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Dan 1,827, 06:18 Published in Albania Albanija s strani Lucifer aka Biuy
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Winter tourism in Albania
Winter in Albania occurs mainly from the month of November to February. Albania has interplay of various climatic regions with varied weather conditions derived from the topography of coastal lowlands and rugged mountainous highlands across the territory. The white winter snowfalls envelope the landscape and transform the landscape into an extraordinary wonderland.

The lowlands have relatively mild winters, with an average temperature of about 7°C, congruent to the latitude of the area.

The highland temperatures are influenced by the altitude, the higher the area the cooler it is. The weather is governed by convectional currents; the predominant continental air mass over Eastern Europe and the Balkans contributes to low winter temperatures.

Voskopoja Mountain, located 20 km west of Korcha, is one of the most established Alpine Skiing destinations. It has well managed piste, with adequate infrastructure, and offers various other winter activities. It is 1160 m above sea level and has snow cover for at least three months, each year.

Caving (speleology) is a great alternative activity. Natural karst caves resulting from the dissolution of limestone in the Albanian mountains are located in various areas across the territory, mainly, in Scrapar, and in Shkodra. Visitors can go back in time and se fossils, and also admire stalactite and stalagmite formations, and other interesting artifacts.

About thirty five karst caves are located within the district of Shkodra. The predominant is the Cave of Pelumbasi (the Black Cave), 25 km south-east of Tirana. The cave is 10-35m wide, about 15-40m high, and up to 300m deep.

The cave of Pirogoshi, in the district of Scrapar, south of the country, is the largest in Albania. It is 450 metres above sea level, 5 metres wide at the entrance,and 1500 metres deep. It is home for a large bat species. Other caves are Leka Peta in Kurveleshi, and Murichi, Pusi Yubani, and Zhulja in the district of Shkodra, within the Alps.

Other great activities that are available are mountain climbing and hiking, and sky diving. Traversing the mountains affords the visitor a hands on appreciation of the winter beauty that envelopes the landscape, whilst sky diving gives a “Gods view” of the countryside.

Visitors are spoilt for choice in this natural paradise. Various winter tour options are available for tourists.


Brezovica,Dardani (Kosove)


P.S:Nese keni ndonje foto apo informacion per te shtuar me kontaktoni


EFALB Dan 1,827, 07:05


kushtrimzz Dan 1,827, 07:19

Great pics

v o/

Fessti Dan 1,827, 07:57

great places

Skenerbeuu Dan 1,827, 08:18


Andi Sopi
Andi Sopi Dan 1,827, 13:51

dikun 20 25 dhjetor hapet sezoni ne Brezovic ohh ohh 🙂 cdo t'diele atje mke:D

iCask Dan 1,827, 14:06

Shum foto te bukura 🙂

Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Dan 1,827, 14:50

Muy buenas imagenes el lugar es parecido a Bariloche (Argentina)

ujku76 Dan 1,827, 14:53


OLDStrategy Dan 1,827, 16:06


renato sardi
renato sardi Dan 1,828, 02:35

proud to be Albanian

Ulqinaku R
Ulqinaku R Dan 1,828, 02:37


renato sardi
renato sardi Dan 1,828, 02:39

La nostra patria è il nostro più grande orgolio

Afrodita Mf
Afrodita Mf Dan 1,828, 03:20

prisni sa te mbaroje krejtesisht edhe maja e Sharrit ne Tetove e do kemi edhe atje ca mrekulli per sportdashesit e bores

renato, mire qe nuk shkruan shqip por te pakten ne italisht shkruaj drejte : P

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