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Economic Issue- Seal7 for Congress

Dan 1,825, 19:13 Published in USA ZDA s strani Seal7

Dear, Americans

Major problem in eAmerica.

As new active player, first started playing this game yesterday.

I realized the economy in eUS suck... (Sorry for being mean but it true).

I start out salary of about $500 USD

Then today I lost 20% of my income. To 400, because I try to buy food and weapon to fight for our alliance and complete daily mission.

Sure I made about $25 today that didn't change anything.

We need change in our economic process!

We need to increase our national salary by 70% before this year end.

We need to draw and write a goal that we will improve on and give it all!

NO promises, Action!!!

I want to have fun in this game...

That is why I'm running for congress.
This game is fun, I did research...

I am can do this job, trust me.

This is Proved by Seal7 for congress.



Viarizi Dan 1,825, 19:24


prostokreten Dan 1,825, 22:57


Malpazar Dan 1,827, 08:16

I suggest switching parties as the party you are in will most likely not give you a chance.

Bobby Canell
Bobby Canell Dan 1,827, 19:13

I would suggest spending more time learning about the game and the economics of the game before running for congress and trying to make such bold and unrealistic changes.

Seal7 Dan 1,831, 11:35

Bobby Canell- I said I will ask Private owned company to raise their pay... Not enforce it like real life...

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