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[eUS VP] Unity Elections

Dan 1,794, 12:30 Published in USA ZDA s strani fingerguns

Trying out a new header. Thoughts?

I haven't written an article in a little while. Sorry about that!
I'll give you the highlights of what I've been working on before I get to the real reason for this article. Get comfy.

-eNPR is great. I'm on it. You should listen!

-Party President elections went well! Paul Proteus won in the Feds after probably the closest primary I've ever seen. Paul and bigcdizzle were basically tied through the whole thing. One would get a vote, the other would get a vote, back and forth, giving me a heart attack. It was insane. At the last second, Paul pulled ahead and won the nomination! bigcdizzle is serving as the Chief of Staff, so we're lucky enough to have both of them leading our party!! P/H

-ATO stuff also went relatively well. Here's the thing- the AFA runs multis like crazy so it's really hard to match their numbers. Not only that, but every time we take a party away from them, they just move to another party. The people who organize these things put A LOT of work into keeping them at bay, but terrorists are relentless, y'all.

On that same note, after the election I got a message from Hanibal telling me that if we stop trying to thwart them, they will magically become model citizens and start following the laws of this country and respecting our citizens and government. I think RGR has given him the impression that all Americans are complete morons.

We're looking at a number of options right now to secure this nation and put an end to these attacks, long-term. It honestly takes every single one of us, though. All loyal Americans need to take this seriously and get more active in their parties so they can help stop these clowns! I wish I could tell you more about our top secret sneaky plans, but you don't have the clearance.

-Other party stuff is bangin! The Dept of Education is making efforts to work with all of the parties and help them with their newb programs. They've contacted all of the party leaders. iNCi is the only party that simply isn't interested, but the other top parties are on board and ready to grow! Emdoublegee is a super awesome guy and he has great ideas. Show him some love.

Now...the reason for this article (that is already tl;dr).


If you haven't been listening to eNPR, you should probably start! Not only am I disgustingly adorable, but it's super informative and these are troubling times, my friends. In the last episode we covered lots of stuff about wars and alliance biz that I know people have been curious about. In addition to that, I got the chance to talk with John Jay about We The People becoming a legit party. They have some very cool things going on right now. We also talked about the process of selecting a Unity candidate and 6th parties.

That's what I want to talk about.

A lot of people weren't happy with how the last Unity candidate was selected. The way that it worked was each of the top parties held their primaries and the candidate that won the most primaries was the Unity candidate. Simple enough, but with WTP not really having it together yet it left a bad taste in people's mouths. Add to that the fact that 6th parties didn't really get a say and the resulting butthurt isn't much of a surprise. Literally dozens of interested 6th partiers were excluded. DOZENS!

So what do we do about this? We The People felt the most disenfranchised and they've responded by really getting their party together. John Jay is whipping them into shape and they have a lot of really great members making their contributions and getting things off the ground. If we were to repeat the process of the last election, that's one problem solved. They could conduct their primary and pitch in!

But what of 6th parties?

This is a much stickier problem because you can't help but wonder why everyone should bend over backwards to include people that are intentionally excluding themselves from the political process. There wasn't much reason to be in a 6th party before and with recent mechanics changes there is literally zero reason to be in one if you want to be a part of the political process. If you don't care about politics, that's fine. If you do, then join a Top party or become one.

There is, of course, the option of holding a Unity primary on the eUSA forum. Not a bad idea, I guess. I haven't heard many reasons why that couldn't work other than the fact there are a number of people on that forum who don't actually play eRepublik anymore (and conspiracies about how admins can manipulate polls). Maybe there would be a way to resolve that. There are also a lot of players who don't use the eUSA forums at all, but screw those people. Sign up already!

The meta aspects of this game shouldn't be ignored. Just clicking 'fight' can't honestly be the only reason you're here. That's gay.

If you're not active in the political aspects or the meta aspects of this game, then what are you doin, bro? We can't keep working around you. We need you to get involved!

EDIT: Another proposal has been made to create an article with all of the candidates and have people make a comment to cast their vote. I can't imagine that system actually working. Sure, everyone would get a voice...including all of the multis and forigs and enemies of the eUS.

