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[FED] Exploration FED PP perhaps?

Dan 1,874, 07:03 Published in USA ZDA s strani EnterAwesome

2 months ago I announced I would be running seriously for Fed PP. I have some few ideas for changes but I really want to expand on what we already have and increase efficiency.

I have dropped just about ALL of my positions to commit to the Fed Party. I want to show you this will be my full time job on eRepublik. The only other responsibility I have is the DoE and that will not interfere with anything. I'll always be here.

My Cabinet thus far:

VP – Tiacha
Chief Of Staff – Jefferson Locke
Media – One Sky
Retention- Still Needed
Recruiting- Logamac
FOP- Greekman
FBI-Harry Hill/Stewy

The Department of Awesome will be run entirely by the main cabinet, along with an adviser that I will elect.

The Plan If Nominated and if Elected

Overall Goal and Mission Statement
I really want this term to be about communication. I want to sit down with every Department Head and talk about what is happening, what could they improve on, and their future plans. This will be done ideally about twice a week, sort of like a routine 🙂.

I wanted to have a little bit old and a little bit new. I will be working closely with Tiacha for advice and insight while I give my energy and imagination. Together we will make the perfect team.

Currently Working on
*~ I want to continue the Fed Radio show. I'm in the process of gathering a team to host and produce shows bi-weekly or just weekly on blog talk radio.
*~ Gathering information on forms, especially g-docs as well as using the IRC functions to improve collaboration

Future Plans
*~ I've been in a lot of MU's, mainly all Government MU's. I must say on of the best run MU is Airforce in my opinion. I want to talk to the CO of EZC and come up with ways to make EZC more efficient, if possible. To add on I also want to have some Media presence for the EZC and I will be working with One Sky to see if this could be done.

*~ Fed Forums are great. They are, to me, one of the greatest meta aspects of the Feds. That is why I want Forum importance stressed. It's very simple to sign up and it puts members foot in the door to meta game. Feds have a lot of members, but only a few are on forums/talk on IRC. This will be one of my biggest goals is to transfer at least a few people to meta games and get new faces.

*~ Organic Structure. I could lay down the law and tell you what I'm changing, what needs to be done and how I plan on doing it. But I can't fully tell you all those things. With an organic structure I will always change my needs to match the needs of the Feds, especially with all the information I will have coming from my Department heads.

Closing Statement
My philosophy is that I am here to lead. I will rely on my cabinet heavily and work with them to acquire the changes we need. We will stand United and everyones opinion will be accounted for. I truly wish to live up the expectations and exceed them, far exceed them.

When voting for PP, vote right and vote Tiacha. Vote Jefferson Locke. Vote Logamac,One Sky, Stewy, Greekman, Harry Hill and Exploration. As it will not be just I leading you, we all will be leading you. Vote in confidence.

As Always,


Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Dan 1,874, 07:06


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dan 1,874, 08:28

Good luck Exploration 😃

One Sky
One Sky Dan 1,874, 08:30

p/h and good luck !

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dan 1,874, 08:47

GL Exploration o/

Tiacha Dan 1,874, 09:00

\o/ Exploration!

Saltheart Foamfollower
Saltheart Foamfollower Dan 1,874, 09:05

Why don't you try joining EZC and living and working with us for a month or two before you start suggesting ways to "Improve" things?

We are a self-sufficient MU that regularly kicks butt against government funded MUs. If anything, they should be learning from us.

Vijalob Dan 1,874, 09:08

awesome cabinet, awesome goals

EnterAwesome Dan 1,874, 09:20

Agreed Harry, Agreed! Thats why I want to talk to the EZC command structure and see what they think. I'm not comparing EZC to gov. funded MU's we can all learn from each other. Not even trying to improve would be a bad road, I feel, to venture on.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dan 1,874, 10:48

good luck!

nice to see campaign articles early!!

Bucephalus92 Dan 1,874, 10:54

Well good luck


ligtreb Dan 1,874, 11:42

Good luck!

Saltheart Foamfollower
Saltheart Foamfollower Dan 1,874, 14:41

Then talk with them in private and not in print.

emdoublegee Dan 1,875, 08:50

Good luck! EA FOR PP

Gnilraps Dan 1,878, 21:18

I look forward to any dialogue which will improve EZC.

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