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[Presidency] WIN Western Cape from the LIARS in Uruguay

Dan 1,900, 23:47 Published in South Africa Bolivija s strani atrawall

We've been through this before. The name-calling, the questioning of allegiances. Since the beginning, this Training War with Uruguay has been doomed. They say there's no communication. I have HOURS of logs of communications on IRC with the Uruguayan CP.

Here's a link with pertinent articles where I've addressed every past situation with Uruguay: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-presidency-tired-of-uruguay-2198211/1/20

So during this Training War, we've stuck to our end of the agreement. We never wiped Charrua, we began the TW BECAUSE they asked for it. Our allies never once hit so hard that they lost the region. This was a War Game, through and through.

Not only that, but I promised them a congress, told them not to worry about that. Grimstone and Crumoet promised to tank on their side IF, for some reason we lost Charrua. They got their congress. PLUS they help Western Cape for an extra day so they received 20 members of congress. Yet here's an article explaining how dishonorable we are: (Google Translate, so may not be perfect) http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/carnaval-en-sudafrica-2204214/1/20#comments

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to greet you. This is an update to the Foreign Ministry. At that time fighting a RW that by releasing WC, war we agreed and agreed with the SA government in the person of Claudio and that repeatedly betrayed his word, lacking his sayings and acted not fair nor appropriate to its endowment of CP. Always treated us as friends, we speak as such, but his remarks to his works is a long way Our only request All WGs conflict, both as IRC chats Shouts, and Comments, both of CP, as the MoFA and MoD was not lost Charrua as this congress would not let us take our case was not like theirs that even losing a region even so Congress could have, we could not lose, this put the Uruguayans in a rather difficult, fought without the possibility of losing. And they knew it and NO acturon accordingly. . . Claudio CP government, sent us twice a NE without notice and at strategic times when not glued. now the issue is different, SA has pulled with all you have and all the opportunities lost, the CP Claudio knows has not acted in good faith, that the domination that SA would have on Uruguay did not work, but it was not, was largely dominated, to this must be added that they lost the support of Chile and Brazil does not care conflict with us, is more "considers this rather than have conflict with SA" Surprise Surprise, the hunter turned out to be the hunted and things did not go as planned and now desperately wants "Close borders with Uruguay" WC win, let Brazil WC and invade and win puts forward a cover to Charrua. Therefore let the Soul to win in NC Today we face a very important decision, we win or lose Western Cape?. This is an important decision that we take as a country, Uruguay in its existence never faced this type of decisions. It is time to decide whether we go forward or go back to being a single region between Argentina and Brazil"

So WE are dishonorable because THEY want to keep OUR region? How does that work?

They have had this planned all along. Question our loyalty, claim that we are the bad guys, test our strength and then if we are vulnerable, keep OUR region?

I say F#*K THAT.

It's actually funny, because in that article they claim that we lost the support of Chile, and that Brazil wants no conflict with them. Per our Treaty with Brazil, Western Cape is BRAZIL's region. So technically by keeping it, they are denying Brazil one of their regions, and keeping the 10/10 from Brazil.

We are currently in a RW, which we are supposed to WIN. We will have another if we lose this. In order to help Brazil, I urge all our citizens to give all they have in the next Resistance War and regain our region. Uruguay is nothing but Argentina-puppets who have no relevance in this game. Let's kick them back to their one region and let them and their 10 congressmen remember how unimportant they really are.

This is how it needs to be. We MUST WIN BACK WESTERN CAPE.

Fight With Dignity!

Dignity First!
Dignity Forever!

Claudio Kilgannon
Country President



Cotarius Dan 1,900, 23:48


Don Vin
Don Vin Dan 1,900, 23:52


Don Vin
Don Vin Dan 1,900, 23:52


Wacky368 Dan 1,900, 00:17

get back what's ours

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Dan 1,900, 00:27

Uruguay is awesome! If awesome means wishy-washy that is.

LiquidIce Dan 1,900, 00:45

War! War! War!

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Dan 1,900, 01:00

Perhaps there's an alternate reality doorway we haven't discovered yet. Perhaps that may explain some?

nacional1986 Dan 1,900, 04:03

Really, messages from both Presidents like these don't help to solve the problem. Good luck people, it was a good Trainnig War. If both of you would have talk properly, all this mess wouldn't happened. I only see threats and no actions.

