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[Fed] Party Update d. 1925

Dan 1,925, 09:13 Published in USA ZDA s strani fingerguns

Bad news, guys. Thanks to a ridiculous game glitch that seemed to ONLY hurt the top party in the nation (us), our Congressional lineup was all kinds of messed up.

Our Party President (and unobtanium-level gold buyer), Gnilraps submitted tickets to the Admins to see if they would correct this mistake. They have opted to not do anything about it. Curious, indeed.

We'll continue working on this and throwing fits behind the scenes, but it seems likely that what's done is done. Let's move forward.

Now it isn't ALL bad news. We managed to get some great Feds into Congress and even got a combination of older players and newer players, as we wanted. However we also have an obvious multi and a known PTOer on our roster and someone we've never heard of. whomp whomp.

Congratulations are in order, though.

486 votes. 21.32% of Congress. Booyah.

Excellent work, Feds! Not only is that a great percentage, but our party activity is higher than ever. We nailed it voting our party ticket (as messed up as it was), and we also managed to move so many of our members to help protect other parties that we almost knocked ourselves out of the Top 5! That's amazing!!!

Pat yourself on the back. Maybe even diddle yourself a little. You deserve it.

Here's who we have representing us this month:

Duncan Crowe
Harry W Hill
Molly Emma
Virtual Vendetta
One Sky
Brave Fighter

That's right, even a game glitch can't stop us from having awesome people in Congress. There are simply too many excellent Feds.

Now I know some of these great players who got in without the party intentionally putting them on the ballot are feeling a bit conflicted because they didn't earn their spot.

EARN YOUR SPOT BY BEING GREAT. Act like you're supposed to be there and represent the Feds with honor and integrity.

CP Candidates on the Fed Forum

Announcements have been made and threads have been started. Feds are super good at asking the tough questions, so get your questions in for both of these candidates and demand answers! Even if you favor one, we could easily end up with the other. This isn't a popularity contest. This isn't 'who is your bestie best friend.' This is selecting our next President. Take it seriously. Get to know both of them.

Jefferson Locke- Q&A Thread
Vanek26- Q&A Thread

Obviously, as Feds we automatically favor boss-level Fed, Jefferson Locke. It's super duper likely that he will win our nomination because of the hard work he's put into the party and how well he has represented us in the past. He makes us P/H. But that's no excuse to be passive.

These threads are also visible to all forum visitors, as well as Easy Company members. Feel free to chime in!

Also on the forum:

~The function of Congress and the related mechanics
~Guerilla Fight Beta Test
~Make money by helping the party
~The messed up Congress list - rage/discussion thread
~Need some graphics made?
~Yet another way to dominate everyone - POKER


Help and tutorials! All you need to know about the game- ask questions, learn things. You don't need to be a member to get help here or to help others.

Check out these great Fed articles!

JLO FOR CP: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/j-lo4cp--2218204/1/20
Dark Day: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/dark-day1-2218993/1/20
Easy Company Update: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/easy-company-update--2218790/1/20

Here are 2 excellent new articles from super noob, Thomas Wessel. Add him as a friend!

American Taxes: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/american-taxes-are-they-as-horrific-as-the-afa-says-they-are--2218896/1/20
Politics for Newbs: Feds: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/politics-for-newbies-and-v-the-federalists-2218849/1/20

Thursday @ 18:00 erep (9pm EST)

This week we'll be discussing Jefferson Locke running for President, how incredible we were at ATO this month and the absurd 'game glitch' with our Congress list. It's gonna be a good one.

We do this show every week as a fun and easy way to keep our members informed. Would you like to be on the air? Do you have an issue you would like our hosts to discuss? Visit #efpr during the show to chat with the hosts and other listeners!

Thanks for reading,

Get involved. Get active. Shape the future.



fingerguns Dan 1,925, 09:15


The Original Fawkie
The Original Fawkie Dan 1,925, 09:16


Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Dan 1,925, 09:18

Great article. Do us proud!!!

Lord Phenome
Lord Phenome Dan 1,925, 09:21


bigcdizzle Dan 1,925, 09:23


That new Fed Radio graphic is epic.

Gnilraps Dan 1,925, 09:30

GREAT Fed Media FG.

Sozo Dan 1,925, 09:32

Congrats on 1k stubs.

Deepchill Dan 1,925, 09:32


Let's move forward.

SinaAria Dan 1,925, 09:34

Very awesome. Your writing skills are strong. XD


Brave Fighter
Brave Fighter Dan 1,925, 09:35


Hale Kane
Hale Kane Dan 1,925, 09:36


EnterAwesome Dan 1,925, 09:41


Good job Fingerguns

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Dan 1,925, 10:18

Did this glitch effect the top party in every country or just eUSA?

fingerguns Dan 1,925, 10:46

Apparently it was only us.

Bucephalus92 Dan 1,925, 10:37

Great article

crashthompson. Dan 1,925, 11:44


AlexPIT Dan 1,925, 11:46

Proud & Horny !!! 😃

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dan 1,925, 14:46


IincoIn Dan 1,925, 14:47



Shane McCoy
Shane McCoy Dan 1,925, 14:47


Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dan 1,925, 15:58

Feds4Life .. Proud & Horny .. Long & Thick .. WUT!

Article greatness as always. WHO'S THAT GIRL?!

Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Dan 1,925, 16:02

Hmmm, was it really a glitch xD

Candor Dan 1,925, 17:10

Always good media

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