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[eUSA] The Politics, The Revolutions and The Quest. Part 2

Dan 1,864, 17:01 Published in USA Pakistan s strani av khan

Some of you might have read my previous article. In which I tried to explain the situation from my perspective and present a vague sort of solution. Something which the people in power would be able to work out themselves and may be act if they agreed with it. Today I would like to elaborate a bit in the light of recent events.

Though I have watched this quietly till now for a number of reasons and wished only to speak through my vote when the time came. So I could avoid hurting feelings of people who have generally been quite nice to me, especially John Jay. This article along with comments of Oblige and other members of WTP, made me change my mind. While John Jay was doing it. I thought, he is just playing politics. Let him play at it, after all we have friendly relations, and that I will simply vote Candor during the primaries. Why I changed my mind after the above-mentioned article is because as the things are going. I can see that people would be calling Candor PTO-er by the end of the day and it is wrong! I feel I should speak up regardless of the results.

Why Choose Candor?:

Looking at the three candidates around at the moment, namely, Finger Guns, John Jay and Candor (well RGR is there as well but we aren't counting douchebags, are we?) ; We see that there is a person who has suddenly changed her tone. From someone who has been constantly hitting down on any party except her own and any MU except the govt. ones and would have us all join Top 5 because it doesn't make sense to her why people have different opinions. Then suddenly, the first presidential campaign article we see from her is the one placating the 6th parties and talking about inclusion of everyone. I am not saying what she did was wrong. What she did earlier was politics and what she was doing then was politics as well. The point to be noted is that there was a large change in stance and I fairly expect her to go back to her old stance even if not openly, once she gains power.

Next comes in John Jay, a great man. Always helpful and nice, a quality I value in people. And I would vote him for POTUS anytime, against any opponent in eUSA except rainy sunday and some others. However, we see that as the campaign of Candor unfolds. His hostility to Candor increases to point that he is actually suggesting that Candor is trying to sell the nation to PTO-ers. While it is pretty obvious to anyone who can read with an open mind that giving AFA a vote of 1 out of 10 would only serve to placate them, which would eventually help USA and they will be able to do no real harm to the nation, if they try. Again petty politics and I don't hate him for that but that makes me not want to vote him when I have a better option.

Plus the fact that both of the above candidates are not in favor of any negotiations with AFA. Which in my opinion is like dragging eUSA into a pit ourselves.

Candor, on the other hand has stuck with what he has said since the day I first got to know him and at every point he has been a reasonable man. In-fact my concept of what 'We The People' is, has been created on his words. We listen to opinion of others and accept them as they are. That is what made me love WTP and be a part of it.

What is Candor's Proposal?:
I was getting the feeling that may be some people aren't exactly understanding what Candor is trying to do. The fear of being taken over has may be clouded the judgements or something along those lines. So I thought I might as well try to explain what I think, he is trying to do.

In one simple line. He is actually trying to make us and AFA accept each other. Nothing more. 1 vote in a total of ten won't make a huge difference in our policies. The rest of the nine could easily beat it down if they feel that its against the interest of eUSA. By opening less sensitive boards to AFA. Those people who have joined AFA just because they don't feel included anywhere else would be placated while believe me it won't make any difference to our nation because AFA's spies would already be informing them right at this moment whats being done in there. Its not such a big deal as it is being made.

Plus the fact which people seemed to have ignored or overlooked is that Candor isn't asking us to change our rules. He has clarified in several comments that I looked at today that he will not be trying to change how things are working in congress and other stuff except the fact that we would accept AFA as our fellow citizens and they will be treated on individual basis.

What Should We Actually Demand From Him?:
Supposing that he wins or any candidate in the future with same policy wins. I do have certain reservations about this policy. Though I believe we should negotiate with, accept and judge members of AFA on individual basis. The government so formed shouldn't actually stop the ATO efforts. We might be ready to accept AFA but we certainly, should not trust them on all things considering the fact that Serbians, though individually they might be good people, are certainly enemies of the nation as a whole. Especially those who still have links with Serbia in form of Military Units and such. They should not be trusted. So the ATO efforts should still have continued support of the government under any candidate and they should make it clear that it will be done. Only then we should open up to AFA.

If this is done along with acceptance of AFA. That in my opinion, would be the best government and anyone supporting that, the best candidate.

This might sound complicated but I believe, it is the best path to take for the quest of the correct solution.



George Griffin
George Griffin Dan 1,864, 17:08

You're a puppet

av khan
av khan Dan 1,864, 17:10

^Heh yeah, right.

Roper 70
Roper 70 Dan 1,864, 17:12

Great article sheep! baaa o7

George Griffin
George Griffin Dan 1,864, 17:13

Yes, I am right. You're a joke.

Syz2 Dan 1,864, 17:18

I disagree that giving AFA a vote will placate them. It will just make them have more hope and push even harder. John Jay is only giving hostility because he realizes that our nation is in danger, and a big threat requires a big response. We can't just give a treat to our threat and expect it will go away. Its just going to come back for more. I respect Candor, would love to get rid of AFA so he can be PotUS, but we need someone like John Jay who wont back down. My vote is definitely for JJ.

av khan
av khan Dan 1,864, 17:23

I believe we are trying to see things in black and white. Its not like all of our side are heroes fighting for justice or I dunno. While all of AFA are super villians trying to run away with our country. Its never like that. And I am not saying we should accept the known PTO-ers like Serbians. ATO must continue. I am just saying we should accept them on individual basis and try and keep those who could be trusted. Thats all I wish for to accomplish through this article.

Norbengo Dan 1,864, 17:34

Good article.

Elitist are holding on to the power with all they've got but it seems like hate is all they have left with. Hate for everyone who dares to think differently. Even for Candor.

