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"Comment Removed"

Dan 1,911, 07:53 Published in Australia Urugvaj s strani Nicky3Fingers

I do not know about the rest of you, but when I logged on earlier this morning my notification box was filled with FB like statements. Saying how people have voted for my comments in a few different articles ( thanks guise :3). But does this bother anybody? I now fear that whenever I put a comment my alert light will ALWAYS be on.

I understand why they implemented this, and I believe that it could be a very cool thing. But i wish That they would have included some kind of button to turn these kind of things off. After all what if I didn't care that all of these people liked it? I don't need my ego constantly stroked my this game.

Something else that i think they should add is to say when somebody has commented on your article, of course this should also come with a way to turn it off. Can you just imagine Mick's or Icetek's alerts once people were done commenting on their article saying what losers they are haha. (not calling you guys losers just seems that is what all your comments are about haha ). But it is something i would find extremely helpful 🙂

The one thing that scares me however is the fact that you can "report" comments. Is it true that some comments need to be reported, YES but is it also true that people will abuse this feature HELL YES. For instance going through the news of the day i saw that one of Vyrin's comments were removed. Vyrin? seriously? i doubt he said anything that warranted that. but what is stopping people from reporting comment they simply don't like or agree with? I find this tool whether frightening, and hope that i don't find my "comment removed" for something that i believe needed to be said. I think everybody will for the most part agree that Vyrin doesn't say anything that needs to be removed or I for that matter...we shall see.



Icetek Dan 1,911, 08:06

I think its a great tool. Now people like Larni, Louise and Binda can always feel special.

Icetek Dan 1,911, 08:10

And for the record, there trolling on my articles because there butt hurt and are trying to find a way to feel better. Notice how i do not troll them on there articles? Some pests you just cant get rid off. They say they hate you and call you names but can not get enough of me. And im the one with the mental problem?

Pat McCrutch
Pat McCrutch Dan 1,912, 02:03

Some pests you just cant get rid off. x2
Slightly different context....

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Dan 1,911, 09:52

Nicky, don't worry, the message was there because I deleted my own comment. I didn't like the way I said something after I saw it posted so I changed it.

Didn't mean to alarm you!

CyberVirus07 Dan 1,911, 11:19

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alimilano Dan 1,911, 12:11


scottty the NUKE Dan 1,912, 23:16

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scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Dan 1,912, 23:16


Majester Dan 1,913, 05:23

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