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A short price analysis of the Norwegian food market

Dan 1,846, 11:48 Published in Norway Norveška s strani Evleos

Every player needs food every day. But which quality level ought one to buy? This is going to be a regular article series providing you with that answer.

Without any further ado, let's take a look at the numbers.

On the X-axis we have the cost pr unit of energy, while on the Y axis we have the different quality levels of food, ranging from Q1 to Q7. The numbers were collected this evening.

As you can see, Q2 gives you, as of present, the most bang for the buck, with Q1 and Q5 being the runner-ups respectively. Mind what food you're eating; Q4 is, as of present, three times as expensive as Q2 on a pr-energy basis, while Q6 and Q7 are even even more expensive.



Per Jostein
Per Jostein Dan 1,846, 11:51

V + S

good article. keep writing

taulen Dan 1,846, 13:30

Noone is buying food, kinda. 🙂

T Cherub
T Cherub Dan 1,846, 14:25

I eat my own (dog-)food... And my food is good. I am willing to share to the hungry, if any.

Evleos Dan 1,846, 14:54

Taulen: At least it's useful to point out to beginners that they should buy the food that gives them the most energy for the money 🙂

Steina Dan 1,846, 17:27

Yeah, low level players and returning players have to buy sometimes, so I can thank Evleos for the good shop gathering and organising information for us!

Gameiro101 Dan 1,847, 04:03

Evleos, nice article.

Good Job

taulen Dan 1,847, 09:03

Thats why we have kickstarter, every player upto lvl 25 gets free food, so the food from kickstarter combined with what you should be able to produce youself with the free facotries you start with you should be set in the beginning.

Kaname Darkwind
Kaname Darkwind Dan 1,847, 19:06

I have too much food as it is.

Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Dan 1,848, 02:14

Great information Evleos.
Since food are very cheap these days, i was wondering if its actually cheaper to buy it from the market, then producing it myself?

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