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[TUP PP Candidate] Bohemond4, Youth First

Dan 1,820, 14:55 Published in United Kingdom Velika Britanija s strani Bohemond4

Yes, its that time of the month again. Time to elect the Party Presidents across the board. This month, I have decided to step up and lead The Unity Party into the future.

TUP has a long history of involvement in eUK politics, in particular, leading eUK politics. This history is an essential part of the party and yet the stage that we all dance upon is changing. More and more we see younger members entering the eUK looking for a place to belong, and opportunities. I feel that, as a young player leading an old party I can cross the bridge that currently exists between the older members and this new eUK.

To this end, my term as PP will be one aiming to build a stronger eUK, one where we can aim to end the divisions, but where healthy opposition and debate exist to push us all to new heights.

I intend to continue the good work of our previous PP, especially the highly successful term just completed by Dan Moir. With this in mind I am aiming to continue, if not increase the number of articles published for TUP with an aim on recruitment, retention and information.

I would like to continue Dans media presence as stated above by releasing a similar number, if not more, official articles in a TUP Newspaper. I shall be continuing the History of TUP as and when Iain gets around to writing his articles.

To streamline the release of articles, I will be installing a TUP Official Newspaper to be released alongside articles filled with information and links. These would be to Niemands latest TUP Family article, the latest MoFA, and constant links to NHS as well as the CP’s updates.

One of the angles I will be aiming to increase Media presence will be through regular games and quizzes. This is a goal that, hopefully, will come to pass.

Building on Dan's push to get new TUP blood into Congress, I would make a huge emphasis on priority placement for those new players who show eagerness, dedication and willingness to get involved. I would also like to use the input from the Party Conference to help build, mould and develop the existing Party Manifesto for Congress Elections.

I ask for your vote fellow members of The Unity Party. A vote for me is a vote for Unity, Youth and Positivism.

To my fellow PP candidates, I extend an olive branch to you, let us work together for the betterment of the eUK!


Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Dan 1,820, 14:56

Great candidate, I'll vote for you.

Spite313 Dan 1,820, 14:56


Unity Is Strength

Nebojsa M. Petrovic
Nebojsa M. Petrovic Dan 1,820, 14:56


Niemand Dan 1,820, 15:00

Very good plans, good luck.

ePocalypse Dan 1,820, 15:05


Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dan 1,820, 15:32

Sounds good : )

Jimbojoy Dan 1,820, 15:45

I'm voting Brunnermond!

The Equalist
The Equalist Dan 1,820, 16:42

Good luck!

lancer450 Dan 1,820, 19:13

Voted. Best of luck!

Kravenn Dan 1,820, 20:48

Good Luck Bohemond4 🙂

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Dan 1,821, 01:55

No surprise here

I wonder who this really is 😉


Perry Rhodan
Perry Rhodan Dan 1,821, 08:56


Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Dan 1,821, 10:12

Good luck!

Hamz Yusuf
Hamz Yusuf Dan 1,821, 15:34

Well... If Dan believe in you... then I'll believe in you
Good Luck!

bearoam Dan 1,821, 18:28


Bohemond4 Dan 1,822, 23:39

Thanks for the support (:

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Dan 1,822, 02:54

With Astora (rumour says Ergo) banned - looks like you're gonna get it.

Bob Boblo
Bob Boblo Dan 1,822, 04:06

Voting, of course

Michael Earley
Michael Earley Dan 1,822, 04:51

You have my vote good luck

Keldonis Dan 1,822, 05:17

Voted for you.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Dan 1,822, 12:18

http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/6641615 oh yeah I never though this guy was Ergo , I think alot of people have a idea who ERGO is 🙂

wink wink

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