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EDEN is one step closer to death

Dan 1,995, 15:27 Published in USA ZDA s strani Darknight293

Hello everyone! Not much to say today due to no requests, so we kinda looked around and found out that EDEN is a step closer to dying so let's see who is leaving this time shall we?

Today we found out that:
Turkey is leaving EDEN

Turkey Is Leaving EDEN
As you all know,(we hope you do know) EDEN has been dying for a long time. They are also the longest alliance in eRepublik! But today, another member has decided to withdrawn from EDEN, Turkey. It is currently up for debate in their congress, and so far it's 7 yes, 0 no.

EDEN is closer to death, and Turkey will no doubt join another alliance. SO let's all hope they don't join TWO! It would be harder to free Europe from TWO is another European Nation joins them. So we say that CoT should try to get Turkey to join us first before they join TWO!

Who will Turkey join?


or TWO?

We shall see in time friends! Till next time!

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MazzyCat Dan 1,995, 15:40


Give the guy some stuff to write about guys! There is stuff going on.

Meow! ♥

Blue Holt
Blue Holt Dan 1,995, 17:11

w00t ~

eRepublik is adorable
eRepublik is adorable Dan 1,995, 18:16

FYI, EDEN has already been dissolved.

EDEN still exists In-game because each individual member state hasn't proposed the "Leave Alliance" law yet.

As for Turkey, they probably won't join (or even be allowed to join) CoT or TWO. Bulgaria and all its supporters in CoT will deny Turkey. In TWO, Spain and Serbia will likely deny Turkey entry as well.

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