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[MoFA] A fine conscience I turned out to be!

Dan 1,794, 21:28 Published in Switzerland Velika Britanija s strani bowen199

Jiminy Cricket: Go ahead, make a fool of yourself, then maybe you'll listen to your conscience.

Firstly, I don’t often writing articles bashing people nor do I enjoy pointing out others’ flaws to make them look bad but. However, after keeping my peace for far too long, I have decided to expose the shambles of the Swiss government.

We all know there are ‘the elites’, they exists in the shadows gently assuring you that they do not exist. In the small Swiss community this often involves the members of cabinet who are appointed by flunky CPs (put in power by those same elites). This I admit is at times is beneficial to keep the wheels turning without grinding to a halt when the unexpected pops up. However, the monstrosity that is ‘corruption’ rears its ugly head after power is taken for granted.

Whilst serving as MoFA for the past two terms I have witnessed decision after decision that not only damage our relations with our allies but waste huge national resources. Despite my efforts to insert reason into these often grandiose fantasies, excitement and emotions often prevail over logic.

The Excitement
Several days ago, the evil one we know as Plato decided to introduce new missions. For anyone who has been around for more than a year knows, these missions aren't exactly a big deal. The lure of extra strength and energy bars enticed the Swiss and Austrian governments to declare war on each other. Albiet, this was just a training war and relations remained good afterwards. Nonetheless, the consequences of such a decision was hugely overlooked. Even the thought of a training war was and is pure hypocrisy in the face of our allies who need our help. Whatsmore, we lost at least 8 MPPs with allied nations costing our country at around 80,000 cc at a time where the growth of country revenues are gradually coming to a standstill. To top that all off, the countries that lost their MPPs were not even told they would lose their MPPs and were not compensated for their loss. As MoFA, I was completely horrrified and infact resigned. With all the excitment, the country's national military funding which started in March was stopped (then started again 2 weeks later at a fraction of the original budget).

The Emotions
Arguably the greatest emotion, fear, Fear can compel people to perform the most astonishing things. In Switzerland's case the most idiotic of things. We all know, multis exist. They exist not only in Switzerland but other countries too (really, I'm serious, to my Swiss readers). And yes we are a small country, we would require far less drones to win an election than one of the top 10 countries. Lets wipe Switzerland. Surely, that was not the most thought out plan was it? In cases like these a level head is needed. Though I professed to 'insert reason' into these discussions, I must confess that anger does play a part on my behalf and will often not make any sense to someone still engulfed by fear. So lets take a deep breath and analyse the situation we now have. The new political changes essentially mean PP elections are the most important, especially for top 5 parties. The second most important (for the country as a whole), are the congress elections which are more-or-less decided by the top 5 party presidents. By ensuring the top 5 party president spots are held by benevolent beings (as we have) then, any threat of getting a congress full of multis or PTOers, is.... non-existent. Lets say a CP was then elected by way of multi/PTO he/she/it could easily get impeached. Remember there is no need to be rash, fear only exists in our minds. The effect of losing our costly MPPs again would be utterly stupi... pardon, I mean would be not a good idea.

Just a few things I needed to share,
Your sometimes angry MoFA with a conscience


Greatmoff Dan 1,794, 21:41

"To top that all off, the countries that lost their MPPs were not even told they would lose their MPPs" - Might some suggest it is the role of the MoFA to handle diplomatic measures with other countries?

Poland or the USA will have to take Romandie if the Swiss want a wipe for congress as it doesn't border Slovenia or any other Swiss regions.

Most small countries are either PTO'd or facing PTO's. No prizes for guessing what region the PTO'rs come from...

bowen199 Dan 1,794, 21:46

Greatmoff after I quit the CP handled diplomatic measures with other countries

Asmadi Dan 1,794, 23:41

we have the most shitty government in erep ^^
I've said this before?

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dan 1,795, 14:36

This was interesting

Hale Kane
Hale Kane Dan 1,795, 15:52

i like this article. Personal opinion.

Archein von Drakenov
Archein von Drakenov Dan 1,796, 01:38

@Asmaldi : if you think it's so "shitty", try and come in to see we the gov does.

bamber Dan 1,796, 04:35


Thomas Keesman
Thomas Keesman Dan 1,796, 10:35

sadly voted.

donkey75 Dan 1,798, 23:57

im sorry switzerland...

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