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?? Time ?? : Tax system in eAustria

Dan 1,904, 12:57 Published in Austria Avstrija s strani OmuNegru9

For a long time I wanted to start a project in which people could express their ideas. So here it is : ??Time?? (Question Time).

In the past weeks we've seen that gold value has gone down and with it the market is going down too. Look for instance that the Resistance Hero medal give you 5 gold (1250 ATS) but it cost 1000 ATS (4 gold) to support the Resistance. Also the wage has gone down (mainly because the market prices had gone down).

Small salary -> low power to buy -> less money spent on market -> managers are stuck with products -> less VAT tax for eAustria.

Higher minimum salary -> more money from income tax when people work -> more power to buy. This may have also negative impact -> prices go up (more costs/product) -> the power to buy will be annihilated.

Income tax
Small income tax -> more money for the employees -> more power to buy -> more demand on the market -> less money to eAustria from income tax.

A high income tax -> more money to eAustria but -> less money for employees -> less power to buy.

So here we are. This is in my opinion the key on the market at this point.
Small VAT -> managers have bigger profit or -> prices could go down.
Also -> less money to eAustria.

High VAT -> less profit (or worst) for managers -> less job offers -> higher prices. But -> more money to eAustria.

Import tax
Small import tax -> prices go down (foreign selling at lower prices) -> eAustria managers forced to lower prices (less profit or worst) -> less job offers -> less money for eAustria from import tax.

High import tax -> Foreign selling at higher prices -> more money for eAustria.

So ??Time?? : How do you think the tax system should look in eAustria ?

I think that the best would be to have higher Import tax - at leats 50%. This way if some foreign guy want to sell in eAustria he would be forced to sell at half price or lower (as the other half will go to eAustria).



Gullberg Dan 1,904, 14:05

Nice to read something about the economy!
I think Austria can't do much: The problems are caused by the game/admin itself.

Concerning higher import taxes:
Check this out: http://www.erepublik.com/en/country/economy/Austria
We already have at least 50% import tax

wschwabe Dan 1,904, 22:03

If anything, I would put the VAT to 7 or 8 percent.
Minimum wages would have to convince other major countries especially, this could improve things.

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