LiquidIce Dan 1,900, 04:22

I see action... War!

nacional1986 Dan 1,900, 04:28

@LiquidIce, I agree with that, there will be actions from now XD. Anyway, this is a war game too, so, nobody should take this as a personal matter. If war comes, then there will be a lot of fun and no SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES 😛

jmanya Dan 1,900, 05:35

perdieron de nuevo jejee
pegan como nenas

Santi Louro
Santi Louro Dan 1,900, 05:59

IDEM jmanya! xD

Gregor Lucius
Gregor Lucius Dan 1,900, 06:41

Ok! Bring on the next RW

BataIjun Dan 1,900, 06:42


Gregor Lucius
Gregor Lucius Dan 1,900, 06:49


Rico Suave
Rico Suave Dan 1,900, 06:51

The RW to end all RWs!

Berkut Dorado
Berkut Dorado Dan 1,900, 07:13

Se cagó, Claudio se cagó!

Berkut Dorado
Berkut Dorado Dan 1,900, 07:14

Claudio is a little kid needing a hard hit in his face, just that!

Leochao Dan 1,900, 07:16

jajajaja please Claudio, dont mention the logs, because if we start playing that game the one who would look like a manipulator and a traitor its not me.

atrawall Dan 1,900, 07:38

I never said anything about the specifics of the logs, simply that there were logs. We had communication, we discussed what I planned to do, the first TW, we talked to other members of your staff. The 2nd I talked directly to you as requested.

I was stating that is statement:
"Claudio CP government, sent us twice a NE without notice and at strategic times when not glued"
Is false.

Berkut Dorado
Berkut Dorado Dan 1,900, 08:14

Esas cosas pasan cuando envias a chicos a hacer las tareas de los adultos...

Leochao Dan 1,900, 08:27

The first time you damn now that you didn't let us know, the second time under the excuse "that you wouldn't risk the NE getting rejected because of the TO threa" you sent the NE before the elections and not after as we agreed. You've been changing the rules whenever suited your intentions the best, now that you have seen you can't win over us so easily, you betray the agreement that we have. Which by the way again you said " it was a mistake of communication". I any case, be a real CP, tell your REAL INTENTIONS from the beginning and stop lying to your people. And don't worry, for me private conversations are just that, private. You know how things were and how it was always on our side that we tried to cool things up.

Knight of Brutality
Knight of Brutality Dan 1,900, 09:43

Uruguay stop whining please? You look like little bitches to me!

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 1,900, 10:46

Just attack for real, Uruguay are little bitches.
Just wipe the bastards

setermino Dan 1,900, 10:57

Komentar je izbrisan

LiquidIce Dan 1,900, 11:51

Oh, and your president does? LOL!

Master Darth Vader
Master Darth Vader Dan 1,900, 12:01



Eliokem Dan 1,900, 13:27

SA, elect a better cp!

This is Spartaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Mr. Wet
Mr. Wet Dan 1,900, 18:17

because I got high, because I got high, because I got hiiiiggighhh

MIRAVOS Dan 1,900, 20:42

no termino de entender porque se llego a esto

Calmoer Dan 1,900, 21:08

I'll save up for the next one so long then.

Nickerball Dan 1,900, 22:16

And so it goes on and on and on...........

Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Dan 1,901, 01:07

I say Uruguay, bring it.

Rexdeus Dan 1,901, 02:28

such a shame i missed this one, they getting to be annoying flies.

Miyagiyoda Dan 1,901, 04:32

Not cool. I await the 3rd side of the story.

But let me state the facts that colour this:
- SA gain nothing holding Charrua. We already have Cattle and 40 Congress seats. The resources don't even link.
- As to alliances -- we're not married to Chile -- we did Aus a favour and are trying CoT for size. So far, big fail.
- Uruguay get +10*10G from Western Cape and a bigger pond for politics.
- Uruguay get a constant battle that, if they lose, potentially costs them their country i.e. motivation to win / meaning / solution to a demoralising existentialist crisis - but only if SA NE.
- SA get a constant battle that, if they lose, costs them 10k i.e. cheap meaning and a respeite from their demoralising existentialist crisis.
- Uruguay lose Argentina favour for not giving them 100% of their damage. Oh noes!

In terms of gain, Uruguay win hands down and SA get to fight unfettered without real consequences (like Brazil RW). So it all boils down to basic communication and checking everyone's underpants for skid marks to get to the bottom of this.

Until then SA get to vent for the WC2010 wrongs; and Uru get to feel real fear... well almost.

jmanya Dan 1,901, 06:01

y corrieron a llamar a papa brasil

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