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[Kylero for CP] Closing Arguments

Dan 1,903, 17:44 Published in Belgium Belgija s strani Kylero

Article #1:The Next Step
Article #2: Priorities
Article #3: Who I am/What I want
Article #4: My Team
Article #5: Closing Arguments

My fellow eBelgians,
Here's my final article. You can review my previous articles to see my platform, what I prioritize, and who I am bringing with me to Antwerp to serve the eBelgian people! I want to stress, I will be EVERYONE'S CP, and will work to integrate all who want to be part of the community, and those who make the effort for the good of the nation.

So its time to make a choice. There are three formidable candidates to choose from this month. Let me be your choice!

You can elect A Vegan to be President. Sure, he's made some strange decisions in the past, but he's consistent on some key issues that he and I agree on. A Vegan's always wanted to do things a bit differently, and I admire that. I'm a lot like him in that way, however I work to change things with the community's input and support. A Vegan has a strong backing this month, and I wish him luck...but not too much luck 🙂

Tony Clifford is a committed eBelgian. He's done some great things to help our military communicate more efficiently. He's added to some debates, and is often times the mature voice in the room. I like Tony, and he'll make a good CP someday...someday. I question whether Tony is fully committed to providing fun elements in other aspects of the game, and instead will only focus on the military for military's sake. But I wish Tony good luck, he would be a good alternative to me, although I'm at a loss as to why you wouldn't vote for me! 🙂

Then there's me! I have played eRepublik since July 2009, and am one of the last remaining "new" eBelgians after we received independence in January 2010. So I've seen a lot, done a lot, knew/know a lot of great people, and feel more than equipped to meet the challenges that may come our way with an open mind and a zest for unity!

I have no trouble working with people who disagree with me, as long as we stay on task with one common goal in mind, a better eBelgium! I don't think anyone can question my commitment to eBelgium. Am I on IRC all the time? No. Am I the "establishment candidate"? No. Am I the right candidate for eBelgium right now? Yes, yes I am.

Serving eBelgium as CP has been the biggest dream of mine for over three years now. I don't see any reason, considering my opposition, why this wouldn't be the best opportunity for me to live my dream. So I ask you, as a voter and a rational eBeing, vote for me, and let's work together and keep eBelgium THE BEST LAST GREAT PLACE IN THE NEW WORLD!

Thank you, and happy voting!



Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 1,903, 22:41

good luck

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