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[xordin4CPx2] CP Candidate Manifesto – Part I

Dan 1,903, 01:30 Published in India Kitajska s strani lHonouR

Dear Citizens,

As my current term comes to an end, I seek re-election for another term. There are certain key objectives for running for the second term:
1) Membership of the Circle of Trust (CoT) Alliance
2) To implement certain structural changes and reforms those are urgently needed in India
3) Baby Boom efforts
4) Release of our regions currently under Croatian Occupation

In the first part of my Manifesto I will talk about our Foreign Policy and Military Reorganization. The second part will cover Finances, Baby boom and Cabinet details

Alliance and Foreign Policy

As a policy we will continue being aligned towards CoT. Over the past month we have been building stronger ties with all the nations in the CoT Alliance. Bulgaria, Indonesia and Chile have helped us significantly in the past and continue to be our friends. We also have built relations with many other nations such as New Zealand, Macedonia, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico, Moldova, UK and Belgium. The current government has also made an enquiry into joining the CoT alliance. I am pleased to state the feedback on both the initiatives has been positive.
And as a next step towards formally looking at a Trail Membership, I intend to propose a Congress Vote for the approval of this membership. As per CoT's current Charter, the President proposes a vote in Congress for the approval of the membership. The motion is approved when over 2/3 of the members of congress vote in favor of the membership. The current Congress members have already been informed of this intention. Post the Congress Vote, the government will present our case with the CoT HQ.

Military Reorganization

The military is the backbone of any country. An organized and structured military determines the position of the country in the New World. Over my next term I plan to introduce several changes in our military structure.
As a first step the 2 government MUs: BRATS (Div 1 and Div 2) and Marcos (Div 3 and Div 4) will be further divided into 4 MUs with one MU for each division. Each of these divisions needs to have a separate focus for development and improvement in co-ordination.

Programs to be introduced for citizens in Division 1

New Citizens Program
1. The government will implement a tracking sheet for development and progress of new citizens
2. Each of the new citizens will have to register with the government tracking sheet
3. Based on the registrations in the tracker, each new citizen will be provided a starter pack comprising of weapons, energy and some currency (weapons and food will be of lower Q)
4. The new citizens will have to come to IRC for the registration and verification to ensure they are not multies
5. After a period of 15 days starting from the registration under the New Citizens Program the citizens will be moved to a Program of Daily Dispatch under which weapons of higher quality will be provided on a daily basis

Rocket Corps Program
For Division 1, the government plans to introduce the Rocket Corps Program. The Rocket Corps will work as flash troops in the battles doing simultaneous and coordinated hits thereby significantly increasing their influence in battles. The government will enable the funding of the rocket factories and assist in the purchase of the rocket parts. The entry into the Rocket Corps Program will be available only for a selected group of citizens. The selection criteria will include continuous activity for a period of 15 days from registration. The selection will be done in consolation with the Division 1 MU commander and the Ministry of Defense.

Further guidelines for the New Citizens Program and the Rocket Corps Program will be issued in due course.

Daily Dispatch Program
For the development of Division 1 and Division 2, the Daily Dispatch program which was introduced some months back will be followed. It has been erratic over the past month but will be properly implemented for the current month

Dispatch Programs for other Divisions
I have observed that since the discontinuation of the Indian Army Dispatch Program, there has been inactivity or erratic activity from most of the citizens on the military front. I plan to introduce a dispatch system partially funded by the government and organized through the commune system. The details of this system still needs to be worked out and will be shared soon.

To improve coordination and activity I plan to introduce coordinated strikes through training wars. The government will also introduce a system of rewards based on the participation of citizens in these training wars.

That concludes the first part of my manifesto. The second part of the manifesto is continued in another article…

Jai Hind!


lHonouR Dan 1,903, 01:32

Pls vote and shout: http://tinyurl.com/xordin4CPx2PartI


Sibeesh Dan 1,903, 01:34


MRizky Dan 1,903, 01:35


kaiserACE13 Dan 1,903, 01:36

voted o7

Chlife Dan 1,903, 01:38

xordin \o/

Bond Guevara
Bond Guevara Dan 1,903, 01:40


Sujithra Gopinath
Sujithra Gopinath Dan 1,903, 01:41

Done 🙂

ShockWavve Dan 1,903, 01:41


si petung
si petung Dan 1,903, 01:46

good luck o/

Alias Vision
Alias Vision Dan 1,903, 02:39

SEP M.V Dan 1,903, 02:41

gl 😃

BrknSword Dan 1,903, 03:02


Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Dan 1,903, 03:06

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm gr8

giladahgua Dan 1,903, 03:57


Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Dan 1,903, 03:57


Kaad Dan 1,903, 04:22

Voted from eBelgium

Ind1anMartyr Dan 1,903, 04:34


SpaceMonkey.11 Dan 1,903, 04:35


Nagaraj Suraj
Nagaraj Suraj Dan 1,903, 04:42

nice 07

Lonqu Dan 1,903, 05:13


Treian Dan 1,903, 05:45


I'm liking what I see..... best of luck Xordin

Ramanan Viswa
Ramanan Viswa Dan 1,903, 05:46


Ashish Raghav
Ashish Raghav Dan 1,903, 05:57


mahesh17 Dan 1,903, 06:04


Dahiya Dan 1,903, 08:58

nice thinking .. keep it up....hip hip hurreee.......

Cadfan Dan 1,903, 09:29

Good luck o7

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Dan 1,903, 12:35

Good luck bro,

Bon3fang Dan 1,903, 21:31

Me likey ....

MohanB Dan 1,903, 22:37

Good luck 🙂

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Dan 1,904, 00:10

All good

Akshay.IN Dan 1,904, 07:49

voting done !!
Please Look at the following issues :
Need dispatch for D2
Economy in erepublik is not good
Govt not providing any cc or gold help to make training center upgrades
get back all eindia regions from Croatia so raw material production will increase
setup govt weps factory for each division so no problem of dispatch
and so many issues.................

Lets see how many issues you can resolve !!

finally, i like to say that , involve new players into govt. so they can learn and do best for eindia.
As per me only few players getting chance and others are not getting any chance like me.

███████]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃ o o o o o o o o o o o

Mav10 DK
Mav10 DK Dan 1,904, 11:50


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