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[Fed] Primaries...this is how we do it

Dan 1,806, 07:51 Published in USA ZDA s strani fingerguns

So, I found out that not all parties do primaries the same way. I suspect I already knew this, but disregarded it because who cares? Not my party lol

It's starting to seem relevant. In so many of the conversations recently about polls and primaries and Unity elections, it's almost like we're playing totally different games.

Here's some insight into how the Feds view things, for those who may be interested.

The Fed Primary Process:
1. Brave individuals from eAmerica decide they want to try to become President. They release an article or two saying what madness possessed them to do such a thing and what they hope to accomplish should they be elected. They may even name drop who they would put in their Cabinet to try and win some extra support. Feds prepare questions for the candidates, and ask them (to whatever candidates are willing to take the time to answer).

2. The second to last day of the month, The Federalists open a forum poll listing all of the candidates that have announced they would like to run, linking to their profiles and articles and relevant discussions.

3. We mass message the party to drive them to the forum so they can participate in this poll, as well as the discussions that takes place about the candidates and various issues.

4. The poll stays open for 48 hours. The candidate with the most votes has secured the Federalist endorsement. TA-DA!

Why doesn't the Federalist Party run their own candidate every month?

We're not going to make someone run for President if they don't really want to. Also, why would we exclude perfectly good candidates simply because they aren't in our party? Silliness. Although, certainly, if a boss-level Fed wanted to run for POTUS, they would be tough to beat in our primary. It would be impossible, really.

Even if we don't feel the need to run Presidential candidates every month, the party works hard to put forward the names of our top people and support them in various government positions. There are many important government jobs where our party members can make a difference and serve this country. They don't come with shiny medals, but they are just as valuable.

Regardless of who the party endorses, the President of the United States is viewed as a partner of the Federalist Party. We work together. We may disagree about things and ask a lot of questions or even get pissed off, but our fates are linked. If we fail to elect the best possible candidate or we fail to drive the country forward in support positions or even through our party efforts, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We have to do better.

Why do you seem opposed to a popular poll through articles or one massive primary on the eusa forum?

Representative democracy. We believe in it.

If you take your PP selection seriously (we do) and every legitimate member of your party has a voice (they do), then debating and discussing within your little community and coming to a consensus isn't a problem. The more active that community is, the more fun the process becomes.

The flip side is that it can also become a bit heated, but that can be fun too. Really though, once the election is over and the die has been cast, we get back to work. Fed love is for real and it doesn't diminish just because you supported so-and-so for President, but I liked what's-his-nuts better. We have a job to do, as a party, and that's to educate noobs and get them involved and active while also doing all we can to fist integrity into our government and military units and all that we do. P/H. We don't operate from election to election. Elections are like rocks in our river of awesomeness. They don't stop shit.

It's not that we are opposed to popular polls, since we know full well the importance of including people that don't sit in top parties (we clawed our way up into the Top 5 and had to fight desperately for a voice...we feel for the 6ths). It's just that if we rely too heavily on doing things that way, then there really is no point in having more than 1 party in eAmerica. Popular vote being used as a tie breaker makes sense, especially with only 4 of the Top 5 parties being loyal eAmerican parties. But really only if the technology can prevent fraud and manipulation and the poll is widely used enough to accurately reflect the will of the people. If it can't be used that way, then it's not really a popular vote.

Feds, visit the forum to cast your vote!

LISTEN TO (us talk about) THE CANDIDATES TONIGHT at 18:00 erep (9pm EST) ON eNPR!!!
(Candidate special show tomorrow)
Keep submitting questions here

This primary will stay open until the evening of the 1st (Thursday) 19:00 erep (10pm EST)!

big props to Ramilas for being so awesome at graphical creations


aIbanianh Dan 1,806, 07:57


Ramilas Dan 1,806, 08:10


Ethan Seelowe
Ethan Seelowe Dan 1,806, 08:22

btw, namedropping should be part of every potential PotUS' canditacy article. It is common knowledge, that throughout a term, most of the work really falls to the government officials without shiny medals, not to the actual president with the medal (which is fine and should be so, simply due to workload and hours needed to run a successful term). I'd rather have a mediocre CP with a cabinet full of awesome, than the other way around.

fingerguns Dan 1,806, 08:30

Yeah good point, Ethan. It's good to know who will probably be doing the bulk of the grunt work!

