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[Presidential Campaign] At long last, fulfilling my father's dreams

Dan 1,925, 05:12 Published in Philippines Republika Kitajska (Tajvan) s strani Al Raposas

You have witnessed him at work as the current Minister of Defense of the country. But now, he's going to take on something greater.

315 days ago, his father, Arius Raposas, attracted national attention by speaking against a socialist regime and riding on a wave of national upheaval to introduce reforms inside and out E-Philippines. Now, bent to fulfill his late father's dreams, Al Raposas was given an opportunity by the Party President of LAKAN-KBP, Liana Paldrov, to do so. Always grateful for any support he gets, Raposas makes Paldrov his running mate for the CP Elections on March 5. Still, to have added chances of winning, Raposas opens his doors to every support he can acquire among E-Philippine citizens in his proclamation rally at Ynares Center, Antipolo City, Luzon, the hometown of Raposas. The rally featured some LAKAN-KBP personalities like Paldrov (Party President) and juancda (Secretary General).

In his speech, Raposas calls for a New Philippines that shall be characterized by much needed reforms:
" ... in this New World, what we need is a New Philippines. Breaking the current institutions and replacing them with the old and tested methods is not the way to create this vision come true. New methods must be applied to the current institutions. And so to make it short, it is not power of (off) the people, nor power by (buy) the people, not even power for (fool) the people... Power to the people!"

With this rally, Raposas starts his campaign trail for the presidency. We at LAKAN-KBP had high hopes that he, with running mate Paldrov, will represent our goals and ideals to our countrymen.

LAKAN-KBP officials:
President: Liana Paldrov
Secretary General: juancda
Spokesman: Luzon Saisuke

Erepublik Wiki profile of Al Raposas.

Help us have a candidate this coming March, join LAKAN-KBP now!


Luzon Saisuke
Luzon Saisuke Dan 1,925, 05:26

Oh my, I'm there? XD

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Dan 1,925, 05:36


kb1992 Dan 1,925, 10:04

Good luck o/

CobraaAn Dan 1,925, 16:24

Komentar je izbrisan

Jon873 Dan 1,926, 05:22

Good luck!

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