I still hold that the parties are the answer. Our system last month was flawed for a number of reasons, but I don't think we need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. If more parties are included and now that the WTP can conduct primaries, I think it's the best and safest option.


Pfeiffer. Dan 1,794, 12:35


get meta
get bent

kirintaimu Dan 1,794, 12:36

+5 Informative, Adorable

Waruda Dan 1,794, 12:37

"If you do, then join a Top party or become one."

Become one, join WTP

DokJon Dan 1,794, 12:51


MazzyCat Dan 1,794, 12:51

Meow 🙂

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Dan 1,794, 13:01

Great Article FG, as always

Ramilas Dan 1,794, 13:02


Synesi Dan 1,794, 13:03


Inwegen Dan 1,794, 13:03


Bucephalus92 Dan 1,794, 13:07


George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Dan 1,794, 13:59


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,794, 14:14


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,794, 14:29


Malpazar Dan 1,794, 14:29


EnterAwesome Dan 1,794, 15:24

Good job friend =3

The Pony Express
The Pony Express Dan 1,794, 16:02

This article is featured in the Pony Express

Pony Express Day 1794
Words that Jangle in your Head

Candor Dan 1,794, 16:18

"There wasn't much reason to be in a 6th party before and with recent mechanics changes there is literally zero reason to be in one if you want to be a part of the political process"

6th party members can indeed mechanically vote in CP elections, which is why they MUST be included in any mirror process we invent for a UNITY election. We, not game mechanics, deprive them of voice, if we don't.

Good article, voted.

fingerguns Dan 1,794, 16:37

I agree, Candor. They have to get involved in the meta.

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Dan 1,794, 18:08


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,794, 18:26

6th parties can be included by simply publishing a list of candidates in the WHPR...nothing else just a simple list...the candidate with his name in the comments the most times wins...KISS....

DW.Frost Dan 1,794, 18:32

There are worthy people in 6th parties.
We should find a way to include them.

Voted FG

Your Loving Mother
Your Loving Mother Dan 1,794, 19:01

Hey look!
Henry is sucking off FingerGuns...A little backwards am I right?

Molly Emma
Molly Emma Dan 1,794, 23:02

If you don't care about politics, it's not fine to just idle in a 6th party. Do what's right for America and join a Top5 party that is not AFA. You can still play the meta a separate party but right now America needs you. Do the right thing.

Relorian Dan 1,794, 23:12

No, 6th parties do NOT need to get involved in the craptastic world of "Meta" gaming. That realm is dominated by children with Mod powers running around calling people every in fashion insult you can think of and getting away with it. 6th Parties NEED to be included because every disenfranchised person you have is another possible AFA vote or a lost vote because they feel they have no choice.

Relorian Dan 1,794, 23:14

Basically the Top 5 as they sit now might as well merge into one party with the way 3 of them are run. One mega party, then INCI and AFA + 2 6th party choices. Why? The Mega party could run the elections game and easily coordinate for "unity" (Which is funny cause before Pfieffer pushed himself into the election in his standard way, we had a Unity candidate from the AMP who would have won).

Relorian Dan 1,794, 23:16

Every time you basically push away voters or in essence (Or in this article directly) insult them, you lose ground you cannot afford to lose. We have a lot of people and yet the vote is disproportional simply because the two clickers have no incentive to vote, no incentive to get involved in politics. They are in 6th parties or in the Top 5 but feel they have no voice. I know, I've been there and still am (Hence I left the AMP for the BoL as the AMP is just USWP Jr.) This needs to change.

logamac Dan 1,794, 23:39

LOL funny and amazing. V and subbed

Uschmidt Dan 1,795, 00:30

Fingerbanged! Voted + subbed looooooong ago.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,795, 02:23

I don't need to be "active" in politics to get a vote. Every citizen should get one that WANTS to vote, regardless of party affiliation. Your vote is NOT more important than mine because you are in a top 5 party. It's a citizens right to vote.