I wouldn't say I'm terribly bothered, however, if a Candidate chooses not to CAMPAIGN on their Cabinet. I like it when they make it about issues and direction and their perspective of things. The Cabinet list is more like good information to have, rather than the entire reason for electing them.

Just my opinion, though.

X.O.X.O Dan 1,806, 09:16

Interesting article, although I did not like the attitudes towards emigrants people themselves were once immigrants were you or your parents or grandparents were so good think about exactly how much is actually the so-called American population. After all, if a man gets in reality it becomes a full-fledged citizenship of the country's population. Maybe it was just such konservativaus attitude and grow AFA Party
V+S Hope eUSA will consider assessing and emigrants.p.s congrats good articel

Greene12 Dan 1,806, 09:41


Candor Dan 1,806, 10:46

Feds seem to have a fine system, voted for you proud, horny people.

bigcdizzle Dan 1,806, 11:01


Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Dan 1,806, 14:03

Crap as always...!


Thedillpickl Dan 1,806, 14:30

Much the same as the old UIP did it. (Yes, they once were a top 5 party.) The major difference being that each member was still free to vote as they would choose. (We were United Independents after all.) The primary served as a platform of discussion. More often than not members would take to heart what was said and vote the party line because we respected each others opinions. Odd how when trust is involved that a differing opinion begins to make sense.

MaestroAkel Dan 1,806, 14:34

voted. Fingerbanged - how could you finger bang anyone lol.... i mean thats just a finger or three but still

Thedillpickl Dan 1,806, 14:34

In short, popular vote is Democracy. Democracy is mob rule. The real US govt. is based on a Constitutional Republic. Democratic voting but representational rule. Big difference is that the majority is not always correct in their assumptions. Therefore we elect 'smart' people to office so they can understand the situations and make wise decisions in our stead. If they don't we kick the bums out. At least that's how it's supposed to work. 😃:D

DokJon Dan 1,806, 19:58


Mike Schmittson
Mike Schmittson Dan 1,806, 21:08

Boated hard. I agree with everything about our way of doing it, and and Ramilas' smexy graphics swell my proud heart (and horny loins) even more. (erm...)

Also, Fingerguns, you are quite possibly one of the most amusing writers in this entire game -- and yet the joking never obscures your point.

WOOOOT Feds! 😃

(If you couldn't tell, yes, I'm in a very Fed-love mood today 😛 )

mda1994 Dan 1,806, 21:17

I have to say, I probably respect the Fed party the (second) most out of all eUS parties.

av khan
av khan Dan 1,807, 00:43

A cool system ; )

Ezekiel Thomas
Ezekiel Thomas Dan 1,807, 01:30


Bang Bang Mofo

kirintaimu Dan 1,807, 01:38


Federalists are pretty great.

I miss the days when the party system could afford to play cutthroat dominance games in support of their CP candidate. It's much neater and safer to agree - especially under current circumstances - but not as much fun or interesting as a two or three-way grudge match.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,807, 02:53

'But really only if the technology can prevent fraud and manipulation and the poll is widely used enough to accurately reflect the will of the people.’'

We have only one party now. It has been shown that we have the technology to conduct a popular poll, but the Flufferist ' can't control the vote so it ain't happening. An open popular vote will be trusted by the majority of Americans. A closed poll on the 'Flufferist' controlled eUS Forums will put the AFA in the White House.

FirstLaw Dan 1,807, 11:00

I think candidates would do better on this political platform http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/a-political-platform-worth-considering-2148653/1/20

Waysted Dan 1,807, 11:41



George S. Patton Jr
George S. Patton Jr Dan 1,807, 16:24

Cerb 4 POTUS

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