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Complete Guide For New Players

Dan 1,843, 07:36 Published in India Belorusija s strani Graf Velheor

Hi there,new palyer of Erepublik..
First of all you have to check the bar at the right of the screen that has the name "Tutorial"..
This bar shows you the things that you need to do every day.

Let's begin from the work.
Every day,you have to press at My companies in the box that has the title Daily Orders in your home page.

There you can see a box that splits into 2 halfs.
The first one is Employer which is the person that you work for and the othe is my companies which shows you the companies that you have...

At the beginning you don't have a job so you have to take one.
You must go at Market and ther you click at Job Market...

There you can find all the offers for jobs that are available for you.
You pick one and then you click apply.
Then it shows you the same screen as before but you can see the word work at the right of your screen.
To work everyday you have to to click at this button.

When you click at work it will appear a box that shows you the money that you get from your work.Also,if you click at show details you will see how many days you want to take the hard worker medal,how many days you work in the row,how many experience points you get and how much health you lost.

Lets's go back at the tutorial.
the next thing you have to do every day is train.
you can find train next to where you work..

when you are at the train screen you click at the humans to choose which train you want to do...

when you click at train it will appear a box.
It shows how much streanght you get and you click at show details you can see how many strenght you have,how many experience points you get and how much health you lost,how much gold you lost and how strenght you want to take the super soldier medal.

Then you go to your home page and you can see at the box with the title Daily Tasks that you can click at the Get reward.you click it and you take 1 strenght and 1 experience point.

To take this reward you have to work and train every day.

Now tha we finish with work and train there are 2 things at Tutorial that we have not checked.Fight and Eat food..
We will see first Eat food.
As a new player you don't have something to eat so you must go and buy something.
you click at Market and then Marketplace.

There,you choose food and you celect the first of the qualities.

You can find there all the offers of the first quality of the food.
Then you buy from the best offer some of them.
Let's buy 50 breads.

Afetr that it appears a dialog that shows what you bought and how much it costs.

Now is our chance to eat.In the left of your screen you must click recover energy and you will eat every bread that you have..

Last but not least is the Fight..
If you want to fight you have to click at Wars.
After you click that it will appear a screen with all the available wars and with some detail's like Campaign of the day,your nation's campaigns(India) and your allies campaigns.You choose where to fight but i will choose to fight in the campaing of the day.

That's the image of the battle.
For more informations you can look at the picture.

To fight at the war you have to click at Fight.

when you kill your enemy,it will appear a dialog tha tshows how much damage you did,how many rank points you get and how many experience points you get...

After some fights you will go to the next level and you wil take ! gold and one health refill..

Also,after the fights you will get some better military grade.
For that you will take an energy bar and some bonuses.

And that's the first day in the game for you...

P.S.:this is a translated guide from my friend teobest1...
I am very grateful to him...



Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Dan 1,843, 08:04


Cholan II
Cholan II Dan 1,843, 09:49


Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Dan 1,843, 09:50

Well done comrade... !!!

Ministar Financija
Ministar Financija Dan 1,843, 10:38


Aks1010 Dan 1,843, 10:40

Awesome article. Should also post in the forums 🙂

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Dan 1,843, 10:55

The best guide ever!

d 23
d 23 Dan 1,843, 12:10

Media Mogul Medal Project 5
SUB for SUB...

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Dan 1,843, 19:23

Brilliant useful article! Good job miltiadis o7

Lonqu Dan 1,843, 19:24


Bond Guevara
Bond Guevara Dan 1,844, 22:43

good article..

Adhavan Dan 1,845, 05:36

Nice article

games.k67 Dan 1,848, 19:49

Thanks will fallow this


Yodhahere Dan 1,933, 00:16

good guide

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