Revolution is coming and hate wont stop it, and when it does, even the elites will see that it's only a game and that eUSA will still be here, that no buildings nor planes will fall down...

It will only get more interesting. 😁)

Candor Dan 1,864, 17:49

av khan, you get it. And don't feel alone in that, though those who equally "get it" mostly won't speak up to be attacked in the media, but they will indeed vote their minds in a general election.

There's no need to repeat what I've said before elsewhere here, those paying attention land where you have, or else, as you point out, play in black and whites.

Your one point I will address for clarification (although this too I have said in previous media) is that Congress and the parties are welcome to battle the AFA till the cows come home, if they so desire. That's party politics, and that's where they belong, at the party level. The Executive represents the entire nation, and won't be involved in party politics in a Candor Administration. That deprives the combatants of nothing. As of last month, "ATO" operations moved from government to private individuals, where any such activity should be anyway.

A President doesn't choose his constituents. To some degree Congressmen do, with cits. But a President must run the team for the good of everyone. And that "good" is something to be determined by the very gamers vested in the process and play.

Thank you av khan for reading and understanding, A-Z, my concept.

Syz2 Dan 1,864, 18:06

@av_khan I don't think there is middle ground. AFA is controlled by people who want to harm us. There are good people in AFA though, people who want what is best for eUS, and they think simply voting for AFA will change things for the better. It will change things, but not for the better. I don't think there is a "reasonable" way to treat them by individual basis. But even still I agree with that, which is why in the past a wrote an article why we shouldn't hate AFA so much. There are many good people in AFA, but simply giving AFA power will lead to PTO by enemies, and we can't risk letting them have power.

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Dan 1,864, 18:51

Pretty good article.

I agree that we should treat people with more respect in order to really unite this country. A lot of people are speaking of ATO and unity election, but are doing no effort to bring the people together and as soon as something doesn't go their way, they resort to trolling and go back to their habit. I'm tired of this BS.

As for the plan to include AFA. like you said, even if anything is done in cooperation, keeping the ATO on would be a good idea.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Dan 1,864, 19:46

Us, and them

FirstLaw Dan 1,864, 20:32

Sensible people tend to attract each other. Good article. It's good to see certain writers publishing more.

av khan
av khan Dan 1,864, 21:11


You accept that there are some good people in AFA and you also believe that we should treat them with a bit more respect. Thats a common ground. Now the question is, if we do not do this what should we do? I mean, do you believe the things are not going the right way? If so, then shouldn't we negotiate because its obvious sheer force is doing us no good? If we should, then what other paths do you have in mind? Just for the sake of discussion. For broadening our perspectives. May be you might be able to show me something I am missing at the moment.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,864, 21:23

^ "can't risk"

not your choice

Viarizi Dan 1,865, 01:49

AFA actions are being made in response to your so called ATO efforts.

You persecute our members and do not allow them to join your MUs, so we created new ones funded them ourselves or simply let our members remain in their old countries MUs, beause of that now you call us unpatriotic...

You accuse us of not being a democratic party so although they werent really necessary we start having primaries for PP and CP candidates, because of that elites infiltrators started shouting we did not allow them to vote so we were not democratic (thats you LordRahl2 and as long I am on this party you will not be allowed to vote because you sent several massPMs to our members telling them to leave AFA and you are siding with elitist force that sabotage our party feed).

You accuse us of having spies but yet the only spies found so far were elitist spies amongst our members.

You accuse us of having multies (even at eRep convention...) but the truth is thatthe T5 are the ones who are full of clones, just look at the results.

You accuse us of making rogue proposals but every Congress election our congressmen sign-in for Congress deliberation forum and are insulted and banned from all discussions (btw count the rogue proposals of our last terms...).

You accuse us of not wanting to colaborate but since September every each CP election we ask for talks and the answer has always been to keep offendig us mor with those welcome letters to newbs.

So you dont like RGR? Too bad, AFAers love him, because when we needed help you shut your doors on our faces and he was the only helping hand we found in America.


arayiptaulasamadiginnumero Dan 1,865, 05:58

Komentar je izbrisan

av khan
av khan Dan 1,865, 06:01


Please don't act like AFA is a poor persecuted bunch fighting only to save themselves. The members who are still in their MUs are Elite Serbian soldiers still part of their Elite units. While the others were mainly not included in the different programs of eUSA because they got illegal citizenship according to the laws of eUSA which was actually given by your members.

NaruKaizer Dan 1,865, 07:23

This country is crazy, is not America for Free Speech?

Syz2 Dan 1,865, 08:07

@av_khan I feel more it is Treat them as players individually, treat them politically as a whole. I don't kick out AFA members from my MU, as long as they don't mention party politics in the feed and fight for the right side. I don't really insult them, and I really hate it when people insult them. But as a political group we just have to treat them as a whole because they act as a whole against us. There isn't common ground in a political sense. Sure I think the unity is far from perfect, and I would love for AFA to go away so we can work on that instead of working against AFA, but while AFA is around we have to do stuff like electing Pfeiffer in unity, and can't work on improving.

morningblur Dan 1,865, 15:29

Accepting members of the AFA lends credibility to them. For this reason they can not and must not be allowed to be part of any decision making body. People tend to gloss over or forget that they are a Servian PTO unit not an actual political party. When you give groups like this an inch they will take a mile. Give them a seat at the table of power this month and next month they will put out articles about how they were part of the government and use it for propaganda to increase their members. Candor's plan will do nothing but empower a hostile group that we already have our hands full fighting. At this point in time Candor is just a bad choice to lead our country. In another time I would love to see a Candor presidency but not in a time of war like this. We need a fighter like John Jay who understands what the AFA is and what they are about, not an appeaser like Candor who intends to give in to and empower them...........There can be no peace with the AFA, vote John Jay.

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