/are proud of..

We HAVE made (IMO) one of the best militias (EZC \o/ ) in the game today.
We HAVE helped out any "newb" that we can as much as we can (or is reasonable).
We HAVE had several party members, past and present, reach lofty positions in the eUS Gov, from Department Directors/Secretary's to a few PotUS's.
We HAVE been the longest consecutive Top 5 party in the eUS.

These are all great, but I feel that we need to bring ourselves out of the shadows we find ourselves in presently, and return into being a party that can affect the political landscape in the country.

We MUST remember who we are and what we want.
I believe it is up to all of us to make this happen, as 1 or 2 people do not make a party. I call on all of us, yeah, you too, to step up and do our part to return OUR party to the glory of old.

We WILL stay true to our nation, our party, our friends, and ourselves through thick and thin.
We WILL help out a fellow party member as we would ourselves, as they are our brothers and sisters in this endeavor.
We WILL emerge from the shadows we find ourselves in and reinstate ourselves into the political scene.
We WILL remain Proud/Horny
We WILL soldier on through these hard times and fight back.


DW.Frost Dan 1,689, 19:55

1st !!!

Gnilraps Dan 1,689, 20:06


Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Dan 1,689, 20:33

go FEDS, spring back to life !


stewy Dan 1,689, 21:35

P/H o/

chickensguys Dan 1,689, 21:46

I thought the Feds and EZC had nothing in common.

AlexJ1890 Dan 1,689, 21:52

A large portion of EZC members are Feds and the Feds and EZC also share the same forum. The difference is, you don't have to be a Fed to be in EZC and you don't have to be in EZC to be a Fed.

bigcdizzle Dan 1,689, 22:44

they walk together, but EZC does not equal Feds

anyway, let's go! let's rebuild a party

...I'm feeling all kinds of proud/horny

Mr.Cypriot Dan 1,690, 06:32

we need strong Feds in politics.
last months didnt happen..

Gunnar Posey
Gunnar Posey Dan 1,690, 11:39

V and S

Malarkey83 Dan 1,690, 11:55

V + S


Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Dan 1,690, 12:20

Good to see some Federalist Media out there

SleepEZ Dan 1,690, 13:33

p/h all over!

Cromstar Dan 1,690, 19:38


Angelini Dan 1,690, 19:53



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