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[MoFA] World events and Advocates Needed

Dan 1,819, 00:11 Published in Australia Avstralija s strani Tim_Holtz

If you didn't read my last article, do so HERE.


DoFA has been hella busy. Not only have we been looking at continuing to deal with our local gripes, we have now a situation where Argentina are fighting with us against Chile.

And Although the first attack wasn't successful, hopefully we can continue working to with Argentina and finish this war as the victors.


So far a couple of people have put up their hands. This includes:

TJ Norton


Maybe Mr Crumpets (if he was seriously posting in the last article!).


Remember the idea here is to take a side and push it. Sell the positives whatever they are. Should we join an alliance or stay neutral! You will get a pretty good gift of GOLD from Mr Ranger Bob from doing so, and you can help shape the future of our discussion and where we are headed as a community!

so please nominate to be an Advocate in the comments, we need more please!!!

If you want to be an intern or help out with Foreign Affairs, message me! There is a whole lot of world to cover and big or small, any effort you are happy to put in will be a GOOD THING for eAustralia!

Thanks for reading
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Tim_Holtz & Diablo101


James Rellori
James Rellori Dan 1,819, 00:14

There's also the ambassador program.


Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dan 1,819, 06:18

Are you freeking kidding me? WOW where has our brains trust gone? Looks like you, me and Diablo might have to fill the plugs in this hole, Tim. Cal should be good exp wise as well. The beauty about this initiative is it doesn't take passion for a particular side to advocate for - it's good to pick a side not being popular and sell it. Only by looking at all sides of a coin can an informed populace make an informed decision.

Tim_Holtz Dan 1,819, 06:59

i know TJ its a bit disappointing.

i and others have been hesitant to become advocates because of our role in government

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dan 1,819, 07:47

Try asking Dis, SC, Adam Beck - they're on the FACA board and not serving in govt. After the initial backlash the gov might have to take our help whether they want to or not. This is foreign policy development and they'd be mad not to. As you said, not like there's tons beating down the door.

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Dan 1,819, 11:22

The biggest problem we have is that we have nothing the main alliances need. We are big enough pop wise for them to "need" and we don't have enough heavy hitters to make it worth their while in needing us. That's where the major issue is going to be. TJ or Tim, can you get a list of alliance available and who is in it?

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Dan 1,819, 12:13

Dis, SC and Adam Beck would ALL be welcome to participate, TJ.

Never said at all that FACA help was not wanted. In fact if FACA want to participate in taking on cases (so long as whatever case people take they put the arguments FOR each position, regardless of what their case is) then it is FTW.

alimilano Dan 1,819, 16:23

My fckn bad English prevent me to take advocate role 😃

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dan 1,819, 18:11

XG you bring up a good point. If Ranger is happy I'll work with DoFA on alliance intel. The major issue at the moment is what will happen with countries who have left alliances and new ones forming. In comparison to the last (say) 2 years, what we knew as EDEN, TERRA, ONE and EPIC are largely gone in traditional shape and forming more regional alliances. eNZ's MPPing eArgentina has mechanics ramifications for their stack and it will be interesting to see comes from it in the mid-term.

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Dan 1,819, 20:16

But they aren't really forming regional alliances. They had the perfect chance of forming a regional alliance with the APA but threw it away because of petty regional squabbles from past alliance issues. In some ways eAustralia is just as bad, forming a regional alliance could pit us against some of our old alliance friends and many didn't like that idea. There are no real regional alliances really, effectively what you have is European alliances and the rest.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dan 1,819, 22:42

Well that's not true to an extent, XG. There's CoT which are predominantly based in the Pacific. It could be argued the member countries are mainly former ONE nations. The strategic dilemma is whether they will partner with their former mainstay in global conflicts or they'll go it alone. Subject for a much large conversation, suffice to say there are.

Chris Carnage
Chris Carnage Dan 1,820, 01:16

If there were an option to advocate for a union of soviet socialist republiks I would be right in there.

As a backup plan I can advocate for a local alliance or in a pinch the neutral position.


bin Titan
bin Titan Dan 1,820, 05:05

Don't choose CoT, Indonesia already a trial member 🙂
Pick countries with long histories, maybe eUS and eChina and make pact call OUCh (Oz, US, China) and have fun flattening eIndonesia and other common targets.
Alliances like EDEN, PHOENIX, ONE, CoT will last, brotherhood won't

eIndonesia Ambassador for eAustralia

saying hi to all Indonesians who live in Werribee

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dan 1,820, 06:49

I find it difficult to believe an Ambassador is saying don't support anything their own country is doing. Jokingly, I think one's MoFA or CP would be recalling them in an instant lol./

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dan 1,820, 06:51

.. actually that belief is trumped by the notion of entire eIndonesian communities living in Werribee. We have data on that?

bin Titan
bin Titan Dan 1,820, 09:16

TJ, eIndonesia didn't join any pact since I was born. Weeks ago, we're about in the same position as yours right now. We're missing the fun our previous CP promised, and we're recovering from being harassed by eUS, eRomania, eCroatia. But, after those recovering days are end, there'll be no fun if all of our neighbors are in the same pact.
We have histories with friends from other countries who helped us and we helped, so are you.
We didn't betray our brothers, I don't think you should

bin Titan
bin Titan Dan 1,820, 09:35

we have a saying in eIndonesia
the most popular quote is:
we are not afraid, we're eIndonesian
but the second one is:
being banned is better than stabbing my own brothers
the later one shouted when some bloke proposing us to join EDEN

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Dan 1,820, 11:11

It's ok for eIndonesia, they have more players or multies than eAustralia, we are sick and tired of being wiped or PTOed by nations around us for the fun of it. I think TJ is right, we need to decide if a regional alliance is best for us or staying neutral. Although Neutral doesn't seem to help us either.

Wildrunner Dan 1,820, 18:51

CoT is not ex-ONE. Macedonia and Indonesia were in ONE but Chile was a member of Terra ( kicked out at Arg request) and Bulgaria was in EDEN and one of the main pillars of EDEN now the reason for it's total destruction.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dan 1,820, 21:27

Wildrunner: Understood and agreed but like you said FYROM and Indonesia are ex-ONE and the mega members of CoT were as well like Bulgaria, New Zealand and Peru. Overall, the majority shareholding in the management of CoT are ex-ONE countries. I want it on the table that I personally don't have an issue with that. These countries took action that was in their best interest. Frankly, if all alliances were based on that same formula, countries that were otherwise would be more successful.

cammick Dan 1,821, 23:58

I would like to be an ambassador

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