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[MoDA]Ask Away Responses

Dan 1,990, 15:11 Published in South Africa Južna Afrika s strani Vroteier9

I am pleased to bring you all the very first edition of responses to the Ask Away Initiative. I would like to thank those who participated, & voted us up. Our first questions came from our good old friend Rexdeus who asked "How many eBrazilian companies are there? And if at all what would the break down be. This to evaluate / show the value our rental regions have for brazil, as opposed to what they pay.

Yup nothings ever easy with the clown, and despite my initial fears that game mechanics would render this unanswerable, the Ministry of Finances keep their cool & gave a well though out answer, "Yeah that is tough one. It is impossible to give an accurate figure on that, because - like you say, game mechanics.

No where in this game does it give a summary of players companies, or who they work for.
They only way I see to get an answer to that question, is to literally ask each brazil player what they have.

In terms of a break down of companies, I can only guess.
Q6 and Q7 weapon and food factories require a ton of gold to set up. If im not mistaken, it adds up to almost 2000gold for a Q7 factory from scratch.
The only way to get that amount of gold quickly in erep is to buy it from Plato. Now considering the average player wont buy, that reduces the potential number of companies.
I would still think that there are a lot of high quality companies - brazil is amongst the top eCountries and needs to supply a number of MU's.
If you have a look at brazil's economy page
You will see that they get resource bonuses in every resource listed. So, yes they do make a fair amount of production.

To evaluate the rent paid vs production bonus for brazil, I can only speculate. It is possible to work out some figures, but it gets complicated.
40gold per region is a fair price to pay. If we convert that to cc, at the going rate we get per region abount 8800cc.

I dont think it is so much an issue of how many companies brazil has, but more the amount of tax it generates.
Hope this helps.

Gambit. "

Our second and last question came from Uber Kiko who asked "How is the situation with security in eSA? Are we still under threat?" Both the Ministry of Security & the vice-Presidency provided us with some answers.

"(Al Kazar) Unfortunately, eSA is always under potential risk of PTO due to our small size. The level of risk can change, but no matter the circumstances, we have to always remain vigilant for threats from any source.

(Ejdatful) We were under attack by Macedonian pTOers for a while but I'm not sure they are still trying to pTO eSA. They declared their will to get involved with the community and we can't call them pTOers anymore.However , we have a bigger problem called lazocracy. They moved here when we were fighting for the gold mine. They promised they wouldn't deal with politics. But they broke their oath and ran both for congress and CP. They've already declared their purpose on eSA. They are here just for the money in our national orgs.Thus, we are under attack by the pTO threat of lazocracy."

Their you have it folks, thanks for your patience & we'll see you again on Monday when you can ask us more.

Vroteier9 & SamGibz



Ejdatful Dan 1,990, 15:17

Well done Vroteier & SamGibz

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Dan 1,990, 16:18

Just two questions? Well i'm disappointed in you guys : /

Vroteier9 Dan 1,990, 21:07

Its all we got, hopefully more next week

Merle Corey
Merle Corey Dan 1,990, 17:11

i have a question for the CP: if you had the choice of being attacked by one horse-sized duck or by 100 duck-sized horses, which would you choose and why? also, do you think CyberWitch is hot?

Marmaduke IV
Marmaduke IV Dan 1,990, 17:54

First time I read this I thought it said dick. Horse sized dicks.

Jd Engelbrecht
Jd Engelbrecht Dan 1,991, 11:48

That is truly terrifying.

atrawall Dan 1,990, 21:45

td;dr (too drunk; diddnt read)

NyxShade Dan 1,991, 00:11

Good job guys 🙂

Henock Haukongo
Henock Haukongo Dan 1,991, 10:03

Here's a question for next monday:

eSA is always on the defense against threats, is an offensive campaign viable? Can't we nuke (air strike) Belgium or something?

Vroteier9 Dan 1,991, 10:13

that's a good question, one I've also wondered. submit away https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1E4QA63mPBb3uqrB-KTKl8mTozqhh9kJbATkAU9uArqA/viewform?pli=1

Henock Haukongo
Henock Haukongo Dan 1,991, 10:17

Done. Thanks for the link.

atrawall Dan 1,991, 10:22

We also tried "Attacking" Uruguay, as it looked easy on paper. The problem was coordination and Argentina prevented it from being successful.

Vroteier9 Dan 1,991, 11:22

their is a lot that goes into it, but its an interesting though. Is their a smaller country that eSA could airstrike.

Henock Haukongo
Henock Haukongo Dan 1,992, 00:51

Lol, Claudio was conned by the Uruguayans 😛

Its my understanding that an airstrike is bloody expensive though. Although i checked and we have enough funds, we just need energy. Not clear yet on how that works.

Vroteier9 Dan 1,992, 06:08

from what I remember people just donate when they fell fit & once your country has the required amount of units you can hit whomever.

Henock Haukongo
Henock Haukongo Dan 1,992, 09:28


Make me Defence Minister, i will attack The Netherlands!!

Unless they pay of course 🙂.

kuckuck Dan 1,991, 11:00


Pickn Dan 1,991, 13:33

I repeat.

Good an interesting initiative.

Rexdeus Dan 1,991, 14:35

Thank you for the answer. My view are that what the benefit eBR companies gain from our regions are more than the couple of gold and currency they pay. Very little of the tax money are seen by the citizens, mostly used for MPP'S. The rental amount should reflect the gain eBR has from the rental agreement, then only can we call it fair.

Love this opportunity, thank you.

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