If this is a difficult concept to understand let me know and I'll be happy to explain it.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,795, 02:29

Take away some more diversity and player choice, why don't you, it's worked so well thus far. *rolls her eyes* What is "gay", besides using that ignorant term, is any of you thinking you are any better than any other player. We ALL matter, without all of us craptastic 6th party players, allied citizens and two-clickers your asses would be sitting in the United States of Serbia by now. Show some stinkin' respect.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,795, 02:32

It's amazing how important we all become when you need votes to keep your silly little thrones. You "bend over backwards" to include others because it's the right thing to do as a leader.


RebeccaG Dan 1,795, 02:59

sure is angry in here

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,795, 03:36

Deleted my last comment because it was incredibly hateful and unnecessary.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,795, 03:56

Bia Pandora
'Deleted my last comment because it was incredibly hateful and unnecessary.'
Being hateful is never unnecessary...especially when it comes to Henry Arundel.

Henry Arundel and his USWP sock puppets will do and say anything to get our vote, then once HE is in power Unity comes to an end and he urinates on your head and calls it rain. Henry Arundel is a punk ass gutless dweeb and it wouldn't surprise me one bit to find out he is Ronald Gimper Reagan...USWP and the AFA are twins....

Gravitas1555 Dan 1,795, 04:15

Aim High. P/H

Shermain Dan 1,795, 04:22

I agree with much of what is said here about erepublik citizens right to vote. The problem here is as some one stated before John Largo had a good chance of winning and at the last minute he "dropped" out. Since I have been erepublik, that "dropped" out stuff seems to happen a lot. Wonder why?

@Fingerguns, I am trying to understand why are you labeling a party a "terroriest party"? You have a right to speak your mind but I disagree with you.

Shermain Dan 1,795, 04:33

I think the country's economy is most important. We are still losing regions, and I am sure the master mind behind this "lose bonus region theory" is happy to see the catastrophic effects it has placed on our economic system. We have a little more than 1 million in the treasury as of yesterday and gold in reserve. I have been watching the decline of our economic powerhouse for the last 2-3 months and I think enough is enough.

X.O.X.O Dan 1,795, 05:45


KiltJoy Dan 1,795, 06:07

Of course Shermain thinks the economy is most important. He supports the Pizza terrorist that want to gain power and steal everything that's not nailed down. Priorities depend upon your goals. Safety of the eUS is #1.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Dan 1,795, 06:24

giving u offer in which i dont have any profit, just u, u named " me calling u morons " but ok. that will never happen again.

and stories about bunch of multies are empty stories. proof or didnt happen....

u cant give ur voters reasonable excuses for ur failures, so best choice is "multies"...yeah right !!

fingerguns Dan 1,795, 07:21

Ok 6th partiers...you are angry.

Are you going to do something about it other than troll?

The reason I wrote this is because there are more efforts happening ON YOUR BEHALF to include you than there are ideas and efforts coming FROM you.

Do something. Get involved. Demand a voice and figure out how to get it.

A forum vote is probably the best option. Agree? Disagree? Other ideas?

Relorian Dan 1,795, 08:14

Voting on a forums run by a decent guy but moderated by some of the most corrupt players in the game will gain you nothing.

fingerguns Dan 1,795, 09:08

Suggestions then?

fingerguns Dan 1,795, 09:13

I've been watching Candor's article. Not a bad idea.

What about multis?

Shermain Dan 1,795, 09:31

@KiltJoy, sorry that you do not think it is important as it relates to the economy. Are you one who endorses the idea of losing regions to kill our productions bonus which hurts our economy?

fingerguns Dan 1,795, 09:41

@Shermain, sorry that you do not understand anything that's going on. If you'd like bonuses, kindly gtfo of the eUS.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,795, 10:25

^ You get out, and take Pfeiffer with you.

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Dan 1,795, 11:53

some of these Comments remind me of workers at non-union shops who shout how horrible the unions are, but don't acknowledge that is those very unions who have made worker safety and work environments better for all workers whether or not they're unionized.

Admins are the ones who recently made changes to game mechanics which all but blank out all Parties beyond the Top Five, yet is is these very Top Fivers who are campaigning for the rights (and responsibilities!) of 6th Party members.

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