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[ZS] Gold for Pakistan

Dan 1,867, 02:44 Published in Pakistan Srbija s strani Dio Maximus

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We've been talking about this a lot in the recent couple of days.

Pakistan isn't a very rich country, we're under occupation and only hold 1/4 of our regions. Therefore, our resources are very scarce. Pakistan needs more MPP's. And this is an idea we came up, how we can manage to sign a few more, as we're going to need them in the liberation of our occupied regions (Sindh, NWFP, Punjab). Truthfully this isn't a brand new idea, and it was around since v1, and also it was in use in a number of countries besides Pakistan. This trend was slowly forgotten in the new gold-centric module, however the essential motif is that by donating those 5 gold for MPP's to the state, you're doing a much greater thing for Pakistan, then being selfish and keeping the money for yourself.

The basic idea was proposed by Vento Aureo PP bozli, and it suggests the following: Congressmen should donate the gold from their medals to the state of Pakistan, and do their patriotic duty by helping our country increase it's defensive/offensive power through MPP's.

Due to us having only one region (Balochistan) we can ellect 10 congressman, if every single one should donate their gold from medals to the State that would give us 50 gold which could secure a couple of MPP's, which in turn would secure us against increasingly aggressive capitalists from China and Iran.

Do your patriotic duty, help Pakistan!


Join the forums, keep in touch!

Your's truly,
Dio Maximus


TheJakal Dan 1,867, 02:48

Cold Assasin and Untrusty have already donated the gold.

Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Dan 1,867, 02:51

Awesome, but we still have 8 more who haven't.

Radenko Montana
Radenko Montana Dan 1,867, 02:59

Sindh ne sme pasti!,!,!<!>!,!,!

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Dan 1,867, 03:05

Donated and voted

coolinbun Dan 1,867, 03:44

vote shoute bitte

TheJakal Dan 1,867, 04:08

Got 5 gold from faris is back.

TheJakal Dan 1,867, 04:26

Got 5 gold from Muz1

untrusty Dan 1,867, 06:07

I can give 15 gold more if needed?

Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Dan 1,867, 06:16

Talk with TheJakal about that, however I think that it's unnecessary at the moment. Just the gold from the congress medals now, we'll figure out the voluntary donations later.

Waruda Dan 1,867, 06:24

In the discussion thread posted I weighed in appropriately. I offer my gold to government, which means an Organization account (protected via tickets) not a citizen account.

touseef haider
touseef haider Dan 1,867, 08:05

i can donate some if needed just pm me in game

kami4u11 Dan 1,867, 13:11

Awesome work guys. wish i could help too. But as this idea came up and everyone worked on it together. Please we shoul all be aware of our next RW atleast 10 hourse earlier so everyone is prepared foe it and If other allies could help us in that ( i am new so i dont know if allies can help in RWs or not) . And in the IRC this man Ishmael has many links to foreign countries , he is a great asset. If someone can bring him back that would be a big success of this government

kami4u11 Dan 1,867, 13:12

hours* for*

Aranion Dan 1,867, 15:34

whats MMP'S stand for?

Axpaaz Dan 1,867, 16:43

willing to donate 10 g

St0L3n1 Dan 1,867, 17:37

@aranion: "Mutual Protection Pact (MPP)"
Read abut it http://wiki.erepublik.com/index.php/MPP

touseef haider
touseef haider Dan 1,867, 20:38

how can i donate ??

dingorider Dan 1,868, 09:52

What about the mysterious gold disappearance. ..

St0L3n1 Dan 1,868, 10:19

It was never recovers dingorider

Touseef you can donate ePakistan by sending gold or purchasing goods from market posted by the user name "State Bank Of ePakistan"

Read about it here: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-mof-this-term-stats-amp-national-donation-project-ndp--2185093/1/20

Hammad Javed
Hammad Javed Dan 1,868, 22:09


touseef haider
touseef haider Dan 1,869, 08:42


touseef haider
touseef haider Dan 1,879, 00:43

donated again

marios captain
marios captain Dan 1,923, 11:49


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