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Fed. Party Update d. 1957

Dan 1,957, 09:17 Published in USA ZDA s strani Duncan Crowe

A New Fed MU

Duncan Crowe

Fellow Federalists o/,

After a very successful Congressional race, within which the Feds acquired 14 seats, the Feds. and our departments continue to make progress towards the goals fingerguns outlined at the beginning of the term.

Following EZC's departure from the Feds, this month has seen heated discussion with regards to creating and fostering a new Fed. MU. Last week, two proposals were presented to the Fed. populace, both of which were voted on three days ago. The poal was closed yesterday; the consensus being that the MU would be srs with a focus on training newbs, as is the Fed. way.

With the general structure out of the way, talks have migrated to heated debate on what the MU should be named. The suggestions are all great, and a poal should be going up soon to decide the best and proper name. Some examples can be found here.

Because Feds are excited about the new MU, donation threads have begun on the forums as well, both for collecting money and companies, as well as tanks and food.

While no final decisions will be made this term, fingerguns is certainly perpetuating the discussion. It's going to be very awesome to see this MU develop!



Clint Carmel

Congratulations to the Federalist Party! We had a really spectacular turn-out this month and got over 25% of the vote!

Fingerguns originally set a goal to elect 12 people to Congress, but with a higher than average voter turnout we ended up with 14 people!. We have been averaging 12 a month, so this is a stellar increase.

Considering that we are only 13% of the population, you should all feel very P/H right now because we double that in voter turnout: we have 26.29% of all votes cast. That's right-- one out of every four Senators is going to be from the Federalist Party this month!

Here is the breakdown for Unity: 14 Congress seats for the Feds, 9 for AMP, 8 for USWP and 7 for WTP.

For the fourth straight month in a row, the AFA's numbers are down a percentage point or two. From a high in November of 2012, they are looking to only have 16 seats this term. Perhaps only 15, depending on how strong last-minute ATO turn-out is. Beyond the granting of rogue citizenship and a few proposals that got voted down, 38-14, they were largely irrelevant in the 63rd Congress.

It looks like this trend will continue in the 64th. No matter how must stamina the AFA claim to have, it's a losing battle as more and more Americans join the Internet, and there is therefore enough new blood to offset attrition and apathy. Especially nowadays, with Greene and Crash and the rest truly putting time and effort into recruitment and retention, the Federalist Party continues to grow as a percentage of the population.

Thanks to all of you who voted!

The Federalist Party remains committed to being a fun place where you can be as proud and horny as you wish to be. And now that we have received a ton of the vote-- well, that is even further evidence that we are on the right track.



Stay tuned for the Fed. CP Primary!

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Latest from the Forums!

Federalist members, if you haven't been spamming the forums like I have, here are some great, informative threads that you should definitely read and respond to!

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Investing in a New MU
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Next Show: April 4th!

Last Show (Archived): Here!

Thanks for reading!

Vote, Comment, Subscribe if you enjoyed! Stay p/h!

Respectfully yours,

Federalist Media Team



Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dan 1,957, 09:18

it's awesome to have 14 seats in Congress!


EnterAwesome Dan 1,957, 09:50




crashthompson. Dan 1,957, 09:52

Feds flood into congress!
Epicness follows!


Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dan 1,957, 11:24


Great update Dunks, and great Congress showing Feds~

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Dan 1,957, 12:07


Thomas Wessel
Thomas Wessel Dan 1,957, 13:11

Awesome Dunks! 😃 p/h

Lord Phenome
Lord Phenome Dan 1,957, 15:36

Thanks for the updates

bigcdizzle Dan 1,957, 17:06


C E M I C A L Dan 1,958, 13:43


MaestroAkel Dan 1,959, 05:55

Voted because FEDies will be always awesome

fingerguns Dan 1,959, 06:59

CP Primary is up!

Great term so far, guys!!!!


Clint Carmel
Clint Carmel Dan 1,959, 15:49

I love the writing style, especially of Clint's articles. It makes me so P/H to read this stuff.

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