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[UKPP] A Brief History Of...

Dan 1,899, 13:33 Published in United Kingdom Velika Britanija s strani WayneKerr

“ A community dedicated to concentrating on playing the game to the best of our abilities as a nation, In the battle for equality the UKPP continues to fight against the prevailing trend within the UK government of division, defeatism and denial. ”
(United Kingdom Progression Party)

The UKPP aims to be a party that supports new players by allowing them to help shape party policy. We strive to be transparent, favouring democratic conferences and postal balloting over executive decisions. Your in-game age, strength, wealth or connections are not what matters - your commitment, activity and desire to succeed do.

Congressional Issues
MINIMUM WAGE: The UKPP has no plans to increase the current minimum wage. The finanical gains are marginal compared to the increased bureaucracy it would create in the management of eUK social programs private and national. The Private sector worker can easily find a wage over the legal minimum wage and the commune worker can just as easily sell their donated supplies to fund their own personal advancement.

DONATIONS: The UKPP supports the donation from the treasury to national organisations except in instances where these funds are to be used to fund private MU's or non-inclusive social programs (application to participation not offered in-game)

NATURAL ENEMIES: No UKPP member shall vote or support an initiation of war unless the targeted nation is occupying native/coded eUK regions/TWO orders/a full discussion with the congress body of the eUK has taken place.

TAXES: By party wide ballot UKPP have shown they are in favour of sensible low domestic taxes (VAT & Income) while retaining high import tariffs in an attempt to dissuade foreign producers from selling in our market in favour of our own countrymen

MPPS: Due to our alliance status a number of MPP's are dictated to us. UKPP is ver y much in favour of continuing membership of TWO and have no wish to alter the MPP stack that is required to retain membership. With regards to non-TWO/ACT MPP's, the party prefers a case by case study of said MPP. As a nation with limited income we cannot stack our MPP's high, we simply cannot afford it. Only those strategically required should be considered. Until our national income improves UKPP will not sanction 'good will' MPP's.

CITIZENSHIP: UKPP Congress members are free to decide on how they use their passes and are encouraged though not required to seek guidance and obtain necessary information from any sources they deem appropriate prior to granting citizenship.
In the future the UKPP would like to see a reformed CS committee (in co-operation with other parties). The committee is to act as a counsel to the congress member and not as his judge.

IMPEACHMENT: UKPP Congress members shall only impeach a CP if the CP is inactive, Stealing from the nation or they have requested an impeachment.

"A community dedicated to concentrating on playing the game to the best of our abilities as a nation, In the battle for equality the UKPP continues to fight against the prevailing trend within the UK government of division, defeatism and denial."

Community Affairs
The FORUM DISPUTE: - Members are not restricted in anyway as to whom they wish to socialise with and they may freely use any means of communication they see fit.

Having said that, the two most prevalent forms are Forums and IRC and UKPP has now fought for over a year to address issues and inconsistencies going back beyond the formation of the party therefore the UKPP is not adverse to exploring, in cooperation with other parties or groups of eUKers a more acceptable and less limiting choice then has been traditionally offered.

To that end #UKPP is now an open channel at all times barring party conferences (where non-UKPPers are free to observe).

The UKPP also recognises that any forum designated by eUK welcoming message as the 'national' forum may consider its claim to the 'national' title as valid.

National Army Vs Nationally funded MU's: - The UKPP supports the existence of an apolitical national army based on equality of supplies and is opposed to the scrapping of such an institution, its related companies and will strongly oppose any funding of private MU's.

The UKPP further promises that no CP backing of another party will be forthcoming should this not be enshrined in the prospective CP's manifesto.

Working in the national government: - Acceptance of any position is not indicative of UKPP support for or influence in said government and the member is not asked or expected to promote a UKPP agenda in what is a eUK role.

Any UKPP member is free to take a role in whatever system the political majority designate as 'government' but they do so as a private citizen, not as a member of the party.

NHS Scheme: - TheUKPP are in support of the sign up scheme which gives newer players a helping hand by supplying them with health without any restrictions or obligations. New players are the future of our nation and as such, every effort should be made to keep them playing.

Party Affairs
Congress Elections: UKPP favours active players that wish to make a difference. WE have no formal requirements for entering congress under a UKPP banner. It is the domain of the PP (party president) to organise the order of runners how he sees fit. Things such as being seen as active, willing and knowledgeable will always be a requirement however.

