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Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

Dan 1,826, 12:50 Published in USA ZDA s strani Scott Spezio

This isn't my first article, however I think it is fitting for me to make an introduction. So please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Scott.

Scott Spezio.

For those of you who haven't heard of me, it sucks to be you. I am a member of the Federalist Party, and proud Captain of the 8th Regiment in Easy Company. I am here to kick ass in the name of the eUSA!

These articles should have some substance to them aside from shameless self promotion, so here's my bit.

Fight for Greece! Fight against Bulgaria, fight against Macedonia, fight against Serbia, and fight against the AFA!

And here's some Kate Upton, because no one can ever have too much Kate Upton.



fingerguns Dan 1,826, 12:55

wooooo scott

stewy Dan 1,826, 12:59

short, to the point, wimmenz \o/

BritSeelowe Dan 1,826, 13:27


Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Dan 1,826, 13:36

V + S

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,826, 13:39


she is a 7.5 maybe.. she is overrated

Deepchill Dan 1,826, 14:43

V & S

and a comment from RGR, you are now famous.

Scott Spezio
Scott Spezio Dan 1,826, 14:50

RGR? I'm honored, really. Also, today I learned that Serbs have terrible standards.

weezo1 Dan 1,826, 15:53


bigcdizzle Dan 1,826, 17:45

Ok, I normally don't get upset at Ajay....but SERIOUSLY!?!? How the F*CK is Kate Upton only a 7.5? 9.0 ot the very least, and I don't usually like blondes.

Candor Dan 1,827, 01:11

^^^ See now is she blonde? I'd say in this picture she's a red-ish head.

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