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Clan Wolf

Dan 1,845, 19:26 Published in Canada Švedska s strani Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris

Clan Wolf is a political party that can be a home to players who are both active and inactive in politics. If you just want a party feed that lets you quickly and easily find out what is happening in eCanada and eRepublik then feel free to join Clan Wolf. The Clan wants to lessen the effects that meta-gaming has on the in game experience. However we do not call for the total destruction of the forum system

Most eCanadians don't have the time to track down a forum, register, sign up and begin searching through a pile of old and new posts to get to were they want to go. Clan Wolf is about bringing any relevant information that might be on a forum into its feed or articles. If given enough support Clan Wolf would greatly mitigate the forums current relevance. Clan Wolf would bring the important matters in-game. The Forums are only used by a few and they make a lot of decesions for eCanada without the majority of eCandians aware what is taking place on these forums or even that forums exist for this game. If you want to stay informed without the hassle of the forums then Clan Wolf could be for you

Clan Wolf wants to provide opportunities for new and old players alike and wants to make this game more fun. The Clans goals would also make things more transparent and would allow most eCanadians to begin to have an idea of what is actually going on in their own country.

If you want a Political Party that has a welcoming,helpful, active and informative party feed and that wants you to know what is going on so you can better enjoy the game without having to look at all the different forums then think about joining Clan Wolf. More members means the Clan will have greater power to lessen the importance of the forums and to make it easier for the majority of eCanadians to participate in politics and to stay informed.

JOIN HERE to empower the movement

For more readings on Clan Wolf and reasons to join click HERE, HERE
, HERE, and HERE


Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Dan 1,845, 20:38

Hello Beorn, you posted this a few days ago.

thanks for letting me know

CptChazbeard. Dan 1,917, 10:17

klop123 Dan 1,846, 06:46

How about trying to be a Minister of Education rather than blatently trying to recruit for Clan Wolf with an account that shouldn't be yours!

calm yourself MoD, one can multitask

CptChazbeard. Dan 1,917, 10:17

Venoms III
Venoms III Dan 1,846, 17:13

Go away fat man.

who da fat man?

CptChazbeard. Dan 1,917, 10:18

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