CP Elections: The weekly party message will be sent prior to CP election telling all members of the coming election and asking them to reply if they wish to run for CP and publish a manifesto prior to a set date.
Whilst this is happening other parties will be selecting candidates and perhaps canvassing for UKPP support. The PP may in consultation with UKPP congress members choose to add the name of a player from another party to the ballot.
The postal Ballot will then take place listing all candidates, their party (if applicable) and a link to their manifesto. The player with most votes tallied will become the UKPP nominee for Country President.

Royal Navy: Royal Navy has a rich tradition of giving people the chance to push themselves further. Although the Navy was once attached as a political unit to the United Kingdom Progression Party, the RN now gives everyone the chance to join and fight in a lively community. We also run a regular strike programme every Sunday whereby every attendee will be given full supplies to fight alongside their fellow sailors. You can find out more about our recent changes through this link: Royal Navy One Community

UKPP Brief History
OCT 2011 Baby Steps: Born on the 16th of October 2011 the party was quick to get started by obtaining a long dead party and buying its own MU. Within 2 days the party had obtained enough members and signatures to get a forum group, this allowed the members to chat and help the party grow. Mini Munch the party president for the party made sure that the party had all of the necessary support for its members by creating and maintaining the IRC channel and wiki page. The great response of the community gave the party a good 20 membership surge within a few days, this was a huge confidence boost for Mini Munch and Baroness Margaret Thatcher.

The parties speedy start dwindled by the start of its second week with the Party President Mini Munch taking a more of a guiding role to steer the party in the right direction. This did not work as well as planned as the Recruitment Manager become too busy to begin recruitment which created a lot more work for Baroness Margaret Thatcher. UKPP missed out on its first congress for October/November as it sat in 6th place 20 members behind the top 4 spot. This would become the first goal of the party, To reach the top 5. This is when the recruitment for UKPP began.

The party started to steam forward at the end of its first term releasing its first Media articles on the 3/11/2011. Shortly after the UKPP Officials began working to get the party into the top five and build the community that the UK needed.

NOV 2011 Growing Pains: The second Term started much like the first with a great motivational force pushing it forward. Baroness Margaret Thatcher was finally at the public head of the party and could begin working to get the party to the top. It didn't take long for the party to get into the top 5 knocking The UK Democratic Party out.
The party however ran into trouble when the mods on the 'national' forum banned Baroness Margaret Thatcher prior to the parties first congress elections. The lack of control was evident in the results that sparked a lot of hatred by the establishment against UKPP as they were placed fully responsible for the election of 2 questionable members of the community.

DEC 2011 A New Force December 2011 was a crucial time for the party as the PP elections came around. Sir Nick Griffin (The UKPP's recruiting dynamo) was up against the troll PTO'er Bob Boblo. Sir Nick Griffin cruised to an easy victory and under his aegis the party expanded rapidly, shooting past PCP without pause and quickly onto the tail end of ESO in third. Financial, structural and support systems within the party were established and on his very last day in office - the UKPP edged out ESO to become a top 3 party!

After a small period of consolidation during which ESO once again managed to pull back into third, UKPP oversaw the most impressive recruiting drive in the parties and the UKs history. In under a week the party grew from 120 members to over 205 members as they blew past ESO and overhauled a shocked and dying UKRP. The drive was capped off by UKPP member ImmortalD running for the Country Presidency. Against a strong candidate with support from all the rival parties, ImmortalD finished second becoming de-facto VP of the nation as it continued its struggle against Canada, France and whoever Ireland got to fight for it that week.

APR-AUG 2012 Onwards to Glory: During a very turbulent May for UKPP in which leading member and top supplier Alfagrem left the party, MU and the eUK very suddenly leaving a gaping hole in UKPP's social programs and the Royal Navys supply chain. This coincided with another top figure abandoning the party for a stint in Real Life allowing a new generation of members to step up and take the lead. Garth Lidlington was the first to take UKPP in a more gentler, more inclusive direction. During Garth's double term the public image of UKPP was softened and the new direct debate method employed was winning over previously hostile players.

This method was carried on by the next president Richard Feist, who much like Garth continued with this new approachable UKPP. After 4 months of toil and hard work, the UKPP had finally shook off the tag of trouble makers and where seen by the wider public as integral to the eUK community.

SEPT 2012 Rift and Rough: Midway through 2012, much of the Royal Navy leadership left after being accused of not fulfilling their role. They in turn founded the Royal Army Dental Corps. This created an obvious rift between what was ultimately two sides of the UKPP. Following a very tightly fought PP election, this rift was further intensified with Dannyboy0014 as the winning candidate being a member of the Dental Corps.

