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[We the People] Oblige for Party President

Dan 1,911, 19:52 Published in USA ZDA s strani Oblige

So, it should be no secret by now that I'm seeking the Party Presidency of We the People.

One of the benefits of being an established player is that by now most of you know who I am and what I stand for; there are no airs to put on, no pretenses to establish, the purpose of this article will be singular: to explain why you should cast your ballot for me in the WTP Primary.

The Plan:
One of the things I'm most proud of from my CP terms was the infrastructure that was built and how that has carried forward since then. We dramatically increased the size of the State and Media Departments and that legacy has been carried forward to this day, through several turbulent administrations.

My object as Party President of We the People will be to establish similar infrastructure for our party, so that we too may prosper and move forward each month.

Together, we will work to forge the future of WTP.

The Team:
Joining me will be an incredible team. They are listed below along with a description of their defining role as a member of the new administration.

Party Vice President: Mazzy Cat
Our out-going Party President, Mazzy is to continue on in a similar role. The role of the Vice Party President will be expanded outside acting as a simple stand in for the Party President in event of absence or resignation.

Mazzy Cat and each future WTP VPP will be responsible for the direction of our inter-party affairs, as well as the management of our political action committee (PAC). The merger of the role of inter-party affairs and PAC is a critical one, given the increasing importance and ties of sixth parties to WTP. I am confident Mazzy will continue to serve with distinction and carve out an example for fellow PVPs to emulate.

In game, Mazzy will hold the title of "Vice President."

Director of Internal Affairs: Hale26
Coming out of nearly nowhere, it's impossible to image where We the People would be today without our star new player, Hale26. Serving originally as Comms Director and leader of the Shout Hawks, Hale's role has expanded to the point where there's literally no direction the party takes that he is not the front of. Pioneering everything from our census, a party first, to our forum participation awards program, Hale26 is the internal face of the party for most of our members.

For that reason, Hale26 will be the first Director of Internal Affairs. His position will be tasked with serving and retaining our party members. He will bring messages to the People from the Leadership, and in turn communicate feedback on those messages. Even as I write he's working on ways to increase WTP activity even further, including IRC game, a revised forum points system, and a party affairs newsletter. I expect our player retention will soar under the thoughtful touch of Hale26.

In game Hale will hold the title of "Secretary General."

Director of Recruitment: n0s3
n0s3, for such a quiet player, is in need of very little introduction. He has served diligently on the National Security Council for the past several terms, and it filled me with great pride when he was elevated to the position of Director last month, serving with such distinction that he was compared to the NSC great, Vanek26. He is a hard-worker, and his thoughtfulness, diligence and persistence will come in handy as he becomes our first Director of Recruitment.

WTP is a party that owes its existence to anti-take-over (ATO) efforts and it seems not a month goes by without us drawing upon outside assistance for the continuation of those ATO efforts. It is apparent that the time for enhanced recruitment is upon us, and n0s3 will lead those efforts.

n0s3 will hold the in game title of "Councilor."

Spokesperson: ilphen
Another character with no need for introduction. ilphen is efamous. He's a multi term CP of Germany (with more CP medals than me that bastard), and writer of such eFamous articles as "deskism." He is probably the most prolific German player in game and is famous for the the kind of out-of-the-box strategy that allows a tiny union like Germark to survive in a Poland dominated Western Europe.

What he will bring to WTP though is his unique charisma and charm. As our Spokesperson he will be responsible for maintaining our article media presence so that all players might know about the great community we offer.

ilphen will hold the in game title of "Spokesperson."

Additional Leadership:
Congressional Whip: Hawkie

So that's it for now.

Give me a shout if you would?
[We the People]
Oblige for Party President!


Oblige Dan 1,911, 19:52

First reserved for the people!

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dan 1,911, 19:58

Seems like a great cabinet!


n0s3 Dan 1,911, 20:01


Vanek26 Dan 1,911, 20:12

nose is boss

potato134 Dan 1,911, 20:12

I wanna be part of your team s2 go obligeo

ligtreb Dan 1,911, 20:39

Good luck!

MazzyCat Dan 1,911, 20:39

Meow < 3

Mr.Cypriot Dan 1,912, 01:26

Good luck!

Quintus Modius
Quintus Modius Dan 1,912, 02:36

Oblige, bringing the will of the people to We the People on the edge of a sword.



ilphen Dan 1,912, 03:01

What did I do now ;_;

Candor Dan 1,912, 03:13

Komentar je izbrisan

Dio Pumba
Dio Pumba Dan 1,912, 04:52


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,912, 05:39

The WTP can not go wrong with leadsership such as this team, I am looking forward to the next month....

Pacheeee Dan 1,912, 06:51

I see a German TO of WTP closing in!!! \o/

Humphasaurus Dan 1,912, 08:28


costin1989 Dan 1,912, 10:58

good luck Oblige ! o7

Gnilraps Dan 1,912, 13:59

How's the primary shaping up?

Oblige Dan 1,912, 14:02

75% Oblige, 25% Other

PeVall Dan 1,912, 19:11

"Other" lol thats good!

XtaSia Dan 1,913, 03:46

Komentar je izbrisan

Korith Dan 1,913, 06:13

Never heard of you.

ErrOrka Dan 1,913, 08:49

who is oblige? somebody tell me in pm kthxbai

Black Baroness Dan 1,914, 06:53

Komentar je izbrisan

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Dan 1,914, 08:58

Good luck !!!!!!!

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