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[Legion] - The guide to all things free!

Dan 1,821, 12:52 Published in United Kingdom Nizozemska s strani Val3s OBrien

Hello all,

I come to you today with a compilation of programs and activates that can help you increase your growth in eRepublik! With the free tanks and food (sometimes daily) you can push your account further and to help you increase your influence for the eUK!

Without further ado, please see below.

The NHS:

What do you get: 500 Energy a day

If you are level 29 or under you are able to claim 500 wellness a day from the NHS without having to work for anyone. You can stay in The Legion and you will still get the supply we give you as long as you work for us. I would urge anyone that is level 29 or under to claim it as in this current economy, really, every little helps. Having that extra health might push you to do more kills which in turn not only helps your account, but the eUK.

All you have to do is fill in this form here with your name and link to your profile, SIMPLE! After that you will get 500 wellness daily, for nothing.

Call to Arms

What do you get: 4 Q7 Tanks every article – Roughly every 2 days

The MoD runs a Call to Arms scheme along side the daily orders that it lists. All you have to do to claim your tanks is to vote the article (so the whole eUK can see the battle orders for the day) and then post “Call to Arms” and your vote number in the comments. It takes seconds and you get free tanks out of it! Super!

As of posting this, the latest article is here: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-mod-days-1821-1822-otago-2156768/1/20

This will change often, chase them up for free tanks!

eUK National Strikes

What do you get: The number of ff you have divided by ten. (ff = food fights, the amount of fights you can do in a battle. For instance if you have 100 energy, you have 10 food fights, this would get you 1 Q7 tank as each tank can be used 10 times).
Currently we hold national strikes every Wednesday and Sunday here in the eUK. The strikes are always at 8pm UK time. Currently that is midday eRep time. I would suggest you aim to save up as much energy as you can for these days (plan ahead) and get as many free tanks for the battle ground as you can!

The Legion Lottery

What you could get: 100 Q7 Tanks – Every week (possibly)

Every week in The Legion a lottery is run. You buy a ticket and then three winners are drawn out of a hat (random number generator). The prizes are normally 100 Q7s, 80 Q7s or 60 Q7 tanks. Depending on if you come first second or third. There are three catches. You must be a member of The Legion, you must have a ticket and you need to win to actually get the prizes.

Tickets are free, all you have to do is post in a thread that is open for seven days. Simple enough really! We are looking to expand this to the whole eUK in the future but giving The Legion members the chance to enter more than once and have access to larger prizes – after all, we are funding it!

Forum Freebies

What do you get: Many different things! Click the links and see.

There are many programs which offer goodies to newer members of the forums. Click the links and see if you are able to claim anything from them, if you can go for it!


The ESO Food give away:

What do you get: 6 Q6 Tanks and 1200 energy every article – Roughly every 5 days.
The ESO party is giving food and Q6 tanks away to newer players for free! If you are under 150 days then be sure to post in one of the ESO articles and grab your free stuff. Below is the current one as of the time of posting this article.


So there you have it. Many ways to claim free stuff as long as you are an eUK citizen. Many of them are one off or age/level restrictive, but some are not. Plan to grab the ones you can and really push your growth forward! If anyone knows of any other programs, please let me know – please can these not be party or MU restrictive, IE – ones that anyone in the eUK can have access to. I have included The Legion lottery for 2 reasons, 1) I am writing this article, so I can and 2) It is going to be opened to the whole eUK very shortly!

Thank you for reading, go get your free stuff!



Saiwun Dan 1,821, 12:57

17 Q7 tanks per day given out weekly if you are in the Royal Navy and UKPP and work for Alfagrem or Helpmeslack! NICE!

Carlini8 Dan 1,821, 13:18

^ That is nonsense.

Everyone please use these links as best you can! Before using the eUK forums links, log in to the forums and then copy and paste the links in to your bars!

Jordee14 Dan 1,821, 13:19

Not if you have to be in the Royal Navy to get them!!
Legion be part of something Lego......

cenodekaMKD Dan 1,821, 14:04


Pathogen Dan 1,821, 14:08

Work hard, play hard and legion rewards get better 🙂

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Dan 1,821, 14:38



SeekerofFire Dan 1,821, 17:52

Hmmm cant seem to find the lottery thread >_>

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Dan 1,821, 18:49

@seekeroffire - do you have access to the Legion forum yet? It might be you just can't see it.

SeekerofFire Dan 1,822, 23:21

dont think so how do i get access to legion forum?

Carlini8 Dan 1,822, 01:45

If you go to this thread, you can request access. As soon as we see it, we will give you access!


David Norman
David Norman Dan 1,822, 06:44

hi am David Norman, profile link : Do i need to fill the form , as far i can remember once i filled that but am not sure if i need to fill this again or not? thanks.

SabatonBIH Dan 1,822, 10:25

Komentar je izbrisan

Puppie Master
Puppie Master Dan 1,822, 13:09


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