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[Presidential Campaign] I appeal to the people's aid

Dan 1,926, 06:28 Published in Philippines Republika Kitajska (Tajvan) s strani Al Raposas
Help us have a candidate this coming March, join LAKAN-KBP now!

You have witnessed him at work as the current Minister of Defense of the country. But now, he's going to take on something greater.

In a rally at Malolos City, Bulacan, Al Raposas with running mate Liana Paldrov appeals to the aid of the people to bolster and solidify the candidacy of Raposas, who is now in need of support from any of the top five parties in the country (namely RSP, KMP, RDPM, DPP and MAHARLIKA).

Raposas, in his speech to LAKAN-KBP supporters, said:
"... My father's ideology was best represented by his trust to the people that they would come to his aid in making his vision come true. I believe it as well... I do not hold a grudge then that his countrymen betrayed him. I just thought to myself that his following may not have been adequate at the time. Followers create leaders, not the other way around. And so I appeal to the Philippine people, urge your party presidents to propose me as their candidate. Your voice can create a change. Power to the people!"

Raposas also stated that the proclamation article is an instant referendum of how much support he got being the standard bearer of LAKAN-KBP alone. The article got 13 votes in the first 24 hours, which is 23% of the total votes for CP on February 5.

Paldrov, afterwards, urged supporters to transfer to LAKAN-KBP in order to make the party in the top five, which is a requirement needed to be met if Raposas is to be candidate on the 5th of March. As of the moment, the party needs 6 more members, which she hopes to come from RL Filipino and RL South American citizens.

LAKAN-KBP officials:
President: Liana Paldrov
Secretary General: juancda
Spokesman: Luzon Saisuke

Erepublik Wiki profile of Al Raposas.

Help us have a candidate this coming March, join LAKAN-KBP now!


Hekter Dan 1,927, 00:13

Incorrect, a sixth-party can nominate a CP for the ballot, as long as there are not 5 other candidates from larger parties 😉

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