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[FED] My sit down with... Molly Emma

Dan 1,843, 08:42 Published in USA ZDA s strani Ramilas

The past few weeks we Feds have been conducting interviews with some of our members to garner a better understanding of who we are and what makes us, well, US. I was lucky enough to be chosen to interview Molly Emma, a Fed through and through and YOUR eUSA Vice President for December. I very much enjoyed getting to know her a bit better, and I hope you feel the same. Below is our conversation.

RAMI: I've been fortunate enough to pick you as a interviewee for the great Fed Interviews of 2012 (my title, not theirs 🙂 ). I chose you because I have seen you on the forums a little but I don't know much about you, so hopefully we can change that a little.

ME: Definitely let's move forward. I'd be honored. I just got back from a prolonged vacation so I haven't been around much the last 10 days or so.

RAMI: Awesome. Thank you for taking the time, I know people will get a lot out of these interviews. I'd like our results to be more conversational so if you don't mind a bit of back and forth why don't we start slowly with some softballs...

You just got back from a vacation... what was the best thing about it?

ME: Sun, warmth and friends were the best parts about that vacation. That and we didn't really plan any of it. We decided on a Saturday and left on Monday morning for 10 days in FL.

RAMI: Now THAT sounds like a good deal, a spontaneous sunny vacation sounds like a great idea for me right now!

So... why Molly Emma as a name?

ME: Molly Emma is my real name.

RAMI: How did you find the wonderful world of eRep?

ME: I'm not even sure how I found eRep any more. Feels like such a long time ago now. If I remember, I'll let you know 🙂

RAMI: Hmm, well we are glad you are here. Why the Feds? Did you consider any other party? Were you in any other parties?

ME: I never considered anywhere else seriously. I hopped around a little, but I never really got involved anywhere. I ended up in the Feds because of EZC, Gnilraps, fluffydoorman and ballmonkey. They kind of rescued me from just quitting eRep after only a couple of weeks of playing.

RAMI: I see you've been a congresswoman a few times over... anything you'd like to say about those experiences?

ME: Congress is infuriating and super fun all at the same time. Nobody is a professional politician and few people know how to compromise and wheel and deal so it gets frustrating at times. You do meet an interesting and eclectic cross-section of the erep population though. I thoroughly enjoy it.

RAMI: What other offices have you held? Which was your favorite?

ME: Other offices? I hate reciting my resume. Here goes. EZC R&R Dir, Fed R&R Dir, EZC XO, Fed VPP(2x), Fed PP(2x), FedPress Director(2x), eUS Ambassador to Finland(2x), eUS Secretary of the Interior(7x), eUS VP(Evry), eUS Chief of Staff(3x) that covers most of the highlights. It's hard to pick a favorite. All have/had their own interesting points and positive aspects. Let's put it this way, I have never not liked a position I have held in eRep. I always do my best to make it an enjoyable experience. Otherwise, why play? Right?

RAMI: WOW.... I must say, you are quite impressive. Don't ever be afraid to recite your resume when necessary, it tells a story about you for those of us who don't know. Ok back on task...

You are a member of Seal Team 6, that is a high honor indeed. Anything you'd like to tell us about what that is like??

ME: ST6 is a very professional and tightly run organization. I have great respect for those that maintain its standards and am proud to be a part of it. There aren't any great secrets to success though. You do what's best for your country and you work together with your unit to get better results. ST6 happens to be very good at that. Don't get me wrong. I was EZC first and a part of me still goes with EZC.

RAMI: You have quite a few achievements in your trophy case, which are you most proud of? (10 BH, Media Mogul, etc...)

ME: I am proud of my first BH. That's about the only one. I got it before Divisions and I had like 600str. I had no business getting a BH, but I bazooka'ed it home 🙂 Overall though, my game experience is in the meta. Most of the in-game buttons are just buttons.

RAMI: You once laid down 7.5 mil damage in a campaign. Admit it, that's kind of badass no?

ME: 7.5M. I suppose that's not too bad. In the grand scheme of things it's not a ton, but I know that I helped swing a battle in the last 5 minutes with that 7.5M, so I feel pretty damn good about it.

RAMI: News has just broken that you are running as Inwegen's VP in the December elections (your attempted 2nd VP)... Instead of rehashing your announcement, please tell us why it is so important to have Feds like us in government positions and what you'd like to maybe do differently than your last foray into Vice Presidentdom?

