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[H.O.P.E.][PP] Manifesto.

Dan 1,821, 07:18 Published in Belgium Velika Britanija s strani DaJoXTeR

hello all eBelgian citizens, and partymembers of HOPE.

On this day i will be running for Party President of the party HOPE.
I will be making a official policy for our party,
But first i'm going to tell you something about myselve, and my eHistory.
one day i started out playing this game like any other of you, just doing all my daily orders. But at one day an eUK Party offered me a great opportunity, being in congress for the first time. I remember that day too good, with that little chance i grew, and i grew, one inch at a time. 2 Months ago i was the Vice Party President of the biggest party of eUnitedKingdom, The Unity Party.
We had national meetings with the Party Presidents on IRC, discussing on how we should lead the country and what has to be done.

eBelgium is in an economic hell right now,
Party leaders can only do little about this. But we will do everything we CAN do. Working together is just more then that. I will give you my promise, that i will do any good i can to help the HOPE party and our country !
I have some ideas about how we all could just boost our economy a little bit better.

I will need your votes,
To make this a real chance to reach my goal this week, of becomming a Party President of HOPE
Vote for me towmorrow,

Feel free to ask any questions in a comment or on IRC.
Thanks for your feedback,

Yours faithfully,




Jeiry Dan 1,821, 08:52

eBelgium keeps being on top of the list for holidays's destination in eUnited Kingdom.

Good luck for your election.

Niemand Dan 1,821, 12:46

Same is for eUK for eBelgians.
Good luck!

MaryamQ Dan 1,821, 15:45

Indeed, there seems to be an exchange going on. Best of luck.

A Vegan
A Vegan Dan 1,821, 15:58

The eEconomics of the whole eWorld are in a shit not only in eBe. Promising to change it here makes me doubtful of your candidacy.

Or you have no idea how the current eEconomy works or you are just trying to invade our country.

I wonder.. The LCC is called PTO when they bring in foreign citizens but it seems at this moment my beloved party has a PP candidate who comes from enemy territory.

Just a question who have you the eBe citizenship and why?

A Vegan
A Vegan Dan 1,821, 16:00

Not that I mind but it seems strange that some get the finger when they let in others and at the same time the government lets in players who immediately run for PP for one of our top parties. Makes me wonder..

And yes as I created HOPE i do think I deserve some answers..

boer jan
boer jan Dan 1,821, 16:22

I gave it to him cause the IO had approved his demand, he was already known by some of us and trusted.
we will see after the elections if the Hope party will give him their trust or not

mudduck95 Dan 1,821, 18:06

Good Luck!

lin0leum Dan 1,822, 08:38

boer jan doesn't do double standards that's for shure ^-^

boer jan
boer jan Dan 1,822, 12:30

I am only human (am I? ) but try to do the things right, but somehow that is always wrong for others 😛
oh and I do double stands or how do you call that? 😉

DaJoXTeR Dan 1,822, 13:08

@a vegan i know I cant make eBelgium out of an economical crisis. But i got ideas that could help out eBelgium. What i am doing here? I was sick of eUK and its politics. They where invaded by PTOers and other retarded people. I am here to have some peace and do more experience in politics.

d 23
d 23 Dan 1,844, 06:24

Media Mogul Medal Project 5
SUB for SUB...
sub. 139
vote 13

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