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A Duck is a Duck

Dan 1,715, 21:12 Published in USA ZDA s strani stewy

So we all saw ChickensGuys latest in a long line of Derp a Derp moves with his $69 donations. He claims it was all because of it being his way of fighting the system, or civil disobedience.. So he didn't like the way things are going, and instead of making the attempt to fix it from the inside (oh you mean I can try and do that as a congressman? 😮) he takes it out on everyone.

By everyone, I do mean everyone that gets help from the money he cost the country. These people are not just people that were for the Canada war, or for the failed CTRL alliance. No, the people that were affected were anyone that receives any kind of assistance from a Government agency. Whether it was a Gov. funded Military Unit, or one of the newbie programs (B4N etc.), a lot of people depend on that money. The Party President of RLC, (yeah, a pp), the #3 party in the eUSA decided it was okay to just say F*** YOU to those that benefit from the money, regardless of whether their opinions matched his or not.

People say we can't just title him with a "fake" title of Enemy of the State.. Fake or not, obvious enemy is obvious. Is it not treason anywhere to purposefully inflict harm onto your country? I for one don't give a damn about any title he gets, b/c it's quite obvious that it doesn't matter if you label him or not. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then IT IS A DUCK..

Speaking for myself, I am tired of it. I've watched him month after month let obvious enemies run for congress (no, not all of RLC are enemies, some are actually pretty good people). I've watched him cut deals with Ajay and ONE members to get people into OUR congress, who then let in more enemies (snowball effect anyone?) until we get literally overrun and PTO'd (see any small country).

It's time to quit sitting on the fence. It's time to quit saying "Well, just one more chance", or "Well, that guy's going to vote against him, so I don't need to". It's time to protect the country before it's to late to do so. When there's a fire, you grab an extinguisher, you don't wait to get burned..



PappasXXV Dan 1,715, 21:28

Stewy \o/

Gnilraps Dan 1,715, 21:29

Gnilraps for RLC PP

BeachBunny Dan 1,715, 21:29

I agree.

What he was doing in congress is a disgrace and above all it is treason as you stated. Its an absolute slap in the face to all of us eUS citizens. I for one am offended and sick and tired of it as well. Very well written article Stewy. I applaud you.

PS: I love the pictures. hehehe.

Chutley Dan 1,715, 21:30

I think you meant to use an i instead of the u

Inwegen Dan 1,715, 21:32

Gnilraps for RLC PP x2

AlexJ1890 Dan 1,715, 21:34

^^ x3

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,715, 21:46

What Chutley said.

Evil.Elvis Dan 1,715, 22:04

what bia said.

DW.Frost Dan 1,715, 22:04

Gnilraps for RLC PP x3

AlexJ1890 Dan 1,715, 22:16

You're a little late GreeKM4N. I was just too lazy to copy/paste it. That'd be x4. 😛

Thedillpickl Dan 1,715, 22:21

Sad fact is, for all intents and purposes, it is too late. But still let's try, it's never good to give up without a fight. If we would have been sending PTO'ers to Serbia a year ago to counter PTO them we might of had a chance.

But anyhow, I enjoyed the article.

poisin224 Dan 1,715, 22:26


Gnilraps for RLC PP x5

bigcdizzle Dan 1,715, 22:30

Gnilraps for RLC PP x6

eliwood_sain Dan 1,715, 22:34


stewy Dan 1,715, 23:12

@Thedillpickl.......Nothing worth fighting for is ever easy o/

BeachBunny Dan 1,715, 23:14

^^^^^^^ I second that

Uschmidt Dan 1,715, 23:23

Great stewy! This Chicken is sabotaging our country. I would say: public enemy no1 with Ajay Pizza Bruno Lee! They are the same crap! Chicken move to Serbia with your friends and do your balkanese politics there! We will not miss you! And take Pizza Bruno with you! Time that the admins allow to expatriate public enemies!

Uschmidt Dan 1,715, 23:24

And: Gnilraps for RLC PP!

poisin224 Dan 1,716, 00:23

>Time that the admins allow to expatriate public enemies!


Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Dan 1,716, 01:49


Yapdo Dan 1,716, 02:31


Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Dan 1,716, 05:13

bring out the linch mob , also, Zimbuzy for TMMN PP... I thought that was relevant

Deepchill Dan 1,716, 05:49


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