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[Edu]Forum basics

Dan 1,828, 01:13 Published in South Africa Južna Afrika s strani eSA Ministry of Education

eSA's Forums make up a big part of its pride and joy.

It's where we conspire, inspire and communicate.

Today I'll be explaining a small part of functionality of the forums.

The above screenshot shows the main part of the forum. On the left you can see your citizen status, active discussions, articles and activity.
In the right top corner you have logos which lead to eRepublik, eSA's Twitter page, Facebook page and our beloved IRC channel.

You can also see the groups that you are a part of at the right, it's useful to see whether you have access to certain boards.

Next you can see members online(on forum and in-game). You can even chat to online forum members! To the right(center on forum screen) you can see the forum boards and sub-boards. This is where discussions take place and where organizations house their HQ.

How to become a group member on the forum
Follow these steps to become a group member of a forum group:

1.Go to your profile summary page...

2.Click on "Group Membership"

3.Click on the group you want to join...

4.Supply a reason as to why you want to join...

You now just have to wait for the group moderator to accept you.

If you're a group moderator and want to see the group requests...

That's the lesson for today.
Cheers! 😉

Adviser to MoDA



Had3z Dan 1,828, 01:23

Awesome article! I approve of this

kuckuck Dan 1,828, 01:39

good article

Badger06 Dan 1,828, 01:54

right amount of badger in this article

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