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[Useful] Pulse Project - Stay connected with your history

Dan 1,822, 12:39 Published in USA Madžarska s strani RupTot

What is Pulse?
A tool designed to provide a better control of your army, knowing in every moment where and when somebody has hit. Any real-time solution you may need, avoiding API problems.

Pulse is the new way of making stats from eRepublik.

Watch this:

1. Pulse Project Sidebar

Looks like this:

Here you can see your influence and hits for the current day and for the day before and also Battle Orders(which will appear on top near the Facebook like box)

2. The Battle Screen and some Profile useful info

Your max hit with the highest quality weapon (Q7) will be shown here:

In the battle screen you'll find this info also, only this time it's value will depend on the weapon you use :

Down, into the right corner you'll find a quick icon called "View Your Fight Stats"


Browse the pop-up window's website and be amazed of it's accuracy:

Overview of your Influence

Detailed info of your MU members

The battles you fought and of course, the side

Battles, division, hits, kills, influence, all here thanks to EGOV Support Integration

Pulse Project was developed by Almirante Cjhurruca and angeldav.

Pulse Project is available for 3 browsers atm :

- Mozilla Firefox
- Google Chrome
- Opera Mobile Version

More detailed information of how to download and install this script on the official website.



Tiacha Dan 1,822, 13:03

Love the pulse project.

Nirvana Gonzalez
Nirvana Gonzalez Dan 1,822, 13:06

I already have it 🙂

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