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(IPC) Can I join the Imperial Party of Canada?

Dan 1,845, 16:30 Published in Canada Kanada s strani Mann551

Can you join the Imperial Party of Canada?

Well of course, anyone can join the IPC. We are always looking for new members.

As a matter of fact, in the last 4 days, we have nearly doubled our membership, but we can't keep that up without the help of more people joining. The more people that join, the better off the IPC will be. We are a party that is only 2 weeks old as of right now, and we are currently working on forming our manifesto, and you can join and help shape the party the way you wish to see it grow!

We are a great group of active citizens, who see a future with eCanada that only needs a little push, and we believe we are the ones who can give eCanada politics that new spin.

So Join Now!


Funky 24
Funky 24 Dan 1,845, 16:56

Recruitment without development isn't the way to go about it.

Mann551 Dan 1,845, 17:01

It gives citizens a chance to shape the party the way they want to see it shaped, which helps get people involved.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Dan 1,845, 21:47

People don't need an unformed party, they need a party that stands for something that they can get behind.

What can a two-clicker possess, that an elite already on your forum, ready to create a manifesto, does not possess?

Cypher Rahl
Cypher Rahl Dan 1,846, 09:17

New ways of thinking that are not stuck in some Funky Hum2Bug old school mold....

SpockPQ Dan 1,846, 09:39

"People don't need an unformed party, they need a party that stands for something that they can get behind."


Plugson Dan 1,846, 10:07

Blank/open slate party policy vs 'rigid' tenet-based party ~ let's discuss:

There are few issues that really affect the game. A party's main influence is through Congress. The CP is more of an individual pursuit that generally goes beyond party policy (you are welcome to disagree).

As such, a PP's job is to ensure that the parties goals are represented in Congress when he selects the Congress line-up each month.

So what are the major issues that a PP has to prioritize?

Plugson Dan 1,846, 10:10

You might be surprised by the lack of range in the potential goals. To me, at least, there are only 3 issues that Congress/PP/Party Policy can focus on:

1) MU Funding/Social Expenses: In eCan, the MU Funding Act (and associated Comptroller) is the only jewel in Congress' crown. The biggest 'policy' a party can bring to the table can be about how taxes will be distributed among our players.

The recent MU Funding Act 'debate'/lackthereof indicates most parties/congressmen think similarly.

Plugson Dan 1,846, 10:13

2) MPPs and Alliances
The next thing Congress can really do in the game is decide how it will vote on MPPs and how it will vote on Alliance membership when the time comes. So far the majority is either Pro-EDEN or Neutral. The CoT and TWO voices are not that common at all.

The range of choice in this area of 'debate' is very limited, as such.

Plugson Dan 1,846, 10:14

3) Player Programs
I guess this would fall under Ambassadors, Ministry of Health and Education (if these were not private projects already).

This aspect of the game has basically been removed from the game/eCanada. I suppose there would be room for a lot of range of opinion on this issue but really, it's a deadend now and few parties will base much policy on it.

Perhaps there are other topics that Congress deals with that I have not listed here. These seem the main ones.

Plugson Dan 1,846, 10:17

With that in mind, there does not seem to the much range of opinion,debate, or ideology in these three areas of the game. Politics, as a result, has less significance in this game. Congress and the PP is really just there to maintain the stability of the country and doesn't really go into developing complex programs that balance our operations

So, when I read about our complaints that one party has an empty platform with no policy, I sorta have to wonder if we're harping on a moot point

Plugson Dan 1,846, 10:20

Politics and debate is mostly found a struggle of player personalities. What one party brings to the table is not really a set of beliefs (because the range of options is so very limited) but more of an attitude that defines their party brand.

MDP is full of in-yo-face swagger
CPF is moderate and stuffy
Clan Wolf is a cuddly pup
UPC,IPC,etc are whatever you want generic

More time is spent cultivating party personalities than developing party platforms.

Plugson Dan 1,846, 10:22

You can see this in how most everyone agrees that the Temp Funding Act should be made permanent. Only Gunther brought forward a few ideas to add depth. The rest of the debate involved approving a fact that was already known across all parties.

We all get along on the main topics. The 'active politicians' are mainly involved in finding reasons to create divisions/identity/debate in spurious shouts and article comments on issues that have little depth to developing eCanada's game.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Dan 1,846, 13:58

Plugson just confused a few (among many other) policies with principles.

Plugson Dan 1,846, 17:55

Quite right.

Principles are good to have. It would be good if they somehow translated into relevant policies.

Not sure if that has been the case as of late...which is okay. There is not that much range in the current political scene to require a strong set of principles.

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Dan 1,846, 18:37

i agree with you plugson, anyone who believe you can write a set of principals like in RL are either delusional or fill said principals full of non game related issues.

funky your that guy who looks at painting when it's just a sketch and says it's horrible. not even going to try and argue with you, we'll show you instead.

Verzus Dan 1,847, 06:50

Too much to read @ Plugson... Ppl that want something fresh need party that isnt formed compeltly yet, so they can set the party as they want. Period.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Dan 1,847, 08:23

You can make principles that don't relate to RL!


Go ahead and show me what I've already seen jadon.

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