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AUP and the CP Elections

Dan 1,837, 14:14 Published in USA Albanija s strani Panch0TheGreat
Hello eAmerica!

On behalf of the Albanian Unity Party , I'd like to clear this up :

As you all may or may not know , the Albanians of AUP came here to eAmerica
to help you fight against the PTOers , to lend you a helping hand as a friend in need.

In the past few days we've seen that there are two players from the ATO groups that are running for CP leaving AFA with a greater chance for success.

While the ATO is split in two for the CP elections , this leaves the AUP in a difficult position...
Who should we support ? John Jay or Inwegen?

After lots of talks , we came up with this final statement:

The Albanian Unity Party will stay NEUTRAL for CP elections for this month.
With staying neutral , we mean that , we are not going to vote for none of the ATO candidates , we are going to hold our votes until the last moments of the elections.

IF and only IF ... AFA is winning the elections or is very near to pass the ATO candidate we will vote for the ATO candidate who has a greater chance for winning:

Here is a simple explanation:

If the voting scheme looks like this in the final hours of the elections:
1. ATO candidate(1) = 700 votes
2. AFA candidate = 680 votes
3. ATO candidate(2) = 400 votes

In a situation like this , we will vote for ATO candidate(1) , to make sure we create a greater difference from the AFA candidate.

The reason for our NEUTRALITY is:

As said before , we are here to help you against the PTO threats and not to stand the side of any political group in eUSA.
We are here to help eAmerica as a whole and we will stand by it , in good times or in bad times.

That's it for now eAmerica , LETS KICK SOME PTO ASSess!

o7 Bros!


Our party president Batoa will also be running for CP so please DO NOT vote him.


Pfeiffer. Dan 1,837, 14:18

We'll have the singular ATO candidate chosen by the end of today, at which point you will know who it is.

JUNIORALB Dan 1,837, 14:18


kushtrimzz Dan 1,837, 14:21


jonkastrioti Dan 1,837, 14:23


Mr.Tosi Dan 1,837, 14:30

Inwegenin duhet t`votohet me drejt

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,837, 14:55

Pfeiffer is the only PTO here.

The Gunnerss
The Gunnerss Dan 1,837, 15:08

A ka naj artikull qa qky ronald G mos mi rras hunt ky te koka si SHIK-u te na haahahah...

Fessti Dan 1,837, 15:24


KOSOVA Batoa Dan 1,837, 15:34


Bucephalus92 Dan 1,837, 15:36

Hail Albania! (plus what Pffeifer said this situation you've described wont actually occur)

emdoublegee Dan 1,837, 15:37

Good stuff batoa, but there are only multiple ATO candidates for now. The primaries will decide who the singular unity candidate will be and if the loser is honorable (as I think all these are) they will step down so there is not a split vote.

KOSOVA Batoa Dan 1,837, 15:43

We will vote that Candidate.

Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Dan 1,837, 16:04

Panch0 and Batoa, you guys are awesome! 😃

Legendary Force Noli
Legendary Force Noli Dan 1,837, 17:23

Ronald Gipper Reagan the only PTO here are U with your Serbians AFA

enzq Dan 1,837, 17:34


Candor Dan 1,837, 17:50


Sandukaani Dan 1,838, 09:29


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,838, 11:18

At least Serbians are not liars and thieves like Sandu

sulmuesi Dan 1,838, 12:23

Ronald Gipper. Stay out of our party 🙂

Panch0TheGreat Dan 1,838, 14:38

#Ronald Gipper Reagan spot bitching please 🙂

Panch0TheGreat Dan 1,838, 15:16


Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Dan 1,838, 17:33

It's funny because they actually are, you just don't realize it/don't accept it. They're loyal to AFA, and you equate that with them being loyal to you. Either that or you know its a PTO and you just feel like watching your own country burn.

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