ME: Having active and engaged members are what this is all about. Getting onto the national stage is by far the most effective way to spread the Fed message. I know others are going to bristle, but even if you are in another party and are active, engaged and thoughtful about eRep, you are playing like a Fed. LIKE A FED! o/

Sorry. Got carried away there. 🙂 Mostly, this term in the VP office will be about actively making a difference.

RAMI: On a lighter side is your avatar picture actually you? If not, why that pic?

ME: That's Emmy Rossum. I thinks she's pretty beautiful and I like her work on stage and behind the mic.

RAMI: For Fed P/H fun and giggles please respond to these quickies:
1. Name three "old fag" feds that are worth learning about
2. Name three noob Feds who seem just too damn interesting
3. What ONE THING should every Fed know?
4. What ONE THING should every Fed forget?
5. Fed for life?

ME: 3 old-fags- Pfeiffer; few in this game have more exciting history than he does. Cromstar(RIP); a wealth of knowledge and background died when he quit. Gnilraps; incredibly thoughtful and terribly dedicated. If not for him, I would not be playing today.

3 noobs- Jefferson Locke, Ramilas (yeah, that's you 😛 ), Dinnyin

Something to know- stewy is my sex slave. Fr3dst3r told me so. 😛

Something to forget- That time that Malarkey was making lewd comments in IRC and got busted by SempreNox

P/H Fed4Life

RAMI: Also, if you don't mind... I'm all about entertainment, so I have to ask these "media" type questions: (respond with as much or as little explanation as you feel is needed)
1. Favorite Song, Album or Recording Artist
2. Favorite movie
3. Favorite book

and a bonus... Favorite _____ (you fill in the blank and answer)

ME: I can't name a favorite song or artist. I listen to just about every type of music depending on my mood. Maybe I could pick a genre...alt rock. Maybe...

Movie: Lost in Translation

Book: Anna Karenina

Favorite TV Show: Shameless

RAMI: Oh wow, you mentioned me... this noob is truly honored. That would also probably mean we are coming to a close to this interview (trust me I'd like to go on and on but my bosses, fingerguns mostly, will lay the smack down if this gets even more ridiculously tl;dr).

So a few squeezed in this-or-thats, and AGAIN thank you for your time, I've enjoyed it!

Main Course or Dessert?

ME: Main Course

Silence or Bustle?
ME: Silence

Yesterday or Tomorrow?
ME: Tomorrow

RAMI: And one last thing... To tie a bow on the end of this I'd like to give you space to mention ANYTHING you'd like... what say you?

ME: I was asked a question by Malarkey last year and I have been telling this to every new player and any person who will listen since. I want everyone to see it again because I still think it is one of the most important ways to be content playing this game.

Malarkey: Is there a realistic chance for a player just joining today for the first time to be successful at the highest levels of this game in the long term. If so, how?

ME: Depends on what part of the game you are talking about. The only way you will ever be a top soldier in-game is by attrition. There is currently almost no way to catch those guys at the top as long as they continue to be active and train.

Those parts of the game are the boring parts, though. Do your in-game clicks every day, but play your game in the forums and IRC and you will see much more satisfactory results. Be flexible and don’t take it too seriously. The object for me is try to have fun every day. If it’s not fun, I look for other places and other ways to find it in the community.

This is definitely not a traditional game where goals are laid out for you. There are many ways to play and the only way to gauge yourself is to compare yourself against your own expectations.




Ramilas Dan 1,843, 08:42

First reserved for Ms. Emma.

Pfeiffer. Dan 1,843, 08:49

Voted cause my name is in this.

Stan Brown
Stan Brown Dan 1,843, 08:53

Great article, I've been waiting for this to come out.

fingerguns Dan 1,843, 08:55

I was looking forward to this one, as well

great work!

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dan 1,843, 08:56


EnterAwesome Dan 1,843, 09:19

^ Noob

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dan 1,843, 09:28


Voted Hard.

Ramilas and ME are awesome!


One Sky
One Sky Dan 1,843, 10:38

Great article. Molly is p/h

stewy Dan 1,843, 15:03

hehe, < 3 molly... nice job rami

Malarkey83 Dan 1,844, 04:41

who's this Malarkey guy? Great interview Rami

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