OCT-NOV 2012 Repair and Growth: After the return of Alfagrem and Sir Nick in September and after the patching up of the internal strife the party came together in spectacular fashion. October saw UKPP embark on a massive recruiting spree. With the combined efforts of the recruiting team UKPP managed to achieve a long held goal of the party. Acquire the number one party slot in the eUK. A feat the party absolutely battered out of the park, blowing rivals once again out of the water. Following on from October's success, UKPP had another fantastic month in November. Finally achieving yet another goal the party had set themselves many months ago. To attract the highest number of congress votes. With a massive 183 votes (the highest since Junes baby-boom month) UKPP romped to victory.

DEC 2012- Present No.1 and First CP December crowned a fantastic few months for the UKPP with a stunning victory in the CP elections. BigAnt the controversial former CP took the great honour of being UKPPs first elected CP. Giving UKPP a major voice in how the eUK is ran. With a double term of UKPP Government the party has seen some of it's policies taken on with great success and as the name suggests, in the future we aim for more progression

Get involved, follow the links:

Join the UKPP


UKPP Forum


Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Dan 1,899, 13:35


However you must remove Sambo112 for kicking me during your meeting last Sunday, alongside all other non-UKPP members.


WayneKerr Dan 1,899, 13:37

Sambo is a noob that has no idea how to run a true UKPP conference. My apologies Professor, we shall whip his feet...

lancer450 Dan 1,899, 13:53

Voted. Nice job!

UKPP For A Better Tomorrow! : )

Madacaion Dan 1,899, 13:55

Excellent history of the party - its nice for new players to see whats happened long before being eBorn. All the best to UKPP, I hope to see 2013 the year when we can all add "Mutual Respect, Glory eUK" as a section in our respective party histories!

Funky 24
Funky 24 Dan 1,899, 14:35


alexg737 Dan 1,899, 18:05


Sir Nick Griffin
Sir Nick Griffin Dan 1,899, 18:19

You've excelled yourself this time, Wayne 😛

Rfeist Dan 1,899, 21:27

o7 UKPP \o/

AdmiralNelson Dan 1,900, 00:25

weres the bit about your lot at ukpp screwin new era?

WayneKerr Dan 1,900, 01:18

How and when did we enter into an agreement with New Era, in which we were able to then screw you over?

Go and troll elsewhere AllottaFuntz

David Norman
David Norman Dan 1,900, 01:47

Nice and helpful
v21 + S

Bohemond4 Dan 1,900, 01:56

one question, if the UKPP will never back another parties candidate for CP UNLESS they instate a National Army, despite the issues of funding...this effectively means that UKPP will NEVER back another party candidate?

In essence, if you want to run for presidency with UKPP support, don't bother unless you a) have a actual plan to create a NM or be a member of UKPP...

seems inclusive to me.

WayneKerr Dan 1,900, 02:16

@behomond4, You seem to have misunderstood it. Seeing as we no longer have a National MU that is funded, no CP prospective will be looking to dismantle it, so wouldn't be including it in his manifesto. Meaning at the moment that policy is moot. Should there be a Nationally funded MU set up then UKPP will not support a candidate that would look to destroy it. It's simply a safeguard to prevent politicians fiddling with the MU at there whim.

UKPP have supported many non-UKPP members in their quest for CP and will continue to do so, provided the membership base agrees with what is offered. The great thing about UKPP is that our policies are not set in stone and are able to be changed, provided enough support from the party backs a change.

WayneKerr Dan 1,900, 03:02

When did we agree to back New Era? What did we agree to back New Era in? I have no idea what Don as been saying but Id like to find out. As far as I know no deals have been done with New Era...

AdmiralNelson Dan 1,900, 04:10

so ukpp never said they would back us if we back big ant?either ukpp are liars or you need to talk to big ant bout makin deals with out ukpp backing

WayneKerr Dan 1,900, 04:32

UKPP never said that we would back you. We have a system in which we go through every time. Its called a party ballot. Neither Sir Nick nor Big Ant have the power to promise New Era such things. Plus seeing as neither of them hold any party roles this term what they promise with regards to the party is purely speculative. Had New Era even bothered to field a candidate they would have been placed upon the ballot, giving Nick and Big Ant the chance to campaign within the party to get support for your candidate, which is all they or anyone else can do to influence who UKPP supports. You got sucked into promises that neither could deliver had you taken the time to understand how UKPP is ran. Also Don Dapper said he wasn't too interested in running a candidate this term. Understand your own party before shouting accusations.

