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[Presidency Updated] News fight for Aus in Western Australia!!!

Dan 1,921, 10:03 Published in South Africa Bolivija s strani atrawall

So it's been awhile since I've last addressed you and I apologize.

There is a LOT going on with our regions right now. Indonesia proposed an improper NE and Brazil is Sending us a Natural enemy to help create a shield to protect us.

Brazil is righ to do so and if this is, in fact, the case then it is much appreciated.

In the mean time move to Western Australia and help win the RW FOR Aus to keep the eIndo Japs from being able to NE us!

Some other Notes:

MU's: Red Army is now fully integrated into eSAAF, this is a good thing, however I think we can condense even more.

Lazocrasi: There was a recent request by the Lazocrasi to move a small section of their MU from Turkey to eSA. After a lot of forum debates and a vote, we have come to the conclusion that now is just not the appropriate time to let in such a large group of unknown foreign citizens.

The PTO is still happening. We need to make sure that our parties all have at least 10 CERTIFIED people running, whether they are blockers or not.

Fhaemita suggested that in the past that PTO groups have made a new party the day before elections, so this may be a possibility as well. Be ready for that. We may need to move to support the top 5 parties and make sure they have enough citizens.

If this is the case, the Top 5 Parties will likely be UP, DB-PF, IA, RISE, and Liberty Legion.

Liberty Legion and RISE will very much need your help to keep them in the top 5 so I request you stay alert and be prepared to move where we need you to.

People that can help with this are: Me, Had3z, Badger06, Rexdeus, Léon Reno, Rico Suave and ANY party President not named.

Thank You All,
Dignity First!
Dignity Forever!

Claudio Kilgannon
Country President



Ari Lumumba
Ari Lumumba Dan 1,921, 10:30

If i need to run as a blocker someone contact me and tell me where to go.

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Dan 1,921, 10:41

Dignity First! Detecting fatigue, but fatigue is our norm.

Had3z Dan 1,921, 11:27

Just one question claudio? How will we know who to fight for in eSA - eBR battles if not one of the 2 Goverments know who is supposed to win?

atrawall Dan 1,921, 12:06

Good question. Maybe Grimstone can help.

Zombinho Dan 1,921, 12:44

And what is you job here ?

Miyagiyoda Dan 1,921, 13:22

Stick to the treaty until informed otherwise.

Gregor Lucius
Gregor Lucius Dan 1,921, 13:44

We need an update on the treaty published.
Clearly stating what regions we fight for and what regions are rented. That would help.
And daily battle orders from the MoD

Miyagiyoda Dan 1,922, 01:08

NC, WC, EC, and KZN all Brazil rentals. Easy to remember... we have no coastline.

Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Dan 1,921, 16:38

Can we get an update on the current Indonesian Natural enemy proposal.

Miyagiyoda Dan 1,922, 01:09

Without consent from Brazil or South Africa.
Prepared to go full retard.

Leochao Dan 1,921, 18:27

and when are you going to fight? Dont know whats going on? You should ask more, SA es about to be splitted in two.

Miyagiyoda Dan 1,922, 01:10

Nope. The plan is simple.
We win WA to end Indo NE.
Brazil takes back its rental regions to stop Indo trying again.

Miyagiyoda Dan 1,922, 01:12

See how good we are to you, Urugay? We give you free bonuses, protect you, but still you hate on us. T.T

Master Darth Vader
Master Darth Vader Dan 1,922, 03:59


we appreciate you, you have about the same strength as us. Stop misunderstandings.

WE hate no one.

Let me tell you more. we want to find Brasilean CP alone to give you all our love : )****

jmanya Dan 1,921, 18:28

gobierno pintado

Master Darth Vader
Master Darth Vader Dan 1,921, 18:29

Brasil . .. . NE to SA
Indonesia . . . . NE to SA

hellooooooo are you there ¿?¿?

Enbaros Dan 1,922, 03:28

We are in Western Australia to stop Indo from Invading. It is in your best interest to help, too 😉

Master Darth Vader
Master Darth Vader Dan 1,922, 04:00

hey guy you are in the first line

Indo needs invade you first

Eliokem Dan 1,922, 12:23

Komentar je izbrisan

Eliokem Dan 1,922, 12:24

Komentar je izbrisan

Eliokem Dan 1,922, 12:25

Yeah, Brazil wants to protect you, they don't care for your bonuses! (sarcasm)

SA = sheep
Brazil+Indo = wolves

Dignity first!

Dio Jazar
Dio Jazar Dan 1,922, 16:05

lets erase this mtfing indos!

Charlotte Quintao
Charlotte Quintao Dan 1,923, 05:28

I always follow the daily order isn't that the best way?

S.N.A.F.U Dan 1,923, 07:08

I miss the daily orders, at least when things like these occur the fighting should be more coordinated so that we do the damage where it hurts most.

Lorenzo Lopes Riviera
Lorenzo Lopes Riviera Dan 1,923, 12:25


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