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[eUP] Class List and Some Updates

Dan 1,819, 17:08 Published in Philippines Filipini s strani Vincenzo Roque

First, I'm pleased to announce that we are the fourth country to open an eUniversity. The other ones are:

1. eUniversity held by Constitutional Democrats (eRussia)
2. University of eBelarus (eBelarus)
3. Ukrainian Society Socialization Academy (eUkraine)

Also, eFrance is in the process of creating one. Who will be the next? If you want to open one in your country, just contact the Head of the International eUniversity Project.

The enrollment period for the first batch is now over. If you want to enroll, read this.

For the first batch, here's your class list:
Block 1
Boy Pick Up
John Jurassic
Zim Anton Vladimir Mollejon
Block 2
Spirit of Chivalry

Block 3

As of now, there's only one instructor, me. I'm planning to get the next instructor from your batch when you finish this course.

Lastly, I want to thank Dytowi for donating some supplies to eUP and the government, led by the Secretary of the Education Committee, Al Raposas for supporting the eUniversity.

If you also want to donate, just send them here.

Dean of the eUniversity of ePhilippines
Proudly Pinoy


John Jurassic
John Jurassic Dan 1,819, 17:24


Mr. Alex Great
Mr. Alex Great Dan 1,819, 20:37

Good luck!

Stihll Dan 1,819, 21:37

Good luck! +1

ScayTrase Dan 1,819, 21:43

Good luck!

ilya_aLenin Dan 1,820, 03:21


Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Dan 1,820, 04:36

@BLok1: What could be our name? I was thinking agila. lol

BlackMarket 023
BlackMarket 023 Dan 1,820, 21:58

@Block1: what about "ipis" ?? hehe LOL

Al Raposas
Al Raposas Dan 1,821, 23:11

Good idea to give names to each block. Maybe animals this batch, then Filipino traits next, so as to make sure nothing repeats. What do you think?

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Dan 1,821, 01:23

I think that they will have the liberty to choose any name they want, with only one limitation: it should include their block number. This way, they would really be creative.

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