I've pretty much outlined everything UKPP does in my article above, so rather then jumping in with unfounded claims that quite simply reinforce peoples opinions of certain NE members, why take the time to read, understand and learn from what is presented to you in peoples articles. Then when you comment you can actually come across as less dumb-troll like.

AdmiralNelson Dan 1,900, 04:36

sort the lyin retards out from your party first. makin promises they know they cant keep and theese are the ppl ukpp respect?

ukpp are a disgrace

WayneKerr Dan 1,900, 04:36

Seems posts vanish every now and again from certain players within certain parties...
But alas screen shotting is a wonder of the technological age...

WayneKerr Dan 1,900, 04:42

What don't you understand that no one player can promise support of UKPP with regards to elections. We don't work on the dictator basis in UKPP. We work on the party ballot method. They can indeed promise your entry onto the ballot. But in no way can they be sure that your candidate will be the victor.

Respect? more likely tolerate.

You sir are not doing New Era any favours here. Coming and attacking a whole party for the actions of one or two members isn't the best way to go about airing your grievances, especially a party that is considered on good terms with New Era.

AdmiralNelson Dan 1,900, 04:59

so what will happen with those 2 liars from your party?nothin thats what.cause ukpp are as corrupt as tup now you have power

AdmiralNelson Dan 1,900, 05:00

will new era get an apology for bein misled? course not

ukpp the new tup

WayneKerr Dan 1,900, 05:22

Ask Big Ant and Sir Nick to apologize. UKPP have nothing to say sorry for. Will they be punished? No, will they be told the error of there ways? Already have.

Go back under ya rock dude.

AdmiralNelson Dan 1,900, 06:00

they were oficers of ukpp at the time so yes you do have some thing to apologize for.this proves that ukpp has 'oldfags' who are just as much full of crap as tup are

Teppishc Dan 1,900, 06:17

Didn't make it through the history section, but the policy section above it was clear, concise and obviously well thought through, this is what party articles and platforms should be like

Alotta, the New Era cry against TUP was always elitism, now your calling UKPP the same because they didn't have 2 elites dictating policy, but had a democratic ballot instead??

WayneKerr Dan 1,900, 06:17

proves that two players were overstretching there power and now you have your knickers in a twist. A new PP is elected on the 15th of the month. How can deals be done before this date in relation to CP backing.

Sir Nick and Big Ant may well of been in favour of supporting New Era. Thats not to say the next PP will also be thinking along them lines. UKPP carried out there ballot as they always do. We had 5 candidates on the ballot. Not one was New Era, due to you not fielding a candidate. From what I understand New Era were willing to put there weight behind Alfagrems attempt, so UKPP support of New Era would never have happened due to you not running anyone.

My god, just stop posting... You really are being the stereotypical, uninformed hate-filled New Era member. A good deal of people within your party are trying to shake that tag off. Do em a favour and refrain from posting until you can make a decent argument rather then shout 'TUP' at every chance...

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dan 1,900, 06:27

Voted hard Wayne, voted oh so hard...good read and much enjoyed.

I can't say too much but there was a few favouring their own candidate, Don included. There was also a lot of talk but no definite or concrete plan on who to back.

WayneKerr Dan 1,900, 06:39

UKPP would have more then pleased to have had them on the ballot had New Era sorted out a candidate. That is as far as anyone can go to promising the parties support. It is then up to those seeking support and his supporters to win over the membership of UKPP and win the ballot.

On Guard

Sambo112 Dan 1,900, 09:05

oww! you whipped my feet too hard

Bohemond4 Dan 1,900, 11:51

thanks for the clarification Wayne, I misunderstood that statement (:

Baroness Margaret Thatcher
Baroness Margaret Thatcher Dan 1,900, 14:06

Made me weep 🙁 Well done Wayne excellent article!

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dan 1,900, 16:06

I guess we now know how BA got back in then : /

mick cain
mick cain Dan 1,900, 16:08

nice one wayne my boy

Sir Nick Griffin
Sir Nick Griffin Dan 1,900, 17:01

How do you mean, Danie.

WayneKerr Dan 1,900, 17:28

Due to the fact we listen to our membership Nick and put BA as candidate due to him winning the ballot...

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dan 1,901, 12:53

I mean that that appears to be the only reason he got NE's backing, and the closeness of the election means that without that backing he probably would have lost.

mick cain
mick cain Dan 1,901, 17:26

And i suppose the opposition had no backing Danie

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