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Coming Out of the Vault

Dan 1,994, 16:15 Published in USA ZDA s strani csabo07

Hello everybody!

Well, it's been almost an entire year since I decided to leave eRepublik. When I left, the country was in turmoil. Between PTOs, multis invading the mainland, and an inflated gold market, there seemed little reason to stick around midst it all. The little annoyances kept me away for a little, but as you all are probably very well aware of, it's impossible to TRULY quit this game.

It has surely been a long time, and I am almost certain nearly all of you have forgotten who I am, if there was ever even a time. To be entirely honest, I'm not even sure any of my friends are still around.

Getting back on subject; the purpose of this article is to try and make sense of the United States at present time. Are we involved in any major wars? Any political takeovers? Corrupt political parties? I want to know it all! It would be highly appreciated for anybody to help me sort everything out.

As always, keep it real!



Pfeiffer. Dan 1,994, 16:28

Welcome back.

I'm about to pass out after getting home from work, but message me if you want to chat about recent happenings later.

RaccoonGoon Dan 1,994, 16:31

Komentar je izbrisan

RaccoonGoon Dan 1,994, 16:33

Funny timing you have, Sabo. I just came back yesterday myself.

Nonetheless, welcome back.

csabo07 Dan 1,994, 16:45

What a pleasant surprise. The UIP lives on!

Gant tommy
Gant tommy Dan 1,994, 21:01

Hey buddy, not sure if you remember me, but i'm still around.

John Largo
John Largo Dan 1,995, 18:18

The UIP lives on!

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